Raiden X 찬열 CHANYEOL 'Yours (Feat. 이하이, 창모)' MV

  • Published on: 12 May 2020
  • Raiden X CHANYEOL’s new single "Yours (Feat. LeeHi, CHANGMO)" is out!
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    Raiden X 찬열 CHANYEOL 'Yours (Feat. 이하이, 창모)' MV ℗ SM Entertainment, Scream Records
  • Runtime : 3:57
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  • Sasha Anggita R.
    Sasha Anggita R.   1 hours ago

    i really thought for the part "I'll be yours" was "obvious" 😭😭 so I sang this song wrong all these time 😭🔫 "obvious, obvious baby .. obvious, obvious baby" 😭🔫

  • raghad exo_weareone
    raghad exo_weareone   3 hours ago

    What are you doing? We have to reach all the members to the billions while you are asleep, wherever you are

  • Star
    Star   5 hours ago


  • Dd Ng
    Dd Ng   6 hours ago

    Love you ♡♡♡

  • kainat Khan
    kainat Khan   7 hours ago

    Chanyeol is the most talented and amazing artist.. His songs are literally masterpiece.. Listen to his song tomorrow as well.. That song is literally amazing

  • kainat Khan
    kainat Khan   7 hours ago

    I am here after listening to your masterpiece "tomorrow".. Your songs are really amazing Chanyeol..

  • Ang Oo
    Ang Oo   8 hours ago

    Love is love you

  • dsa bts
    dsa bts   8 hours ago

    💜💜💜i loved this song

  • Hoa Tulip
    Hoa Tulip   8 hours ago

    Chanyeol, i love you ♡♡♡

  • 공원D
    공원D   8 hours ago

    I love song and Chanyeol

  • VL faki
    VL faki   9 hours ago


  • Izaza Bella
    Izaza Bella   9 hours ago


  • Ermi Lian
    Ermi Lian   9 hours ago

    cant stop play this music haha

  • 黒豆しば
    黒豆しば   10 hours ago


  • baby loey
    baby loey   10 hours ago

    Seeing your smile, your face, your voice, everything you do, is enough for me to be well^^