Breaking Down Every Character From The Suicide Squad

  • Published on: 24 August 2020
  • The Suicide Squad will feature a slew of new-to-the-silver-screen faces and we've got the scoop on who they are and what they do. Here's a breakdown of every new character in The Suicide Squad roll call.

    When Idris Elba's name first cropped up in connection with The Suicide Squad, it was as a reported replacement for Will Smith's Deadshot. Smith, who appeared as the smart-mouthed assassin in David Ayer's Suicide Squad, had to drop out of Gunn's project due to scheduling conflicts. Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment executives may have initially wanted to have Deadshot in the follow-up no matter what, but soon, it was confirmed that Elba wasn't going to take Smith's spot after all. Instead, he'd be playing an entirely different character not yet seen on the silver screen.

    DC FanDome confirms that Elba is playing Bloodsport in The Suicide Squad. Three different people have taken on the Bloodsport moniker in the DC comics, but Elba is playing the original: Robert DuBois, who first appeared in print in Superman Vol. 2 #4. DuBois suffers a mental breakdown when he learns that, because he was too scared to fight himself, his brother took his place in the Vietnam War and ended up permanently injured. After one of Lex Luthor's lackeys convinces DuBois that Superman is the person he needs to exact revenge upon, DuBois takes on the name Bloodsport and starts murdering his way through Metropolis with kryptonite bullets, before he's ultimately defeated by Superman.

    It's probably unlikely that Elba's Bloodsport will experience this exact arc in The Suicide Squad, but there's a chance that certain elements of it will make their way into the characterization.

    Michael Rooker, who played Yondu in the first two films in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, has a plum role in The Suicide Squad as Brian Durlin, a spoiled millionaire who moves to Gotham City in hopes of becoming a vigilante much like Batman. Working under the name Savant, Durlin is turned away from vigilantism by Batman himself. This motivates Savant to become a professional blackmailer going on to do such outrageous acts as kidnapping Black Canary and overthrowing the Gotham mafia with the help of Huntress. At one point in the comics, Savant is even offered a place on the Birds of Prey team.

    However, the New 52 comics rebooted Savant in September 2011, and the version of the character seen in that run is almost definitely the one we're getting in The Suicide Squad. The recent comics depict Savant as an extremely amoral, and lethally effective, member of the Suicide Squad.

    Polka-Dot Man is a silly-looking villain who's originally an enemy of Batman. Born Abner Krill and originally known as Mr. Polka-Dot, Polka-Dot Man made his print debut in Detective Comics #300. Polka-Dot Man centers his entire modus operandi around spots and dots and acts mostly as a low-level rogue who does all he can to capture Batman's attention and prove he's just as clever and capable as the beloved superhero. Keep watching the video as we are Breaking down every character from The Suicide Squad!

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    Bloodsport | 0:00
    Savant | 1:25
    Polka-Dot Man | 2:13
    Javelin | 3:09
    Ratcatcher 2 | 3:43
    King Shark | 4:49
    Peacemaker | 5:40
    TDK | 6:33
    Thinker | 7:28
    Blackguard | 8:14
    Solsoria | 8:58
    Weasel | 9:56
    Mongal | 10:47

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    Who's your favorite new Suicide Squad member?

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    You forgot harley quinn,Captian boomarang and king shark

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    Who did he say was going to voice King Shark.??

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    DC characters are just ridiculous 🤦‍♂️

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    Is that the guy from smashbits?

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    Weasel and the Thinker don't even meet😂

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    I thought King Shark was a metahuman.Also, he's voiced by Sylvester Stallone.

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    David Dalmatian playing Polka-Dot Man is spot on.

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    the Peter Capaldi thinker is called Gaius Grieves

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    I thought Sylvester Stallone played king shark?

  • P. D. L
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    It seems as if they switched out the Alba character for Deadshot."Show my work", says you?Bloodsport's daughter is the exact same age as Deadshot's daughter would be.Also, when the B team first gets to the beach Peacemaker says to Alba: You kill for money!Flagg said the exact same thing to Deadshot in the first movie.

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    Polkadot man lives longer than i expected.

  • Henry Solis
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    I like how in the comics they called him Arm fall of boy but in the movie he’s called the detachable kid and you forgot Milton, HOW COULD YoU!!!

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    Robbie Margo is a terrible Harley Quinn.

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    And his name is... JOHN CENA!

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    Welp, after watching the movie. i can literally tell that they are The Suicide Squad for a reason 😂

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    It is funny how things turned out :D

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    It is funny watching this AFTER watching the movie. Such a great buildup for a bunch of characters, 50% of whom dont make it to the opening credits.

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    Idris Elba basically played the same character as will smith.

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    5:05 you're wrong, Sylvester Stallone himself is playing King Shark.

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    0:38 He first appeared in live action in supergirl season 3.

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    I feel so bad for this man, half of his research meant nothing in the end thanks to the movie

    LEGOPASTE yt   2 months ago

    The fact that half of this list dies in the first 20 minutes is funny because he spent so much time researching them.

  • Soul Prestigio
    Soul Prestigio   2 months ago

    So many great characters but movie make them die too early

  • Max Frankow
    Max Frankow   2 months ago

    So I was wondering which hero captured who? Obviously Bloodsport was fighting Superman and Ming Shark was more than likely taken in by Aquaman, and Polka Dot Man is a Batman foe but what about the others?

  • a normal guy
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    Spolier alert: half of the characters aren't even worth knowing smh

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    King shark will be voiced by Sylvester Stallone

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