100 Days, But There Are Custom Bosses...

  • Published on: 28 August 2021
  • 100 Days, But You Shapeshift Every Day: https://youtu.be/KvEx0QoS_7I

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    In this Minecraft video I survive 100 days in a Minecraft Hardcore World, but there are custom bosses for me to defeat. Here are all the things I accomplished, and all the adventures that I had. This was played on a 1.16.5 Modded World.

    ►More 100 Days Challenges: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWJikipm2MTa_zCPAj5TKJ9ocpDNNpNqN


    Thanks to @Luke TheNotable for the idea! https://www.youtube.com/user/Creolesbackfire

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  • Runtime : 50:35
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  • TelodVFX
    TelodVFX   1 days ago

    sb i want u to be honest.. do u use creative... be honest..

  • Thick Eli
    Thick Eli   2 days ago

    Anyone know the name of th song at 7:53

  • Vibes my guys
    Vibes my guys   2 days ago

    You didn’t have to use the god apples… you where just fine with reg ._.

  • It's Blitz
    It's Blitz   2 days ago

    Can you do 100 days as a peacemaker? (only killing mobs using explosion and using TNT to build a house)

  • zac xd
    zac xd   2 days ago

    This guy insane day 26 already kill the end dragon

  • Gacha Gamer577
    Gacha Gamer577   2 days ago

    I just got to say it you missed a boss aka (The Wither) lol

  • Nova Does Stuffs
    Nova Does Stuffs   2 days ago

    Man's got the Sonic 06 bops on. Amazing.Edit: Sonic bops in general 👌

  • Pro Bro
    Pro Bro   4 days ago

    make sure to watch Minecraft Hardcore, But There Are Custom structures

  • Suramya Kumari
    Suramya Kumari   4 days ago

    Try to fight the queen crazy craft with protection diamond armour with sharpness 200😂😂

  • TMF
    TMF   5 days ago

    What about the crawler

  • shadow gamer
    shadow gamer   5 days ago

    37:29 thought I was the only one who did that

  • Jacob Rothschild
    Jacob Rothschild   5 days ago

    This, More Dimension and Aether are the cooles mod i think..

  • Rebecca Nighbert
    Rebecca Nighbert   5 days ago

    Ya Know there are stronger mobs like the frost maw Ferris’s writ lite

  • Sarah Boslem
    Sarah Boslem   5 days ago

    I also agree the bosses are too easy 😜

  • HEPXX_games
    HEPXX_games   6 days ago

    SB idk if u got a like sertin speech thing that make u say it like that or some type of accent but it pronounced (Crack en)

  • Naomi White
    Naomi White   6 days ago

    It’s called a Wondering trader 😸

  • Po1ntCreate
    Po1ntCreate   1 weeks ago

    BRO I SWEAR your the guy that made me first play minecraft you were so funny i started watching you when you played minecraft 7 years ago😅 thats what made me want to play minecraft

  • Night
    Night   1 weeks ago

    You are the best SB

  • Banana Bros
    Banana Bros   1 weeks ago

    wait but he said as the sun sets but he killed the sun at 50:27 🧐

  • Pscx1
    Pscx1   1 weeks ago

    What is that music in background at first minutes?

  • Xander Mutch
    Xander Mutch   1 weeks ago

    i have seen slogo, jelly and crainer fight the nether gauntlet before in one of slogos videos.

  • Mattatha Archer
    Mattatha Archer   1 weeks ago

    Do you need another ride and diamonds to make another right armor and write everything you are

  • Maximus Aparicio
    Maximus Aparicio   1 weeks ago

    Boss fights:6:21 Kraken 13:27 Ender Dragon 14:16 Obsidilith18:20 Deserted20:56 Iron Slime23:58 King37:46 Nether Guantlet41:29 Crawler46:51 Sun