Fortnite Season 9 MAX TIER Battle Pass & Neo Tilted Towers / Retail Row Mega Mall! !

  • Published on: 09 May 2019
  • *NEW* Fortnite Season 9 MAX TIER Battle Pass & New Tilted Towers (NEO TILTED) / Retail Row (MEGA MALL)!

    Season 9 of Fortnite just dropped and we take a look at the 100% Unlocked Battle Pass and go Exploring the new points of interest that emerged from the destruction of the Volcano like Neo Tilted and Mega Mall

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    (PG Clean, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)
  • Runtime : 15:16
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  • Kenworth
    Kenworth   2 years ago

    Season 9 is HERE!!!! :) Drop a LIKE and Subscribe if you're new <3

  • fluxz
    fluxz   4 months ago

    its been so long...

  • Nonya bizness
    Nonya bizness   2 years ago

    Dang it I wanted him to react to the fish stick hologram

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer   2 years ago

    Btw they got rid of da pump me so sad R.I.P the pump ur vids are so cool

  • Poop 257
    Poop 257   2 years ago

    Dont forget to USE creator code nvkenworth

  • Mrfan 200
    Mrfan 200   2 years ago

    Just saying the pumps are vaulted

  • Luke
    Luke   2 years ago

    347th comment

  • George
    George   2 years ago

    RIP Pumps: 2017-2019

  • Joswee
    Joswee   2 years ago

    What camera do you use to record and how do you cut stuff in vids

  • Hendrik Himma
    Hendrik Himma   2 years ago

    At the edge of the paradise in J8 there is the Jhon wicks house

  • Mucci M&J
    Mucci M&J   2 years ago

    Actually if you don’t know look back to the trailer and that’s actually Jonesy just old and peely is in his drink so it’s about the future because jonesy is a old man 👴

  • R V
    R V   2 years ago

    Subsribe NOW!

  • Jason Mason
    Jason Mason   2 years ago

    “I haven’t seen anything yet”But calls the default Jonesy which is part of the name of the skin

  • Megan Newton
    Megan Newton   2 years ago

    you said dusty depot at the end not dusty divot. rip

  • Gen Z Gang
    Gen Z Gang   2 years ago

    Epic amazing exquisite video mate 👌

  • R0USS3
    R0USS3   2 years ago

    Idk if its worth the redownload

  • Lisa Garnett
    Lisa Garnett   2 years ago

    You missed the building that had a fish stick sign on the top!🐠

  • ShugarZ
    ShugarZ   2 years ago

    They vaulted 8 weapons for season 9