• Published on: 28 April 2021
  • We add the Optimus Prime Transformers Imposter Mod in Among Us

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  • Runtime : 14:52


  • Brian Bennett
    Brian Bennett   1 days ago

    So, we got Bumblebee, Warpath and Jetfire. But where's Punch/Counterpunch? Wouldn't he/they be perfect for this mod?

  • red3
    red3   1 days ago

    Loafx vote loafx noob

  • Sean Cole
    Sean Cole   1 days ago

    Ssundee of all your imposter roles this one is my favorite. when you blamed Henwy that was so funny. if you recall playing with deusvex in real among us i was deusvex

  • Heather Esch
    Heather Esch   3 days ago

    My like button is black every time I press it

  • Bernard Tan
    Bernard Tan   4 days ago

    sigils is the imposter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cog
    Cog   5 days ago

    Patp is sus

  • Bia Bischoff
    Bia Bischoff   5 days ago

    right when he said jibede I saw the aircraft! when was gonna pause the video

  • spade
    spade   6 days ago

    I just said rari and Kate said rari

  • IJustExist
    IJustExist   1 weeks ago

    13:58 why is Henwy still there and can walk on the table?

  • Leefranz Reyes
    Leefranz Reyes   1 weeks ago

    my like boton turn black i am watching you in phone

  • Rayven Jhon T. Arangues

    Did any of you notice sigils said he's the transformer to ssundee and he was actually the transforner

    RED-IMPOSTER   1 weeks ago

    Wow is there a girl playing with yall lol

    RED-IMPOSTER   1 weeks ago

    Wow is there a girl playing with yall lol