We Took 100 Shots vs a 50 Rated Keeper and Scored ___ Goals

  • Published on: 23 November 2021
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  • Runtime : 17:44
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  • ChrisMD
    ChrisMD   1 weeks ago

    Big thanks to Josh for coming on the channel, sure we'll be seeing him in the Prem sometime soon 👀Look out for Uriel gloves (worn by Josh today), which are coming soon! 👉 https://instagram.com/urielgoalkeeping?utm_medium=copy_link

  • Leon Gajtani
    Leon Gajtani   14 hours ago

    If simon would have been in this video he would smash this keeper

  • BecksCald
    BecksCald   19 hours ago

    Keep doing the exact same shot time and time again. Josh is a great keeper to be fair. Deserves a high rating than 50.

  • Aden Castell
    Aden Castell   23 hours ago

    Are they not rich enough to afford a few soccer balls

  • TT1209
    TT1209   23 hours ago

    Theo is like that one uncle that told you he could have gone pro

  • Armored Fn
    Armored Fn   1 days ago

    “And fancy” its Thanos on grass

  • niduoe stre
    niduoe stre   1 days ago

    Humble guy, hope he does well! Seems to have great agility.

  • Aidan Pattie
    Aidan Pattie   1 days ago

    77 woman goalie couldn't save any of thoss

  • Justice Nazir
    Justice Nazir   1 days ago

    No one talks about how he switched Neymar with Messi?

  • BCtiger
    BCtiger   2 days ago

    I do like this channel but dam this was hard to watch. Never seen so many off target shots in my life

  • Cynical aßhole
    Cynical aßhole   2 days ago

    Wtf is going on with that Millwall banner at midfield though? hahaha

  • Q Molina
    Q Molina   2 days ago

    Chris kept criticising but theo shot way better😂

  • noodkiller123
    noodkiller123   3 days ago

    Out of all sports I’ve played that require a goalie I’ve found soccer to be the easiest. You just have to have no fear when it comes to diving. Positioning I found to be easy to learn,controlling the ball and rebounds easy, it is quite hard to figure out the proper diving technique but once you do you’re money

  • Buster
    Buster   3 days ago

    People really need to realise is yes they’re a 50 rated but they’re still 100x better than the average person

  • mikkel22
    mikkel22   3 days ago

    She a Tottenham player and you tale a Arsenal shirt On 😂

  • Jay Bevoman
    Jay Bevoman   3 days ago

    Chris thinks he's the best at football but there's so many youtubers that are better

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh   3 days ago

    Josh is amazing , some of these saves were absolutely ridiculous! Hope he makes it to the prem one day.

  • Auba 17
    Auba 17   4 days ago

    How can u be so bad??

  • Daniel Briones
    Daniel Briones   4 days ago

    Damn dude i used to watch you so long ago crazy to see how big the channel has grown

  • mllop aeet
    mllop aeet   4 days ago

    I think this shows the levels of pro's, some of those saves were absolutely amazing!

  • Beko majozi
    Beko majozi   4 days ago

    Petition for Chris to do another go karting video

  • ndtb
    ndtb   4 days ago

    It annoys me how bad they are

  • Bdodan 91
    Bdodan 91   4 days ago

    I've been playing ultimate team on fifa for years and this is a prime example of how they do players dirty on their cards in the game. He's definitely a better keeper than they suggest, I'd love to have been more consistent as a keeper myself and got on fifa as it's such a massive achievement. Love these videos 😁 some of the goals are insane!!!

  • N8Apotheker
    N8Apotheker   4 days ago

    50 out of 100 shots are not even on goal ...

  • Manniebtw
    Manniebtw   4 days ago