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  • Published on: 04 October 2021
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    Alex Bale is an upcoming filmmaker who took a step back from making bigger projects to focus on making short films. However, that all changed when he began creating SpongeBob Theories. What at first seemed pretty harmless fun about a talking Sponge from Bikini Bottom, suddenly becomes a lot more sinister as we start to see how fame and fortune can taint your identity.

    This story is still on going. There are more videos on all channels to be released so don't forget to subscribe to them and follow along if you wanna find out what happens next.

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    00:00 - Chapter I: The Beginning
    3:02 - Chapter II: The SpongeBob Conspiracies Theories
    9:02 - Chapter III: The Cynical Critic
    14:05 - Chapter IV: Sonc The Blue Rat
    17:41 - Chapter V: Connecting The Dots
    19:37 - Chapter VI: The SpongeBob Guy
    23:11 - Chapter VII: Where Did It Come From?

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    NotPlankton Played By Mathew Farrugia

    The SpongeBob Guy's YouTube Channel (Alex Bale):

    The Cynical Critic:

    SONC The Blue Rat:

    Alex Bale Server:

    Or The Vehemence Server:
  • Runtime : 27:38
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  • Inside A Mind
    Inside A Mind   9 months ago

    Anyone who wants to follow the story. The community have made a Google Doc detailing the whole timeline so far:

  • The moon I saw that day

    When I first watched the car insurance video that was on my recommended and decided to watch Alex's other stuff, I never could have imagined exactly just how deep the rabbit hole went. He's probably my favorite creator at the moment, along with the other Alex (Kister) and Kane Pixels

  • mikey
    mikey   5 days ago

    need update so bad

  • Creeper Block 3
    Creeper Block 3   1 weeks ago

    Say did anyone notice that when he said he was back with the SpongeBob thing, the Garry song plays and how it was when SpongeBob was very depressed! Well when it plays in the theory that it's when he's getting neglected from society, and is a very sad moment for him!

  • Phinalbossbeater
    Phinalbossbeater   2 weeks ago

    Fun fact on YouTube if you search up "the spongebob guy" it shows Alex bale

  • Abigail Alvarado
    Abigail Alvarado   2 weeks ago

    I love that Inside a Mind always pop out on the comments of my favorite args or mini series,i love your dedication and way to narrate those videos!

  • 0², the OG zero two.

    The IT department password may be a decoder away.If you open the image for Jared in a new tab, the url has some sort of code:"e08edd_e7d06e5c8d2a4cdeb34a1f7be341a45d"Can someone decode that? I failed to find the suitable cipher

  • Filthy Tea
    Filthy Tea   3 weeks ago

    I honestly had no idea Alex had this whole thing span 3 made up YouTube channels. His dedication is incredible.

  • BigusDickus
    BigusDickus   4 weeks ago

    I still tune in to 24 hour live streams! but the theory guy. first I've heard of this...

  • T.O. Toons Tube
    T.O. Toons Tube   1 months ago

    Alex is one of the few people who can do all of this I just hope I come close.

  • jenik
    jenik   1 months ago

    Open the portal to SCP UNIVERSE and contain the muses or find a way to TERMINATE

    3TOUBLA   1 months ago


  • ROBB
    ROBB   1 months ago

    Could you do a vid about the monument mythos, my cousin asked me what the summary was and I couldn’t explain it, even though I watched all the videos

  • ROBB
    ROBB   1 months ago

    Blood for the blood goddess

  • ROBB
    ROBB   1 months ago

    The sonk was hilarious

    RINGO HULK777   1 months ago

    My only criticism of the lore is that I have trouble taking the muse's voice seriously

  • Anthony Blamthany
    Anthony Blamthany   1 months ago

    Wow I literally just watched one of his videos where the sponsor was “Happy Meat Farms”, and I didn’t even think twice about it. I thought the sponsor was strange in their description but that was about it, never would’ve even suspected anything near sinister as the muses creator.

  • super6actual
    super6actual   1 months ago

    at 15:15 theres no doubt thats the same audio from the happy meat human trial #H0023 "outsider"

  • LuckiYT
    LuckiYT   1 months ago

    can we appreciate how accurate the plankton voice is in the video

  • Avatar Roku
    Avatar Roku   1 months ago

    But there's actually another Spongebob theory yt creator that has a similar format as Alex Bale's (Except with the muse part). His yt channel was Cinian Trends. He uploaded Spongebob theories before Alex so he's probably the original. They also have one or two theories that are the same and uses the same arguments and evidences. Like the alien cult theory.

  • Rainbow Lorikeet
    Rainbow Lorikeet   1 months ago

    24:27 happy meat farms, a company that vegan teacher would be proud of

  • Soul Tonic
    Soul Tonic   1 months ago

    That shit is annoying as hell just do film if thats what he's doing

  • Max Cinelli
    Max Cinelli   1 months ago

    Alex bale does a much better job than any other of those bozos on YouTube who try to be like him

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis   1 months ago

    Jamie There's a lot of good info I didn't see before but like come on I'll be eagerly awaiting your next vid on Alex

  • Paco The Taco
    Paco The Taco   1 months ago

    i know that the black monster in the basement he actually sonc the blue rat

  • Cory Farrugia
    Cory Farrugia   1 months ago

    Never Gonna Give You Up Never Gonna Let You Down Never Gonna Run Around And Desert You

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow   1 months ago

    The fact that despite no one ever wanted to watch his horror films with years of Film School gone down the drain, he found out how to make people interested in it..

  • Penguinstudios123
    Penguinstudios123   1 months ago

    24:08 "nowadays, there's so many factory farms that cram 100s of animals into tight, unliveable spaces" - except the footage they're showing is free range chickens. not factory farmed ones. this is some Okja level bullshit ahaha, if an advert says "you can trust us", you know you can't! you see it with the red tractor in real life!!and the guy mentioned the maker of Okja too so maybe they've seen the movie. love that damn movie

  • Matt Worden
    Matt Worden   1 months ago

    Usually I love ARGs, follow them to see what happens. But once it takes a turn that makes me scoff and go “really?” That’s usually when I lose interest. Like. A genetically modified cow is making him do SpongeBob theory videos? I know there’s more to it but when I think about it in simple terms, I just kinda laugh 😅

  • sam j
    sam j   1 months ago

    I randomly stumbled upon the happy meat farms youtube channel a few months back and loved it. I had no clue it was related to this whole story. this is why I love youtube