Jimmy Butler Trolls Bam Adebayo During Postgame Interview - Jazz vs Heat | February 26, 2021

  • Published on: 27 February 2021
  • Utah Jazz vs Miami Heat - Full Game Highlights | February 26, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season

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  • Runtime : 2:35
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  • Evan
    Evan   1 weeks ago

    I can't believe that Jimmy is 31 and Bam is 23. They literally look each others age.

  • YNB Chello
    YNB Chello   1 months ago

    Bro if we had a different GM for the bulls wen we had the old bulls jimmy nor DROSE woulda got traded

  • pim b
    pim b   1 months ago

    "the dragon showed up tonight, breathing that hot ass fire" Butler is a fucking treasure

  • Jarod Haws
    Jarod Haws   1 months ago

    The fact he made sure to get a head bump shows how good of a leader he is

  • money bird
    money bird   1 months ago

    Jimmy get job done he up there with the elite

  • LeviPlayz
    LeviPlayz   1 months ago

    Is bam the new chris Bosh now?

  • Mr. Nut
    Mr. Nut   1 months ago

    Retire jimmy in miami man. But that fucking number ok the rafters

  • KAEP
    KAEP   1 months ago

    Jimmy and Goran: do the Kid n Play moveBam: allow me to introduce myself

  • scoodah believe
    scoodah believe   1 months ago

    It’s like the my knew each from when they were kids😭😂❤️

  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson   1 months ago

    They definitely gotta keep this roster together 😂

  • j. Mag
    j. Mag   1 months ago

    Jimmy: you think you somebody coz you signed with team jordan man.. go! Go somewhere.! Savage jimmy 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lacion
    Lacion   1 months ago

    Jimmy is so inspirational mann

  • Ulquiorra Cifer
    Ulquiorra Cifer   1 months ago

    Bam: You just mad cause I signed a shoe deal with your Dad

  • Moaz
    Moaz   1 months ago

    What is 'bacardi ocho suite level'?!?!

  • AgentCody Banx8
    AgentCody Banx8   1 months ago

    I love the Heat players relationship. Jimmy was a great addition for that team

    MADDENBEASTDOX   1 months ago

    Bam so funny the way he walked up to Jimmy great team great relationships and great in person congrats Miami let's woop the lakers this year

  • nico toro
    nico toro   1 months ago

    Bam Adebayo is so underrated bro. Jordan knows what they’re doing signing him to a brand deal. Solid investment in a future nba star

  • Joe Limbus
    Joe Limbus   1 months ago

    Damn it feels good to be a Heat fan....W/L/or D they give it their all

  • Jared Daniel
    Jared Daniel   1 months ago

    Popular opinion: Jimmy Butler looks just like jordan

  • dk 21
    dk 21   1 months ago

    miami is back!

  • Survival
    Survival   1 months ago

    Bro im not a fan of this team but i love watching them 😂

  • 阿言的隔離病房
    阿言的隔離病房   1 months ago

    When you see that communication, you will know Miami Heat is back, Just like 2020 playoffs heat

  • Jaylon McMillon
    Jaylon McMillon   1 months ago

    u know u cant have a jimmy butler postgame interview without bam coming in

  • Nova Red
    Nova Red   1 months ago

    NOVA RED will be the most biggest and successful artist in the world 💯🗣😈

  • Erick M
    Erick M   1 months ago

    Jimmy and BamWith Drob, Nunn, Dragon, and Herro. 💥💥🔥🔥

  • Timsetto
    Timsetto   1 months ago

    They relationship is pure 😂

  • Tech
    Tech   1 months ago

    Bro I love the chemistry between these guys. They look like a group of friends just playing ball and having fun 😄

  • KingBaller
    KingBaller   1 months ago

    ( Jimmy Butler buys goran dragic coffee )Bam:( Hey jimmy can I have some?)Jimmy:( No Bam You already super energetic on the court!)Bam:(ill trade your bum before deadline)Goran:( wow wow chill okay you both can have some coffee okay?)Jimmy:( want me to trade your bum too?)Bam:....................Goran: At least we got the win! (Gulps)