I Opened $1500 Worth Of Scam Items

  • Published on: 24 November 2021
  • Check out part 1 HERE:

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  • Runtime : 22:53
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  • ConnorDawg
    ConnorDawg   1 weeks ago

    Check out Part 1 here where you made me buy all this stuff https://youtu.be/srGyEhWmtGM and maybe you'll even see things that Wish didn't send over 👀

  • lewis
    lewis   11 hours ago

    i also agree that anyone who says hi yt had 1iq

  • lewis
    lewis   11 hours ago

    wish isn’t scam tho

  • Dyoxx Zr66z
    Dyoxx Zr66z   19 hours ago

    I feel like the target on a milf hunter shirt should be repositioned

  • Thalia Bristow
    Thalia Bristow   1 days ago

    tfw connor, noted jojo fan, calls polnareff fucking kakyoin

  • ellenthefox
    ellenthefox   1 days ago

    3:20 I haven't seen the full stream, was man just using a plain glass of water and expecting bubbles??? It looks like there is ice in it, did he at least use a bit of dish soap at all??

  • ChaoswarriorX
    ChaoswarriorX   2 days ago

    Monkey: ExistsConnor: Ooh Ooh! Jk, you’re so cute when you do it

  • ChaoswarriorX
    ChaoswarriorX   2 days ago

    The way he says “Look at this dude.” 🤣7:38

  • febe
    febe   2 days ago

    did i just watch a man reverse vore a chicken to a monkey?

  • ロシア人
    ロシア人   2 days ago

    2:12 is just helikopter helikopter moment

  • dominik gracjas
    dominik gracjas   2 days ago

    Hey Connor jak chcesz mogę przesłać ci kilka paczek herbaty lipton

  • arsenelium
    arsenelium   2 days ago

    I cant with the mr bean mask. I kept rewatching it and i kept dying of laughter 🤣🤣

  • sebjik3
    sebjik3   2 days ago

    Bro dis shit unsubbed me by it self

  • Kumo
    Kumo   2 days ago

    Boy, ya need chicken. You aint yourself when you hungry. pffft

  • AJJ29
    AJJ29   2 days ago

    You didn’t give some of them the chance they deserved you needed to put the pregnant belly on underneath your shirt also not wearing the dress properly

  • Spectruh
    Spectruh   3 days ago

    so you gonna drop the link to the portable bidet or...

  • Travis Hipp
    Travis Hipp   3 days ago

    Anyone else watching this before part 1 lol.

  • Alchemist Ghost
    Alchemist Ghost   3 days ago

    Connor has reached his final form and returned to monke

  • Tyler Fleck
    Tyler Fleck   3 days ago

    lol maybe someday connor will wash the clothes he orders before wearing them

  • Remember Me
    Remember Me   3 days ago

    finally, I get to see my username saying "hi youtube" KEKW

  • finalbreath15
    finalbreath15   3 days ago

    Connor needs to wear a pregnant belly to trash taste

  • Unknown 17
    Unknown 17   3 days ago

    Ya know when Connor stuck that sausage in that monke.... He was actually doing the mating ritual

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon   4 days ago

    Cursed Mr Bean looks like he’d get cancelled within a day of being an influencer

  • Joshua Robson
    Joshua Robson   4 days ago

    “ I look like the Mc from howl’s moving castle”.. so… howl?

  • Genesis
    Genesis   4 days ago

    That mr.bean mask is terrifying and the black and white filter makes it 100x's worse 😨🤣

  • Kam Cam
    Kam Cam   4 days ago

    Sanji’s prince outfit?!? 😮

  • Geckuo
    Geckuo   4 days ago

    Lmao your Mr Bean impression is so good!