THE CABIN IN THE WOODS (2012) Ending Explained

  • Published on: 26 October 2019
  • #cabininthewoods #endingexplained

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  • Runtime : 28:15
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  • Rachellouis💞
    Rachellouis💞   11 hours ago

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  • Angry Reacts
    Angry Reacts   1 weeks ago

    Marty is also the poop tester in its Always Sunny In Philadelphia “who pooped the bed”

  • Peter Gant
    Peter Gant   2 weeks ago

    I'm guessing that amongst ALL the people in this facility, there's at least one of each stereotypes amongst their members. So, if all die, the conditions of the agreement with The Great Old Ones will be fulfilled, and, they all go back into hibernation. A last ditch sacrifice, as it were. Otherwise, why have a Purge button that let's them loose INSIDE the facility!

  • Mark Browning
    Mark Browning   2 weeks ago

    What is going on with some of these channels? Maybe I need to launch one. Are people really this starved for entertainment? I put my buds in while I work, hit play on a desired channel, and let the chips fall. This is where they eventually fell. Is anyone clicking on this video who hasn't seen this movie? If you are, stop and go watch the movie. He's giving us a scene by scene account of a simple, yet fun movie that needs no explaination. This isn't a deep movie that needs anaylization. He's done no homework to create this product. He's doing a play by play of what we can already see and take in for ourselves.I had to stop about a third of the way through. He's bringing nothing at all to the table, but he's getting paid and he's proud of this.....effort.Thumbs downDislikeNo subscriptionWhatever

  • David Zock Stop
    David Zock Stop   2 weeks ago

    I think I am the only person that thinks the last 5 minutes or so of the movie was horrible. It could have been done better

  • Kiel Guevarra
    Kiel Guevarra   2 weeks ago

    this movie is a mix of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and a little bit of action. i love it.

  • 00:00 a.m.
    00:00 a.m.   2 weeks ago

    He was using an SMG, not a rifle.

  • Sailor Arwen
    Sailor Arwen   2 weeks ago

    Hmmmm so the stoner reading Little Nemo is a foreshadow. That is, if there’s a book based off the anime I grew up watching. (Edit: it originated as a comic strip in the early 1900’s). Nemo, the child, releases the Nightmare King from his prison foreshadowing the monsters being released from their cells. That’s what I’m seeing anyway

  • BRUHryderSOcool
    BRUHryderSOcool   3 weeks ago

    im not sure if you had, but if you havent. Could you ever cover behind the mask the rise of leslie vernom?

  • andreas plesko
    andreas plesko   3 weeks ago

    Why is an explanation even needed? This is just a summary.

  • impactedlion
    impactedlion   3 weeks ago

    Plot twist. This is a movie about how they make horror movies

  • WeissVogel
    WeissVogel   3 weeks ago

    Thor, Markus, and Ripley in the same movie. Haha

  • Itsallover57
    Itsallover57   3 weeks ago

    After I watched this I wanted to watch it again and them pick something else from the basement.

  • impactedlion
    impactedlion   4 weeks ago

    Give me 2 sliders and 2 metal cylinders and I can make you he mug bong for like 50$

  • Angelique' 76
    Angelique' 76   4 weeks ago

    This is a totally awesome movie. I enjoyed the explanation even more because I have the attention span of a five year old. I am unable to sit still through a whole movie. I really appreciate you and the work you do to explain the films that I can't watch. 🧡🧡💙🧡🧡

  • chris karriem
    chris karriem   1 months ago

    This is a parody but its really the truth about our reality

  • Alex
    Alex   1 months ago

    This movie is so good except for the Massive Plothole then their going into the Facility

  • seeker of knowledge
    seeker of knowledge   1 months ago

    In the context of anyone who claims sacrifices are needed For a better cause, be it the nazis or overpopulation or fictional bs such as this, i find it curious and very frustrating how people with this type of psychotic mentality never include themselves In the equation. If you reqlly feel that we must kill tons of people for the betterment of ( insert cause here) then please do the world a favor and volunteer yourself first you piece of shot, matter of fact get everyone with your mentality together anD execute your plan immediately, thereby making the world a much better place 🧐

  • Mad Monkee
    Mad Monkee   1 months ago

    He didn't ask anything. He asked FOR something. He requested something, if you'd prefer a verb that doesn't require a preposition. Learn to speak fucking English.

  • Mad Monkee
    Mad Monkee   1 months ago

    OMFG! Look up how to pronounce "conch." (TLDR, it's /konk/.)

  • Mad Monkee
    Mad Monkee   1 months ago

    "encourages FOR her to continue?!" The verb "encourage" does not take a preposition: it encourages her to continue. Learn fuckin' English.

  • Mad Monkee
    Mad Monkee   1 months ago

    I'm pretty sure the word "harbinger" is pronounced for you in the movie. Why don't you know how to pronounce it? Did you not watch the movie?

  • Bernard Sirr
    Bernard Sirr   1 months ago

    Great vid. Not an assault rifle. Just sayin.

  • Jack Boddington
    Jack Boddington   1 months ago

    I would love to see some form of Dead by Daylight version of this

  • The Last Roman
    The Last Roman   1 months ago

    Are we not going to talk about how the old ones love B rated horror movies

  • Matt C
    Matt C   1 months ago

    Please just watch this movie.. Literally the best horror comedy in our generation..

  • Brog
    Brog   1 months ago

    I was going to ask about a specific clip from a horror movie where some high guy gets attacked, but comes back later having survived the attack because he was high, but I just now realized that THIS is the movie. funny.

  • Tara Deon
    Tara Deon   1 months ago

    That was such a great explanation. I’m a horror movie buff and this was absolutely one of my favorites. But I never realized the gods were the audience. That right there was genius. Teens in horror movies do typically always have their set characters and we just go along for the ride to see exactly how the expected outcomes play out. And while I’m not usually a fan of horror comedy, I really enjoyed how this movie played out beginning to end. This was definitely the explanation I didn’t even know I needed.

  • Vicki T
    Vicki T   1 months ago

    Every horror movie they always stop by some dump gas station, I wouldn’t go to the gas station to save my life

  • C North
    C North   1 months ago

    The biggest flaw in this movie is that they seemingly do the ritual at the last moment, and only one of them. If it were as important as saving the whole world, you'd be running 100 ritual simulations in case one fails. And it doesn't really make sense that everyone follows their own rituals. America is only a few hundred years old. How were old gods able to communicate a ritual, and why would a new ritual be needed for America? It would make much more sense if everyone was following the same ritual.

  • Robbie Moore
    Robbie Moore   1 months ago

    Def. My favorite horror. Wish there were more this style. Always watch it every yeR in October

  • Yol2000
    Yol2000   1 months ago

    Interesting. Glad I didn't have to watch it.

  • Miki Miyazaki
    Miki Miyazaki   1 months ago

    Marty is such a fuckin selfish antihumanist POS ever lol. I honestly loved it except that part. I despised the shit outta that selfish idiot. Definitely a fool. He lived like 30 second's longer.

  • Dustin Watts
    Dustin Watts   1 months ago

    I’ve literally never seen a worse movie. Imagine being so mentally absent that you like this garbage