Mr. Garvey Is Your Substitute Teacher - Key & Peele

  • Published on: 30 August 2021
  • Mr. Garvey is this class’s new substitute teacher, and he is not about to take any of their crap.

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  • Runtime : 6:31
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  • Vashti Perry
    Vashti Perry   5 hours ago

    A a Ron almost laughed at that glee joke

  • thegenderlesswitch
    thegenderlesswitch   1 days ago

    One of the greatest sketches of all time. The next one being East vs. West Bowl.

  • RamadaArtist
    RamadaArtist   2 days ago

    Yo having worked at a factory owned by French Canadians that was mostly employed by third generation Vermonters, I can tell you that the vibe at the employee appreciation meeting was 100% this vibe.

    MARCELO   2 days ago

    Jay Quellen is hot 🔥

  • Aaron Sherman
    Aaron Sherman   3 days ago

    1:43 The exact moment of this sketch when I realized my life was ruined forever. 😂

  • João
    João   5 days ago

    I remember Stand and Deliver differently.

  • we dem boyz
    we dem boyz   5 days ago

    lmfao his clipboard is taped back together in the second skit

  • Jaiden Arias
    Jaiden Arias   6 days ago

    Follow the Ten Commandments and God please

  • Lu Gao
    Lu Gao   6 days ago

    "Not old enough to be in a club, but old enough pick up his daughter." The joke is on us. (T.T)

  • Jeff Lee
    Jeff Lee   1 weeks ago

    Timothy should be pronounced as Tea-mole-tie(thy) in this case.

  • Shawn Kincheloe Sr
    Shawn Kincheloe Sr   1 weeks ago

    This is my absolute favorite & back in the day, we had a regular teacher who use to act somewhat like this 😂 ( D - Nice ) 😂 I don’t know how many times it actually took all of them to film this and not burst out in laughter. I’d love to see the bloopers of this. 🤣

  • Gideon Mele
    Gideon Mele   1 weeks ago

    Going to try something:Teacher, aaron, de-nice, daughter, class, sketch, skit, announcement, classic

  • HappyAnimaidCafeManager

    I'm going through the comments for two minutes and I haven't found that someone had pointed out the attention to details on the chalk board. The kids are supposed to be learning about the woman's ... 🤣

  • Haily Rizzo
    Haily Rizzo   1 weeks ago

    Great trailer. When is the movie coming out???

  • Wanda Majette
    Wanda Majette   1 weeks ago

    How did they keep it together in this skit? I love it every time I see it.😅😅😅

  • Charlie Birkner
    Charlie Birkner   1 weeks ago

    I worry about people who somehow won't see this as comedy....

  • Dill Pickle
    Dill Pickle   1 weeks ago

    If I was there I would be dying 😂😂😂

  • george tarek
    george tarek   1 weeks ago

    This video doesn’t have enough views for what it deserves.

  • Jacquelyn Hudson
    Jacquelyn Hudson   1 weeks ago

    I have STOPPED calling my mom "mom" after this sketch...i now call her "Jayquelin".my grandmother (God rest her soul🙏🏽) my mother and myself share the first name "jacquelyn"..THANKS MR GARVEY YOU'VE CHANGED MY LIFE😭😂

  • Nia Garcia
    Nia Garcia   1 weeks ago

    I went to a very internationally diverse high school in Queens and this is how it was, only in reverse. You sat there as the WASP substitute teacher nonchalantly mispronounced half of the names on the roster... 😆

  • itzhope
    itzhope   1 weeks ago

    "Uh I'm sorry sweetheart you are not in the chest club" "the Mosquito bite club maybe""Thats hurtful""That's truthful"😂😂

  • itzhope
    itzhope   1 weeks ago

    I want a shirt that says you done messed up A A RON