THE VELOCIPASTOR - A Movie So Stupid I Fell In Love With It

  • Published on: 19 May 2020
  • don't mess with dinodoug the velocipastor unless you plan on getting ninjured

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  • Runtime : 25:40
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  • Your Kang
    Your Kang   2 days ago

    Did anyone else notice how the ninjas plan was just a riff on the opium war between China and Britian

  • Deep Basu
    Deep Basu   5 days ago

    This movie is better than all the Jurassic World movies

  • Angel
    Angel   5 days ago

    I love this movie because it is so bad

  • General Conobi
    General Conobi   1 weeks ago

    wow those christian ninjas want to to make the world full of addictsnot very christian of them ammirite

  • Jbow210
    Jbow210   1 weeks ago

    never laughed so hard in my life 😂

  • Snazzy Jovial Wyrm
    Snazzy Jovial Wyrm   1 weeks ago

    Franky Mermaid has the hairline of a god. It's no wonder he's swimming in bitches.

  • deccys editz
    deccys editz   1 weeks ago

    if i’m going to be honest, the actor for doug had a couple scenes where the acting was actually good. the “WHAAAT?” scene is not one of those scenes. i’m sure you would agree elvis! (this is complete lies)

  • Mehhh
    Mehhh   1 weeks ago

    "I don't know much about dinosaurs" made me fucking lose it and I don't know why

  • Mister WizardMan
    Mister WizardMan   2 weeks ago

    At first I thought this was a cash grab movie but this is like a new level of movie that we all need

  • Nicolas Lacayo
    Nicolas Lacayo   2 weeks ago

    I’m just here to see if Voltaire gets name dropped.Edit: FUCK

  • Da Doggo _
    Da Doggo _   2 weeks ago

    This movie changed my perspective on all of living reality

  • Dogerz
    Dogerz   2 weeks ago

    bro gained scary monsters 💀

  • Sutton
    Sutton   3 weeks ago

    I’m genuinely sad the sex scene was brushed over. In such a love dumpster fire, that scene is so oddly yet amazingly well shot that is deserves the shoutout

  • Pedro Leal
    Pedro Leal   3 weeks ago

    It's a tooth, not a horn. [Vfx: pedro angry]

  • Andre Whyne
    Andre Whyne   3 weeks ago

    I watched this movie because of this review and I don’t regret it. Best movie ever

  • Tom Wilkins
    Tom Wilkins   3 weeks ago

    It's awesome to see Voltaire in this movie :) that's so cool

  • rjc0188
    rjc0188   1 months ago

    Why would someone make movie like this?

  • Drakula
    Drakula   1 months ago

    22:07 I love how the actor for the Master Ninja can't even say his lines with a straight face. You can literally hear him trying to control his laughter.

  • Syidd
    Syidd   1 months ago

    The first good christian movie I've seen

  • statesminds
    statesminds   1 months ago

    What a great idea for a movie hahah

  • It's MORBIN Time!!!
    It's MORBIN Time!!!   1 months ago

    This is what the incredible hulk would be like if everybody dropped acid.

  • It's MORBIN Time!!!
    It's MORBIN Time!!!   1 months ago

    This is how I imagined no way home and multiverse of madness would be. I guess velocipastor lived up to the hype. hope we can get him in phase 5 of the mcu

  • DarkRubberDucky
    DarkRubberDucky   1 months ago

    Birdemic: funny but thinks it's serious. Velocipastor: funny and knows it's not serious.

  • Brandon Roper
    Brandon Roper   1 months ago

    loved tis video. I laughed so hard at the Feankie Mermaid joke

  • Simple Jack
    Simple Jack   1 months ago

    Velocipastor is a work of genius! My daughter and I have trash movie nights and we both fell in love with this masterpiece. "What was she doing here?""I don't know, maybe trying to start a family..."

  • Giga Slime
    Giga Slime   2 months ago

    What do you call a pastor's semen?Pastorized milkGet it? It's supposed to be pasturized milk but like.....i'll stop explaining

  • iloveumali
    iloveumali   2 months ago

    i don’t understand why there are like 4-5 lame ass movies abt the vengancers or what ever the group was that killed a purple man over sum colorful rocks but peicees of art like this barely gets to see sunlight 😔❤️