THE GHOST RIDER MOVIES - They're Terrible and I Love Them

  • Published on: 14 August 2021
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  • Runtime : 37:5
  • Elvis the Alien ElvistheAlien satire ghost rider ghostrider nicolas cage ghost rider nicolas cage


  • Just Call Me Andrew
    Just Call Me Andrew   1 days ago

    You forgot to mention the corny green screen when he's chasing the news van

  • Adam Basile
    Adam Basile   1 days ago

    Honestly, the whole thing about how he’s able to be ghost mode in daylight in the second can probably be explained by being so near to both the devil and the devils son, so he’s like stronger?

  • Dedsec
    Dedsec   1 days ago

    If you pay attention even ghost rider is confused why is he out in the light I have this theory that the kid didn't cast the spell correctly and he gave him full controll while the devil gave him only for the night

  • Sneaky_Sly123
    Sneaky_Sly123   2 days ago

    I won 20 bucks off the 2nd movie lol. I liked the movies tho. Daredevil was TRASH Ghost rider tho not bad

  • gmod jango
    gmod jango   2 days ago

    had a blue ray two pack of both movies and me as a kid i watch the hell out of both oh those movies

  • ArcticFlower
    ArcticFlower   3 days ago

    Pedophiles drive by schools slowly. It's way they get the best insurance.

  • Variadi
    Variadi   3 days ago

    I literally forgot Idris Elba was in the sequel, like he's the most random guy for this type of movie

  • Gwalla Bear Beatz
    Gwalla Bear Beatz   5 days ago

    No matter how cheesy the Ghost rider movies were I still enjoyed the first one!

  • KnockKnock!
    KnockKnock!   5 days ago

    Ghost rider is my favorite marvel character kinda sad they said these movies were bad.

  • Milan
    Milan   5 days ago

    The reason he didn’t kill the kid is may be cause the kid did nothing wrong u can’t punish someone for the sins of their parents

  • TheLivingSeven
    TheLivingSeven   6 days ago

    26:40 MFer disrespecting the Bagger 288 like this, I won't stand for it.

  • Caden Sprowles
    Caden Sprowles   1 weeks ago

    The first one was the best. Convince me otherwise.

  • Katie Rose
    Katie Rose   1 weeks ago

    My favorite line from these movies is in the first one where he says “I’ve seen a lot of movies so I already know the good cop, bad cop routine” it just sounds exactly like something Nick would say!! He was great in these I don’t care 😂😂

  • Nick Samuel
    Nick Samuel   1 weeks ago

    I thought Nicolas Cage was awesome as Big Daddy!

  • Gortis
    Gortis   1 weeks ago

    Mephisto that’s the devils name mephisto

  • Captain Moler
    Captain Moler   1 weeks ago

    the devils name is mephisto not mephastopholes, i couldnt tell if this was a joke or not

  • Ergotth
    Ergotth   1 weeks ago

    I like how they did the rider in the sequel, with his bones and outfit looking more charred and thick smoke coming out as opposed to how “clean” he looked in the first movie. Like going from gas fire to burning coal, the later looks much more demonic.

  • Mikey W
    Mikey W   1 weeks ago

    I've recently rewatched this. You're spot on!

  • Ivo Armstrong
    Ivo Armstrong   1 weeks ago

    Ghostrider sounds like rip jaws from ben ten.

  • Derp Fox
    Derp Fox   1 weeks ago

    Why don't I remember they are THAT bad...

  • Manatee Steve
    Manatee Steve   1 weeks ago

    If they bring ghost rider into the mcu nick cage better fuckin play him

  • Dhasel Lama
    Dhasel Lama   2 weeks ago

    0:09, 1:01, 2:57, 8:10, 8:43, 15:12, 35:52

  • Commander Appo CC-1119

    When the MCU eventually makes the Midnight Sons, they should being back Nicholas Cage.

  • Dalton Warren
    Dalton Warren   2 weeks ago

    Did you seriously just call Daredevil and Ghostrider bad? I have been obsessed with them both since I was like 4, I have almost every single piece of merchandise from the 2003 Daredevil film including the promotional t-shirt with the release date on the back

  • JC Plays
    JC Plays   2 weeks ago

    I think Nick Cage honestly did a fantastic job as Ghost Rider.

  • Nocturnal Slasher
    Nocturnal Slasher   2 weeks ago

    I watched 1 by myself and 2 with my mom. We both agreed that 2 flopped hard.

  • idk anymore lol
    idk anymore lol   2 weeks ago

    Wait the movies did poorly? I only thought the squal did because it's fucking boring and weirdly more dark then the first

  • Njc0903
    Njc0903   2 weeks ago

    Is it playing funny for anyone else?

  • OneBillionTacos
    OneBillionTacos   2 weeks ago

    29:04 He looks like a wraith from stargate Atlantis.

  • MeltyZombie
    MeltyZombie   2 weeks ago

    Don't get it twisted, the first one was good, the second one not so much

  • toby
    toby   2 weeks ago

    These two movies are my favorite by far and in the new series they made is horrible and they did him wrong

  • ComputerGrave
    ComputerGrave   2 weeks ago

    I agree the movies are dumb but they're good