• Published on: 10 June 2021

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  • Runtime : 8:46
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  • Detective Mars
    Detective Mars   1 days ago

    I actually have toxic rick it do be like this tho

  • Deidre Smith
    Deidre Smith   2 days ago

    Freshyboi you should of acussed people of hacking bro

    SC_ BLAZE   2 days ago

    8:09 PUT SUBTITLES ON 😶😶😶

  • MarneyPlayz
    MarneyPlayz   3 days ago

    I swear most of them were bots that he dancing on 😄

  • teslaaa
    teslaaa   4 days ago

    the way fresh always adds damn to every other sentence cracks me up lol

  • angie Lima
    angie Lima   4 days ago

    I unsubscribe for three days because you were the one who killed meBut it is all OK now I am still subscribe to you

  • V1BE Xvjaws
    V1BE Xvjaws   4 days ago

    3:38 that's jynx that you knocked and at 3:52 that is chanzes you died to.

  • Jackson Gove
    Jackson Gove   4 days ago

    As a wise man once said "HELP IM BEING SUCKED" 🤣

  • Pink panda gaming
    Pink panda gaming   4 days ago

    Fresh is not so Toxic laser beam is the tYone toxic laserbeam 10/9 fresh 10/4

  • CJ1217
    CJ1217   4 days ago

    I like how in this season they make you grind for things even when you buy all the way to level 100

  • Illija Mason
    Illija Mason   4 days ago

    Number one for yeah fortnights about to get down get down think it’s on the board right now swapped out to Middletown my friends gone down our advise him and himself down now or in the place of heart Street I’ll go to the map now now or in the present Park Street hey bro ski you got any here and she’ll path‘s

  • Kaden Williamson
    Kaden Williamson   5 days ago

    I just watched the new pwr video and found out that they died by jynx and chanzes

  • Arnav C
    Arnav C   5 days ago

    who is here after the pwr video and realised fresh died to chanzes but killed jynx

  • Btd6 Kid
    Btd6 Kid   5 days ago

    In the second match chanze aka Lachlan’s brother and jynx killed you

  • Kathy Hanley
    Kathy Hanley   5 days ago

    The duo they started fighting at 3:26 was jinx and chanzes

  • Jr
    Jr   5 days ago

    3:12 Fresh and Lazar were going against PWR Chanzes and PWR Jynx!AKA Lachlans clan

  • The Best
    The Best   5 days ago

    The second time they got killed was by Jynx and Chanzes

    FIRESTORRM07   5 days ago

    When Fresh and Lazar were bush camping in PP the people that killed them were PWR. They just uploaded the vid, it is a duo kill race.