• Published on: 11 February 2021
  • We add a THANOS us ROLE in Among Us

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  • Runtime : 14:56


  • Allan Scott
    Allan Scott   5 hours ago

    When ssundee gets mind controlled they clear him and when anyone else gets mind controlled they sus them

  • Barnabas Opiro
    Barnabas Opiro   8 hours ago

    anfibpbia among us mode make it by barnabas opiro

  • ethan whiteside
    ethan whiteside   12 hours ago

    me:* trys snaping the like button on my touch screen laptop*it actually workingme: -_-two seconds latero O o

  • MikeAftonYT
    MikeAftonYT   19 hours ago

    If you hit the like button, it'll turn blue like the space stone🧊

  • Kelly Ray
    Kelly Ray   21 hours ago

    You should make a Mr clean moddd

  • Saif Ali
    Saif Ali   1 days ago

    You should do a dinosaur mod

  • BananaBoi
    BananaBoi   1 days ago

    For the thanos mod you should have done power stone lazar blast and time stone reverse time

  • Frisky Gacha UwU
    Frisky Gacha UwU   1 days ago

    Me The first 57 seconds be like: "I Just Saw Corey Dissapear-"

  • Leah Turner
    Leah Turner   1 days ago

    Watching this and remembering the time when you didn't know who Thanos was... Ily SSundee!

  • Piper Fan
    Piper Fan   1 days ago

    0:31 Me dying when someone say ”everybody clap your hands”(everyone claps)

  • Frederick Piri KOTEKA

    my mod would be everyone is among us adults nut one can turn into anything but not for the imposter only one crewmate so it would be hard and my name is FREDERICK

  • jimmy 7982
    jimmy 7982   2 days ago

    Only thing he forgot was the time Stone

  • Natanem Dawit
    Natanem Dawit   2 days ago

    Do a FIFA Mod where you can choose a team and versus other teams to buy players and managers but if someone wins a match,they can decide which player they want to take

  • Griffin
    Griffin   2 days ago

    The like button turned black for me▪️▪️👍👍

  • Bread
    Bread   2 days ago

    This is where the legend began