REPLICAS - Keanu Didn't Deserve This...

  • Published on: 09 February 2020
  • Fs in the chat for our boy Keanu

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  • Runtime : 32:14
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  • Nolan Myer
    Nolan Myer   3 hours ago

    Never heard of Moon, but Primer is a solid sci-fi flick, and your video on Aniara makes me want to watch it so badly.

  • Hugh Bandsuch
    Hugh Bandsuch   1 days ago

    That robot looks like it was animated by surreal entertainment

  • toh ping Tiang
    toh ping Tiang   2 days ago

    A human brain is huge. Not like you can just squeeze everything into an SSD.Log horizon. They got transfered into a game like world. Those people who are too short or too tall from their game body has problems.Does the clones start growing from a spine?? How do you grow a tracker?Robot keenu get a robot wife and kids

  • Eric Leyton
    Eric Leyton   2 days ago

    The human brain would take up many thousands of terabytes. I doubt a human brain would fit on that size hard drive in the near future.

  • Neryn -
    Neryn -   3 days ago

    Theory: He only brought 3 because he assumed Keanu wouldn't bring the wife back, because why would you need a wife when you have good bottom boy Ed?

  • RutraNickers
    RutraNickers   3 days ago

    Some answers to your questions:Brain cells start dying instantly after the blood stop circulating, but it is almost harmless in the long run if it is only under 3 minutes. If your heart don't start pumping good after 3 minutes you have high risk of permanent brain damage. After 10 min you are legally dead with irreversible brain damage. 7 hours? Hell no you can't retrieve that person's mind anymore. IF they installed a mechanical heart and respirator to keep oxygen going to their hearts then there is no theoretical problem though. It's basically a vegetative state/induced coma. But nowadays you are only declared dead if you are declared with brain death, which means your brain doesn't have any meaningful synapses happening. This usually means that your brain is so fcked up that it can't function anymore. I doubt that those that are legally declared dead nowadays would have a working brain to have their minds uploaded, imagine in this near future with more advanced medicine for crying out loud.Dolly sure had a really small life span for bein a clone, but she was the first clone ever made. Nowadays we have dogs, cats and all kinds of livestock bein cloned left and right with the same life span of a natural specimen of the same species, so I doubt this movie's clones would die early just for bein clones.

  • Etg Sur YouTube
    Etg Sur YouTube   4 days ago

    theres an underrated horror video game called "soma" which talks about this theme of brains uploaded on machines and its really good

  • asdjklsadj
    asdjklsadj   5 days ago

    I wish I could delete scrubs season 9 😂😂😂

  • vizthex
    vizthex   1 weeks ago

    shit like this is why i stopped watching movies ffs

  • Lenny Kelley
    Lenny Kelley   1 weeks ago

    They say in the movie that they can only be in a coma for 72 hours.

  • Lair Heron
    Lair Heron   3 weeks ago

    This movie was actually a existential horror.

  • condorX2
    condorX2   3 weeks ago

    It's on Netflix right now, currently #6.The Harder They Fall is #1.The show is good, particularly the build up and like every superhero movies it can be unbelievable stupid.What important is the journey. What I don't like is the unsupportive wife.I prepare William opt her out from the cloning process.OK then.. Back to finishing the show.

  • Savage Shot
    Savage Shot   3 weeks ago

    I wish Keanu Reaves character became an emotional mess at the crash site and his buddy he called was more of a protégé/kid with potential (maybe close too like in the movie) who would almost suggest cloning them for his own scientific interests but also to keep Keanu sane for the project because money with some sympathy and the scientific wonder also involved. He would personally let Keanu focus on the family while he cleaned up the mess like the sunken car, explanation for missing equipment in the companies storage, etc. It would help the annoying exposition at the beginning , give reason for the character to betray Keanu, Making the situation more dire. This man literally losing everything close to his heart and the lengths he'd go to get it back.I may be one of the few who actually enjoyed this movie, but God damn at least half the flaws would be so easy to fix.

