Kyrie Irving's 34-Point Game vs. Phoenix Suns

  • Published on: 25 April 2021
  • Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving puts up 34 points, 12 assists and 6 rebounds in the Nets' win over the Phoenix Suns.
  • Runtime : 2:35


  • Roman Duncan
    Roman Duncan   1 months ago

    They need to add Russel Westbrook here then this team would be awesome even more

  • alidini
    alidini   1 months ago

    Ramadan Kyrie 👀...

  • Dennis Shouse
    Dennis Shouse   1 months ago

    I wish all young pgs coming up watched what he did on the first 3 clips of these highlights. His first two buckets of the game were both set ups for his third. Ayton was in deep drop coverage on the screen in the first two so Kyrie took routine pull ups. His 3rd bucket he already knew ayton would be playing up cause he hit back 2 back jumpers so he gives him a hesitation to sell the pull up then goes right by him for a layup. It’s so simple but thats how think 2 plays ahead as a pg. Sorry this is long, I’m a nerd I know lol.

  • antonio montana
    antonio montana   1 months ago

    May God bless our brother, playing like that during Ramadan, respect 🙏🙏🙏

  • Mahed Husayn
    Mahed Husayn   1 months ago

    The top don ramadan Kyrie Ibn Get Buckets Al-Crossova

  • Quantum Realm
    Quantum Realm   1 months ago

    Allah uses certain people to be his message carriers. Especially in every aspect of society. Mashallah

  • Kirko Bangz
    Kirko Bangz   1 months ago

    This guy really is my goat. Honestly like, he’s a fucking showstopper. He’s box office . You walk through the turnstiles to see this man I mean he really is phenomenal.

  • x x
    x x   1 months ago

    Lawd have mercy KD & Kyrie 🤯🔥. Some teams in the East are getting swept come playoffs. Hopefully not my celtics 🤞

  • Paul-Yassine Jlit
    Paul-Yassine Jlit   1 months ago

    Is this a travelling violation at 2:07 ? He move his pivot foot before dribbling the ballWith x0.25 speed is kind of obvious

  • Adri Sajjad
    Adri Sajjad   1 months ago

    He is fasting during ramadan ,Kyrie may Allah bless him in his new journey of Islam, i feel vibe of champion 🏆 with Brooklyn

  • Jonathan Oscategui
    Jonathan Oscategui   1 months ago

    The Nets were down 20 points in three out of four quarters against the Sun's in their first meeting and did not have Kyrie or Kevin and relied on James Harden to lead the offense. They came back and won in the last minute of the fourth quarter. Today thru only had Kyrie start the game and Kevin Durant came off the bench and they won by over 13. This is against a top second seed in the West. Everyone keeps doubting Brooklyn and Brooklyn loves to prove them wrong!

  • Antonio Spann
    Antonio Spann   1 months ago


  • Adactylous
    Adactylous   1 months ago

    am i gonna see him score 34 in this video? lets seeEDIT: mans scored 34 in the video :)