GROWING UP Mod in Among Us

  • Published on: 29 July 2021
  • Today we add a GROWING UP Mod in Among Us

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    Mod Maker: @Lookumz

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  • Runtime : 15:18


  • Loaf
    Loaf   15 minuts ago

    This mod is anging” hahahahaha ssundee 2021

  • epic
    epic   3 hours ago

    what the hell the like button didnt turn blue

  • Brandon Lozo
    Brandon Lozo   18 hours ago

    You know you’re always the impostor the second round?

  • Slimey 2.0.
    Slimey 2.0.   2 days ago

    i AM a kid so i hit dat like button...if i didnt say this before

  • Daphne Lopez
    Daphne Lopez   2 days ago

    Not liking because he said if you WERE a kid hit the like button lm still a kid and also like buttons lives matter no hitting clicken

  • KATN
    KATN   2 days ago

    I am a kid

  • Doooder 2
    Doooder 2   2 days ago

    SSundee i want to play the aging mod that was in that video, send me a link plz

  • Eli Burke
    Eli Burke   2 days ago

    “If you’re not lying it will turn blue”Me seeing my like button is white: stops existing

  • GhostlyMostly
    GhostlyMostly   3 days ago

    The dumbest actual speech is hit the life button if you have have been a kidMe: Dude haven't we all been kids we start at As a kid dead we grew up into an adult and become old I guess that is the dumbest speech what I still do like your videos

    OH CRAFT   3 days ago

    Ssundee: if you’ve ever been a kid hit the like button Me: i am a kid boy

  • Yosan Muleta
    Yosan Muleta   4 days ago

    Sigils:*singing*Ssundee:*inviz hearing sigils sing*Me:?????????

  • Lissy €aty
    Lissy €aty   4 days ago

    It’s the player ability the age of twelve 2021

  • cerlita angelio
    cerlita angelio   4 days ago

    Can a kid I say I am are you kid you know that I am already a six-year-old and steel steel I’m gonna get out of my iPhone trade no yeah he acted you later OK👧🏻

  • thiru chelvan
    thiru chelvan   4 days ago

    This video is so funny😵‍💫😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jamie Williams
    Jamie Williams   5 days ago

    Actually I'm a kid right now in my light in the like button didn't turn blue by matching not lying right now cuz I don't have YouTube on my phone so I have to use Google and that's how I'm watching your video