• Published on: 19 January 2021
  • Music:
    VALHALLA CALLING by Miracle Of Sound-
  • Runtime : 3:57


  • Kajtár Virág
    Kajtár Virág   3 months ago

    Already 1 Million😲😲😲SKOL!!! Check out my Vikings anime opening :

  • Baba Yaga
    Baba Yaga   3 days ago

    if you watch this video 10 times a day the fear goes away... Long Live the King(Ragnar)!!!!

    ANGEL OF GOD   1 weeks ago

    Valhalla composed of millions & millions army of men and monsters. PURE VIOLENCE

  • jester35908
    jester35908   1 months ago


  • hari s
    hari s   1 months ago

    this is beautiful ❤️

  • Mark Lester Blase
    Mark Lester Blase   1 months ago

    My fave characters are here! Song reminds me of the moment where I spent whole night finishing one season. Huhuhuhu I missed them badly.

  • Erin Dragonheart
    Erin Dragonheart   1 months ago

    love this hope i can use it in one of my fan made gaming videos? heil vikings!

  • Dj none
    Dj none   1 months ago

    This shield maiden will sit next to Odin himself, shatter the kings table while crushing mens arms wrestling for her ale, and will cut the tongue of any man who would dare utter the thought of which she would make a good wife... as she already married death in the name of Valhalla and her only mercy comes from the swing of her war axe.

  • Michael Hachenberg
    Michael Hachenberg   1 months ago

    Vor allen Dingen ein Wikinger mit einem Kreuz in der Hand🤔🤔🤔👎!!! - Titelbild-!!!

  • Jeff Daugherty
    Jeff Daugherty   1 months ago

    Vikings went where they wanted and took what they wanted. Hope I meet all of my fallen kin

    NAVEEN SHARMA   1 months ago

    Maker of this song will surely go to Valhalla & have sup with maker of Viking and Ragnar & his Sons

  • Mumus Xd
    Mumus Xd   1 months ago

    Azt a kurva te magyar vagy😳

  • Rene Uzars
    Rene Uzars   1 months ago thets me

  • Luzia Souza
    Luzia Souza   1 months ago

    Penso que em outras vidas eu era uma vinkes

  • Luzia Souza
    Luzia Souza   1 months ago

    De cara eu mim entenfiquei MUITO com está série mas eu não sábia o tamanho da grandeza desse filme gente é tido incrível

  • Ivar Michaelson
    Ivar Michaelson   1 months ago

    Since I know this video and song, I no longer fear the dead, had left the church and believe in Odin and all the other gods

  • Pritam Pandit
    Pritam Pandit   2 months ago

    Very nice video, lots of Love from Assam (North East India) 🙏....!

  • David Beckinsale
    David Beckinsale   2 months ago

    Unbelievable video this is as for the man who make it respect to you

  • Eygi Toys
    Eygi Toys   2 months ago

    I am still on season 5 of Vikings. So far, it's perfect. This edit is a masterpiece.P.S. I miss Ragnar