Luka Doncic is Pure Magic! - 2021 Highlights • 8 minutes of Luka Magic ⚡🇸🇮

  • Published on: 16 April 2021
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  • Runtime : 8:6


  • D M
    D M   4 days ago

    Those fucking long threes

  • Đức Phạm
    Đức Phạm   5 days ago

    my idol. Trust me he will become goat in the future. Keep going lukaaaa

  • ocwaveoc69
    ocwaveoc69   2 weeks ago

    Pretty awesome. However, I’m more impressed by Larry Bird’s highlight video.

  • Paolo
    Paolo   2 weeks ago

    Nba satani ashkenazi league.All players are servants of Satan and his instrument, the money. Disguised beasts

  • dokanyon
    dokanyon   2 weeks ago

    Coming from a Greek (supporting Giannis ofc) I think Luka will become better in only 22 years of age. And in the future there will be no comparison . If he continues like that , chances are he will be the best European player of all time

  • Ryan Sansaricq
    Ryan Sansaricq   2 weeks ago

    Luka's IQ rivals Magic and Lebron. Best guard in the league.

  • DenBoy 1202
    DenBoy 1202   3 weeks ago

    We not gonna talk about 1:19 was I the only one who heard that??

  • Heyyopj Williams
    Heyyopj Williams   3 weeks ago

    He has every offensive skill. He might be the best all around offensive player already. And he is 22. Hopefully he stays healthy, he could be an all time great.

  • Max Sormo
    Max Sormo   3 weeks ago

    my grandma is faster than you

  • Romeo Timbas
    Romeo Timbas   3 weeks ago

    Luca is a player that made basketball verry easy 👍👍👍

    NICK The QUICK   3 weeks ago

    Coldest white boy to ever hoop in the nba except bird

  • Brian Canonigo
    Brian Canonigo   3 weeks ago

    Athleticism is not everything.. it's all about having great fundamentals like Luka! Footwork, head fakes, timing everything. Now, imagine a prime super athletic MJ in today's league - he'd have a post-up, jump shot, and footwork clinic all day.

  • sctmprn
    sctmprn   4 weeks ago

    Luka Doncic: the perfect mix of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird

  • Andre Gutierrez
    Andre Gutierrez   1 months ago

    The kids on the path to goat 🤷‍♂️ let’s see him take us to the conference finals they’re going to loose their minds out here 👌 quote me

  • Frank Maitland
    Frank Maitland   1 months ago

    It's easier to score in the NBA than it is in Europe

  • Sterets Jaaj
    Sterets Jaaj   1 months ago

    Luka is us when we play NBA 2k on easy mode

  • Cesar Canete
    Cesar Canete   1 months ago

    As a kid, my dream was to have my favorite player (Allen Iverson) team up with my favorite team to watch as a kid (Dallas Mavericks). My fantasy big 3 was always Iverson, Nash & Dirk. As an adult, my dream is to one day have Luka, Ja & KP all as a big 3 for the Mavs. Hopefully, it'll happen one day.

  • Bakerman208
    Bakerman208   1 months ago

    Imagine if he played for coach Pop. NBA would be in real trouble.

  • brian henry
    brian henry   1 months ago

    the only reason why he isn't mvp this year, is because they know he's going to win the next 10 so let's have jokic or somebody else before Luka takes over.

  • קובי אדלר
    קובי אדלר   1 months ago

    Where did he come from? He's not from earth for sure!#luka_magic

  • snxncj Snn
    snxncj Snn   1 months ago

    This dude would WASH bird. Sorry

  • Dia Bolical
    Dia Bolical   1 months ago

    The dreamshake reminds me of hakeem.

  • 100 Dollar
    100 Dollar   1 months ago

    Only you & the mavs play by play guy call him Luka originality whatsoever