Down Under - NSP

  • Published on: 08 November 2019
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    Featuring TWRP on instruments:

    Directed and Edited by Sean Barrett:

    Produced by Sean Barrett and Felicity Jayn Heath

    Shot by:
    Sean Barrett
    Aislinn Lowe
    Samuel Heath-Dray
    Goldie Soetianto

    Filmed on location in Australia, obviously.

    Ninja Sex Party:
    Danny Sexbang (Dan Avidan): Vocals
    Ninja Brian (Brian Wecht): Keyboards

    Doctor Sung: Talkbox/Synthesizer
    Commander Meouch: Bass
    Lord Phobos: Guitar
    Havve Hogan: Drums

    Additional guitars, synths, and programming by Jim Roach.

    Produced by Jim Roach
    Recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios in TX, and Santa Monica Recordings in Los Angeles.
    Engineered by Jim Roach and Mario Ramirez
    Mixed by Thom Flowers
    Mastered by Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound, NYC

    Management: Brent Lilley, [email protected]
  • Runtime : 3:38
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  • kimberly
    kimberly   1 weeks ago

    Omfg I love this rendition ❤❤❤💎💎💎❤❤❤

  • Noey 101
    Noey 101   1 weeks ago

    anybody notice the shirt

  • Mostly Insects
    Mostly Insects   2 weeks ago

    WoW!!! What a brilliant song and video….. this made me really happy 😊

  • darnell reed
    darnell reed   1 months ago

    I never teared up the the original but I feel safe with this song

  • BaBa Boi
    BaBa Boi   1 months ago

    I cant believe so many people live upside down.

  • Reaga
    Reaga   1 months ago

    I don't draw cards, I just plunder

  • Kate Bloop
    Kate Bloop   1 months ago

    You guys should consider covering “Sowing the Seeds of Love” by Tears for Fears. Danny would do such a great job with it.

  • Jack Wolfe
    Jack Wolfe   1 months ago

    2:08 Brian looking like a Koala Daddy right there. "dont talk to me or my son"

  • SKmaric
    SKmaric   1 months ago

    Performing the song three times in a row at Enmore made for amazing footage for this MV let's be honest

  • Guggen
    Guggen   1 months ago

    Why wasnt Ross in this from the start

  • darnell reed
    darnell reed   1 months ago

    why do i want to cry probley dans beautiful voice

  • Coco puff
    Coco puff   2 months ago

    I’m Australian and either nearly fight or hit a kangaroo with my car every week

  • Theresa Burgess
    Theresa Burgess   2 months ago


  • THE END inc.
    THE END inc.   2 months ago

    I didn't know whether to put this in my calm playlist or my epic Moosic playlist so I put it in both ;3

  • Tusalm
    Tusalm   2 months ago

    Hearing Danny sing this song with his accent, clarifies so much of the lyrics XDNever knew how much of the song I had always misheard

  • jojokes now
    jojokes now   2 months ago

    Let's be honest Brian uses his knowledge of theoretical physics to be the best ninja

  • SFgamerPOP
    SFgamerPOP   2 months ago

    I aspire to be as happy in life as Dan was holding a Koala 🐨

  • darnell reed
    darnell reed   2 months ago

    i could fall a sleep instantly like dan does if he sang lullabies

  • Sirslamalot
    Sirslamalot   2 months ago

    minute 1:32 mrs Molly looking great

  • H2
    H2   3 months ago

    Nice to see Danny and his dad making a music video together :)

  • Walk-ng-D-saster [Shay]

    I hope you all realize how very loved and appreciated you are. Yes Ninja Brian. You too.

  • Chiyoko
    Chiyoko   4 months ago

    Man Dan can really be proud of himself, he sure struggled and it didn’t work out at first but now here we are :D

  • VegetaSasuke0
    VegetaSasuke0   4 months ago

    Feels bad that this guy is an alleged groomer.

  • Dylan Boone
    Dylan Boone   4 months ago

    Imagine, your favorite band, playing a cover of another of your favorite bands. Well Danny and Brian did that like 12 times, so this is awesome.

  • SuperSplatter7
    SuperSplatter7   4 months ago

    Is there a face revial for ninja brian?, or was that him in the video behind danny.

  • The Big Bad Wolf
    The Big Bad Wolf   4 months ago

    Gotta love the internet. Where you can make it big with a catchy tune, an angelic voice and singing about dicks.

  • Lulls Baby
    Lulls Baby   4 months ago

    Dan looks like he's achieved a level of happiness few of us will ever reach

  • Sebastian Hogan
    Sebastian Hogan   4 months ago

    Wait was there an Australian concert at some point??!!Come down again after backstreet boys. I'll be waiting!

  • Alex
    Alex   4 months ago

    I always love watching Danny and Brian's videos when it shows them on stage you can see the happiness, and it honestly warms my heart to see two friends make their dream come true, I've loved their videos since I first stumbled on them when "If we were Gay" was their newest video and I think about NSP every now and then, and I have to smile to myself, they did it.

  • The Duke
    The Duke   4 months ago

    The lowest energy version of a great song.

  • rowgesage
    rowgesage   5 months ago

    I wish for it to be that one day i might see NSP live somewhere, truly a dream

  • George
    George   5 months ago

    This just made me smile

  • Dude101 Awesome boy
    Dude101 Awesome boy   5 months ago

    i like how even in dan and brians very own music video he still hast to advertise rush by wearing a rush t shirt