THE GHOST RIDER MOVIES - They're Terrible and I Love Them

  • Published on: 14 August 2021
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  • Runtime : 37:5
  • Elvis the Alien ElvistheAlien satire ghost rider ghostrider nicolas cage ghost rider nicolas cage


  • EndlessStars
    EndlessStars   2 months ago

    I’d love an R Rated Ghost Rider Movie in the same style as “Logan” with the acting of Nic in “Mandy”. That’d be a dream come true!!! That idea is amazing!

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus   3 hours ago

    The attempted comedy is terrible but everything else is good.

  • Jack Skellz
    Jack Skellz   18 hours ago

    Funny thing is, he wasn't even that ripped His abs were digitally enhancedEven Cage got mad about that one xD

  • Bailey Pierce
    Bailey Pierce   1 days ago

    I am so addicted to this guy criticizing movies within a week, safe to say I’m a long term fan.

  • Alex 5432
    Alex 5432   2 days ago

    I liked the first Ghost Rider... it has some goofy scenes, and over the top acting from Nic... but overall it's good, and has a cool story, the second one though, is totally trash...

  • Ralph Blanda
    Ralph Blanda   2 days ago

    I also wish Cage made more Johnny Blaze movies , loved CONAIR too.

  • Rigatona Cercigani
    Rigatona Cercigani   2 days ago

    Now that the Multiverse is open for Marvel, they should really bring Nic Cage back as Ghost Rider.

  • Gabriel C
    Gabriel C   3 days ago

    "That's pretty strong"Ghost Rider in the comics: lol

  • bosmarius valentin
    bosmarius valentin   3 days ago

    the fact that the second movie is filmed in romania of all places makes it so much better

  • Damien Morningstar
    Damien Morningstar   4 days ago

    The first one is my guilty pleasure. It’s like the Evil Dead of comic book movies. I couldn’t even finish the second. It was just that bad. Maybe after we see how Sam Raimi does with the next Doctor Strange, maybe he could direct an R-rated Ghost Rider with someone like Keanu Reeves playing Johnny Blaze this time around. I’d also be fine with letting Cage coming back as long as Raimi allows him to be as absurd as possible, the only way Ghost Rider can be done right.

  • Meherban Ali
    Meherban Ali   4 days ago

    I loved ghost rider 1 I didn’t know it was hated this much

  • Brain rich
    Brain rich   5 days ago

    I guess that editing during the phone call was supposed to make it look like a comic book but it looks disorienting

  • Ultra's Reckoning
    Ultra's Reckoning   5 days ago

    "He may take my soul, but he can’t take my spirit!"10/10 dialogue.

  • Honey Bunny
    Honey Bunny   6 days ago

    Elvis, I really don't like dark color clothing and if you made a pastel collection of clothes I would so buy some ~~~~~

  • G. Wolfsterr
    G. Wolfsterr   1 weeks ago

    The Ghost Rider is basically OP (if not against holy angelic power) But he hasn't been put in Thanos war....Marvel What If should make What If Ghost Rider is in Infinity War?

  • koizumi
    koizumi   1 weeks ago

    unrelated, but while at the airport around the beginning of september i saw a worker with an ayylien hat nd it made me smile :’)

  • Q Mckoy
    Q Mckoy   1 weeks ago

    The second movie had horrible CGI the black man stuck in the tree was ugly! 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🔥

  • TheRealF.B.I
    TheRealF.B.I   1 weeks ago

    "I say he cure his cancer but i didn't say he's not gonna die tomorrow"

  • j cole
    j cole   1 weeks ago

    Does nick cage know he models for you?

  • Johnny Jacksted
    Johnny Jacksted   1 weeks ago

    “Most of this stuff is faithful to the comics” except the howler monkeys and eating candy out of wine glasses part, that’s something Johnny Cage himself wanted to add.

  • pepega Yang
    pepega Yang   1 weeks ago

    Personally i love the 2 ghost rider movies

  • Ryan Firth
    Ryan Firth   1 weeks ago

    I will always remember in that old fantastic four cartoon when galactus shows up and hes like well imma eat your planet now and the f4 + silver surfer cant beat him but ghost rider just shows up looks at galactus, says"LOOK INTO MY EYES" AND INSTA KILLS GALACTUS. Well he almost dies, hes agrees to not come back to earth... Ghost riders the deffinition of badass!

  • BTonyH587
    BTonyH587   1 weeks ago

    In the comics it's Mephisto not Mephistopheles but Mephistopheles is the name of the character Mephisto was named after in Renaissance lore.

  • rocky ns______
    rocky ns______   1 weeks ago

    when i was a kid the first movie come out when I see it turns out one of my favorite movie of all time . new nick movies so dumb

  • Jack Reaper
    Jack Reaper   2 weeks ago

    I somehow liked both ghost rider 1 and 2 maybe I didn't fully understand it back then but I don't know

  • guest
    guest   2 weeks ago

    Dare devil is not bad i enjoyed it growing up

  • Ralone
    Ralone   2 weeks ago

    Wait i don't remember ghost rider spirit of vengeance. Which ghost rider movie where the ending he save someone and pretend to be dead and then the ghost rider went back to hell using a car with a suit guy as his guidance ?