"Starlight Brigade", Ninja Sex Party's 10th Anniversary - Chicago, 10/12

  • Published on: 16 October 2019
  • We were lucky enough to be the first show to see Starlight Brigade performed LIVE and OH MAN, IT'S INCREDIBLE!! I really hope they end up making a show or something more with these characters. This video gives me chills every time I watch/listen to it..

    Video by Knights of the Light Table
    Song by TWRP
    Vocals & lyrics by Dan Avidan
    Producer - Patrick Stannard ► https://twitter.com/LordDirk
    Director - India Swift ► https://twitter.com/oldswifty
    Art Director - Michael Doig ► https://twitter.com/michaeldoigart

    📸front row @ Credit Union 1 Arena, October 12th 2019
  • Runtime : 4:16
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  • Vaulksmir
    Vaulksmir   4 months ago

    I would give everything I have to see this. Love you Danny.

  • M C
    M C   4 months ago

    Also he is straight up wearing underwear on the outside. Fuckin hero!

  • M C
    M C   4 months ago

    I just realized he's the Elfie girl

  • Han Leal
    Han Leal   5 months ago

    I hope that someday the first concert I ever go to is NSP

  • Berry
    Berry   7 months ago

    It's kinda funny how like super confident everyone was with the lyrics as the beginning but near the end they were just like silent

  • Neckromancer
    Neckromancer   7 months ago

    The fact that the band members aren't actually dressed in armor, Havve isn't a robot and Captain Meowch isn't actually a lion.Disappoints me.

  • Landon McAfee
    Landon McAfee   7 months ago

    So bummed I missed this show. I only lived about two hours away from Chicago at the time.

  • LazyLion
    LazyLion   7 months ago

    drums and guitar are fucking killing it, Dan sounds great, what a show... hopefully 2021 will bring live music back to us

  • MiniAjax
    MiniAjax   8 months ago

    I can't believe there are still people out there, that DON'T know this song and I can't express my happyness how good Danny is live.

  • Judith
    Judith   8 months ago

    Dan really is a newborn deer, with a poodle glued to his head, skipping around on stage but boy does he sing like an angel :D

  • NotTotally Tara
    NotTotally Tara   9 months ago

    I know technically Starlight Brigade isn't NSP's but TWRP's, but I still think this is the best song NSP has helped produce. Probably the best lyrics that Dan has ever written.

  • GhostMoth
    GhostMoth   9 months ago

    You gotta give it to twrp for the amazing intstrumentals

  • dragonjaj
    dragonjaj   9 months ago

    props for the customs to match there space dnd characters

  • zelos1826
    zelos1826   9 months ago

    Oh Dan, you beautiful boy. Your vocals make this song SO good. <3

  • Erob
    Erob   10 months ago

    The white light really ruins the Mood

  • Daniel L.
    Daniel L.   10 months ago

    I'm not crying, you're crying.

  • TheMartyrbymoonlight
    TheMartyrbymoonlight   10 months ago

    I got tickets to this exact show for my friend's birthday and this performance was my first time ever hearing Starlight Brigade. Absolutely fell in love with NSP that night and this has been a regular on my playlists since. :)

  • •
    •   11 months ago

    This makes me sad. I miss those simpler times when we didn't need to socially distance.

  • M. L.
    M. L.   12 months ago

    I really hope someday when the next generation grows up and they're like, "what's your favorite older band/musician" Danny Sexbang is NEVER EVER FORGOTTEN, bc oh my god that man is it. He is it. He's a success story, but he's also Jewish, and like. Goddamn. Do I admire that dude. Not only can he sing, he gets amazing people to help him animate the stuff he sings.Goals.If I was a kid today and they asked me the "who's your hero?" thing it'd probably be "UH DANNY SEXBANG DUH????"

  • MultiKody
    MultiKody   1 years ago

    How cool would it have been if they made a live album of this show?

  • Nic Casoria
    Nic Casoria   1 years ago

    How did it feel standing that close to a god?

  • Mia Fillene
    Mia Fillene   1 years ago

    I am in my forties...and this..this makes me feel young. Happy. Is it any wonder I have tears in my eyes and happiness in my heart now? I want this feeling to go on forever.

  • Your Local Ghost Girl

    I had the absolute fortune of being there that night and this is still my favorite song of the night.

  • jouruji
    jouruji   1 years ago

    Just thinking of how a grown ass man is fulfilling a young boys dream moves me to tears

  • Greg
    Greg   1 years ago

    Thank you for filming in landscape 💗💗💗

  • Po0p
    Po0p   1 years ago

    This is so rad.

  • uxtalzon
    uxtalzon   1 years ago

    This is the pinnacle of male masculinity, prove me wrong.

  • Dana Wilson
    Dana Wilson   1 years ago

    I am so happy I saw this in person <3 beautiful show

  • Bobby Zabel
    Bobby Zabel   1 years ago

    Dan is just a perfect, natural born singer. I envy his amazing ability to control his voice, something that many singers nowadays have absolutely no concept of.

  • WauzirexLP
    WauzirexLP   1 years ago

    one of dans best songs he made so far. <3