THE GHOST RIDER MOVIES - They're Terrible and I Love Them

  • Published on: 14 August 2021
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  • Runtime : 37:5
  • Elvis the Alien ElvistheAlien satire ghost rider ghostrider nicolas cage ghost rider nicolas cage


  • EndlessStars
    EndlessStars   3 months ago

    I’d love an R Rated Ghost Rider Movie in the same style as “Logan” with the acting of Nic in “Mandy”. That’d be a dream come true!!! That idea is amazing!

  • JackOnTheBox
    JackOnTheBox   54 minuts ago

    When I see this, all I can think of is, "poor Idris".

  • Ulysses LNMM
    Ulysses LNMM   1 hours ago

    That umbrella joke was terrible, stick to movie reviews and nothing els pls

  • cheesus crust
    cheesus crust   3 hours ago

    fun fact: the candy drinking was cage's idea, and it's great

  • Rock Vocalism HD
    Rock Vocalism HD   5 hours ago

    I always saw the decay guy eating the twinkie more as because the wrapper is still on it and he bites the damn plastic im pretty sure... its not that they last forever but the plastic protected it just how i see it.

  • Queens Coldest
    Queens Coldest   18 hours ago

    The candy and monkey thing are just Nicholas Cage being himself and refusing to do the movie unless those things were in the movie. Might not be true but sounds like a very Nicholas Cagey thing to do. Also him being “ripped” is cgi. That actually is true.

  • Millertimez
    Millertimez   18 hours ago

    I would love an MCU Ghost rider movie with old Nicholas cage and the whole movie is him training the next ghost rider

  • Mr. Clean
    Mr. Clean   20 hours ago

    You have a wonderful Nicholas Cage impression, Mr. Elvis

  • D
    D   22 hours ago

    nic cage is a very strange actor; he either ages like a fine wine or milk depending on the movie

  • Derpygamer
    Derpygamer   1 days ago

    It could be a possibility of an mcu ghost rider with Keanu Reeves. since the mcu people have a meeting when a new mcu phase is in the making

  • 4RL
    4RL   1 days ago

    Poor guy

  • YesterdaysChunda
    YesterdaysChunda   1 days ago

    I like to think Nic Cage doesn't know he is a meme and he is 100% serious all the time while also being insane.

  • Resting Ninja
    Resting Ninja   1 days ago

    I'd like to say that Ghost Rider is kinda OP as hell in the comics so the ease he defeats those demons is pretty accurate tbh.

  • Jacob Wilson
    Jacob Wilson   2 days ago

    fun fact in german folklore, Mephistopheles is a demon who does necromancy and deals in the business of selling souls.

  • Jacob Wilson
    Jacob Wilson   2 days ago

    I've only see the first ghost rider and it is what you expect from nick cage, not more or any less but it was fun.

  • Mogens Schmidt
    Mogens Schmidt   3 days ago

    deredevil terrible umm no its not directors cut would disagree

  • Mesousa Gaby
    Mesousa Gaby   3 days ago

    The problem with Spirit Of Vengeance is that Neveldine/Taylor were NOT the right people for a PG-13 action movie. They're meant to shock and surprise you as seen in the clearly unhinged R-rated Crank movies, and limiting them to go balls out makes the movie feel like it's holding itself back, ironically, as seen in the scene with Cage trying to restrain himself.

  • Raziel Talos
    Raziel Talos   3 days ago

    Carrigan almost looks like a guy that would work at a quirky record store...hmm...

  • Jherica Walls
    Jherica Walls   3 days ago

    So....Blade rocked, Ghost Rider sucked....Morbius will rock??? I SWTFG if Jared Leto ruins another thing I love, I will burst into the nerdiest of rages. On subject: who doesn't love the fire saw crane thing? Dope AF.

  • hodor
    hodor   4 days ago

    i want to like the first one but the fights with the bad guys i think is the worst fights iv ever seen in a movie -_- why have 3 bad guys and a boss if there not even going to be a threat to him and only last like 5/60 secs -_-i mean cool ghost rider :D but why bother if the fights are some of the worst iv ever seen i mean can u ever call them fights at all -_- killed the hole movie for me :(

  • EthanCoolBro18 Gamer

    Carrigan is actually a villain in the comics, his villain name is Blackout. His full name is Ray Carrigan.

  • Nyfty
    Nyfty   4 days ago

    Mourning wood perhaps?

  • Baka Runtz
    Baka Runtz   5 days ago

    Has he done kick ass? I’ve seen that he’s done worst movies than kick ass so I’m juss curious

  • Clockwork
    Clockwork   5 days ago

    29:18 He's actually a pretty loose adaptation of a Ghost Rider villain called "Blackout", who has the power to extinguish light around him.

  • Clarence Dass
    Clarence Dass   5 days ago

    I honestly love Spirit of Vengeance. It is every bit as ridiculous as the 90s Ghost Rider run, which I'm huge fan of too.

  • Commander Rockwell
    Commander Rockwell   5 days ago

    THEY didn't paint a skull on his face... that was Nicholas Cage, 100%. That was his idea.

  • Commander Rockwell
    Commander Rockwell   5 days ago

    The Ghost Rider looks pretty darn good in that second one though.

  • Hozza
    Hozza   6 days ago

    if they can make boring as fuck eternals. Ghost rider will be amazing

  • Lucas Martins
    Lucas Martins   6 days ago

    I' d love a crossover event with Robbie Reyes ghost rider and nic cage Johnny Blase. That would be awesome..!