  • robby lebotha
    robby lebotha   3 weeks ago

    Let be honest, Keanu has cool roles but he's stale as an actor.

  • GBP C
    GBP C   3 weeks ago

    Its seems to me that you didn't watch the movie 🤣🤣 many of the questions that you are asking are explain in the Movie!.For example Ed told William he can only keep them comatose for 72 hours

  • R McD
    R McD   3 weeks ago

    Victmhood from the beginning to the end. Illogical plot.

  • Sulla153
    Sulla153   3 weeks ago

    The premise has great potential but the movie turns into a parody of itself. Scenes are criminally tone deaf and discombobulated. There’s so many plot holes if the movie was food it’d be Swiss cheese. Keanu’s cutting edge equipment is a medical face shield with NERF quality plastic glued to it by the 2nd grade class they stole their ideas from. The robot graphics parallel an Nintendo 64’s peak potential. There’s bizarre momentum shifts. Absurd dialogue. Keanu seemed like he did this film for a friend, but a friend he didn’t like very much and simply owed a favor to. Idk, it looked like he shot takes between fight scenes of John Wick because he acted like he had nothing left to give. The end is nonsensical. What in the hell happened here? This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • Manuel Caycedo
    Manuel Caycedo   3 weeks ago

    I get the movie wasn’t great 😅 but this guy is mad annoying and cringe the way he talks And laughs at himself. He’s tryin pretty hard to make us agree with him although there’s no need. We all kno it wasn’t the greatest movie but this dude is like 6 years old..

  • Stanley Shady
    Stanley Shady   4 weeks ago

    This movies still better than most of the movies out today.. and if you base a movie off of Rotten Tomato's scores, you have a reallll problem.. sooo ur dumb

  • Scoobarekt u
    Scoobarekt u   4 weeks ago

    The Problem with keeping someone in a comatose state for 17 days is that the muscles reduce/breakdown so they really wouldn't be able to walk/sit

  • Nolan Myer
    Nolan Myer   1 months ago

    What about Found Footage 3D? It's pretty terrible

  • Devin Harbert
    Devin Harbert   1 months ago

    Replicas was a Piece of Shit, it's too bad he has Better Sci Fi Films Johnny Mnemonic, Matrix 1 and 2, Day The Earth Stood Still Remake, 47 Ronin, and Constantine one of my Favorite Films

  • Seek1878
    Seek1878   1 months ago

    Keanu wasn't a very good actor at one point. He found his niche eventually and it worked out.

  • Tony Kaye
    Tony Kaye   1 months ago

    I feel like SOMA did this concept of cloning the consciousness into an artificial body a lot better in terms of horror and existentialism. It was REALLY unnerving. This is just hilarious.

  • ssmashem
    ssmashem   1 months ago

    Hmmm... Bill & Ed's Cloning Adventure?

  • Tater Salad
    Tater Salad   1 months ago

    Keanu acts this way in every movie hey can’t act at all. Way to over hyped. Called politics and the right rolls and good manager

  • FSU
    FSU   1 months ago

    I'm glad I survive more than any family Keanu has in a movie.

  • Eric Jennette
    Eric Jennette   1 months ago

    I was waiting for Ed to run out on the island at the end. Or also holding hands with Keanu. Lol

  • Turtle Shell
    Turtle Shell   1 months ago

    Please watch killer mosquitos (2018) and make a video about it

  • Britt
    Britt   1 months ago

    What if ed was a clone to? But that wuldnt work

  • reece adey
    reece adey   1 months ago

    we can forgive the harddrive size it is holding human consciousness after all haha

  • Thomas Adams
    Thomas Adams   1 months ago

    I will forgive Keanu for that bad acting but only because I loved the John Wick movies

  • Nikbrickk [B's Gaming]
    Nikbrickk [B's Gaming]   1 months ago

    wait. soo he wiped the memories of his clone family? can clone memories? lol