REPLICAS - Keanu Didn't Deserve This...

  • Published on: 09 February 2020
  • Fs in the chat for our boy Keanu

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  • Runtime : 32:14
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  • Pun Queen
    Pun Queen   1 days ago

    Why didn't they make Edd Keanu's brother or something? Why does he have to be a weird family friend? Not even family friends go tree shopping with "the family". It's weird.

  • Wario7793
    Wario7793   2 days ago

    Yeah I rented this once, wow, was this a turkey. Your review is pretty accurate on all the flaws.

  • Concretel10n Inc
    Concretel10n Inc   1 weeks ago

    Imagine your friend's family all die, but you can help them, so you do - then you want to ask for money for your time?

  • DreamWheeler
    DreamWheeler   1 months ago

    This movie should have just had Alice eve naked the whole time and script problems solved .

  • Beren Gustav
    Beren Gustav   1 months ago

    In terms of terrible acting,Logan Lerman's "Percy Jackson" reacts to his mom,his only family,dieing, with" Oh No Anyway"

  • The Frog
    The Frog   1 months ago

    Another video with random loud screaming, RIP my ears. God I’m glad you got over this fad your new videos are better for not having it.

  • Witch Flowers
    Witch Flowers   1 months ago

    im super disappointed that a sci fi film called “replicas” is not an adaptation of the Tubeway Army album.

  • GreyGloaming
    GreyGloaming   1 months ago

    I like this crappy movie, only for the reason that my Pa laughed at the robot wearing a suit at the end.

  • christina mcneill
    christina mcneill   1 months ago

    I feel like your sarcastic voice is just a bad Adam Sandler impression hahahaha

  • Shandi Sampson
    Shandi Sampson   2 months ago

    in defence of the syrup. pancakes can be pretttty absorbant

  • R S
    R S   2 months ago

    This is about 1000x more entertaining than the actual movie. Thanks, I needed the laugh after enduring the atrocity of that film.

  • Blood Market
    Blood Market   2 months ago

    Why the hell didnt he just say they all got in a really bad car crash and survived after a coma

  • nedia
    nedia   2 months ago

    17 days? yeah I agree with everything else but zoe's body would decay beyond reasonable use after 17 days

  • Harry Angel
    Harry Angel   2 months ago

    I wonder how much of the blame goes on the actors and the actresses in these kinds of movies that make it so stupid? Isn’t it more the Director and the writers fault. Because the actors can only do what they’re told. They’re being told how to act a certain way from the script. 🤷‍♂️

  • Blank Name
    Blank Name   2 months ago

    This movie is underrated. It definitely does not deserve a 9 percent. Way worse movies have been rated much higher

  • DreamWheeler
    DreamWheeler   3 months ago

    Replicas was a piece of crap but an interesting flop like Transcendence .

  • jpeg
    jpeg   3 months ago

    The concept of cloning someone’s consciousness makes no sense, like it serves no purpose, if they die then their consciousness is gone forever, putting a copy of their consciousness into a clone body accomplishes nothing because that is a completely separate consciousness from the original even if it has the same personality and memories or whatever. All it does is make a copy so you aren’t actually bringing them back to life, it’s not the same original person

  • TheAlanirvin
    TheAlanirvin   3 months ago

    So the only person who actually died was Ed. And all Ed wanted to do was have sex with Keanu. Poor Ed.

  • Hjort
    Hjort   3 months ago

    27:30 there is a series about it, its called living with you'r self

  • A J
    A J   3 months ago

    Feels like pet semitary

  • Adii S
    Adii S   3 months ago

    LMAO idiot, was a decent movie, you're a disgusting disaster, you 🤡🤡🤡

  • Mattness LP
    Mattness LP   4 months ago

    Watching this I wonder, what did you think about The Island? That movie with Ewan McGregor and ScarJo, directed by Michael Bay iirc

  • poiupu425
    poiupu425   4 months ago

    its like the foutain but stupid and no style or good acting

  • Droopmaster Flex
    Droopmaster Flex   4 months ago

    On a real note if you woke up after being pronounced dead and wake up in a machine would you try to reach out to your family or leave them be understanding they could not come to the realization that you are you. If you died and wake up after memory transfer are you really you or are you a copy of yourself? Something to think about. My life has been shit so a second chance maybe I could make something of it but then again what if the corporations say you're property and not human? Could you go to court and would the courts rule in your favor would they be ready for that? What If the corporations lie and say you're doing ext what they program you to do and it's all a big act?

  • @FY
    @FY   4 months ago

    Insane dad named William brings back his entire family using robots and ends up with horrible consequences… HMMMMM

  • Gwen Walravens
    Gwen Walravens   4 months ago

    Quite honestly, during brainstorm sessions or problem solving sessions, it isn't uncommon to go over the entire process out loud to your coworkers. They might not be involved in every process, or they can realise that some of their work might not be compatible with something down the line or requirements that were changed or possibilities that were changed or overlooked. I sometimes even do this on my own and hearing yourself talk out loud, weirdly does work. It has even be proven to work.

  • Nathan Dorhofer
    Nathan Dorhofer   4 months ago

    The boss kills Ed. There are 3 people in the room he could kill that technically wouldn't be murder because they are technically test subjects but he shoots his 100% original, living and breathing valuable employee. There is A LOT of stupid shit in this movie, but that shit takes the stupid cake. Let's say this all resolves and Keanu gives up his family. Boss is now on the line for fucking murder when he had 3 far more effective targets that WOULDNT put him on trial for Murder in the First Degree. Are you fucking me right now!? What in the shitting universe were the writers thinking? 'Well Keanu and his family HAVE to live even if we did already kill off one of them, we can't let another one get killed. Even if it would be the far more logical choice and have someone commit murder instead of killing another one.' Holy fucking shit, I have never seen a more contrived reason to murder someone when you have your own personal security surrounding you and 3 targets that wouldn't count as FUCKING MURDER! That scene has fundamentally broken my brain. No one could POSSIBLY be that stupid. Especially when that someone has a literal fuck ton to lose if he goes away for murder! 'Let me just potentially throw my entire life away for absolutely no reason. This situation cannot possibly go in any other direction than me coming out on top. Despite these multiple witnesses, the 3 people in the room who are literal property, and the one guy who has a vested interest to foil my plans in order to save his family AND the guy I'm shooting is the one who has been somewhat loyal and told me what's happening AND if any 1 thing goes wrong I'm absolutely behind bars for the rest of my life. That sounds like a solid course of action to me!' THAT MAKES ANTI-SENSE! YOU HAVE TO BE A BRAINDEAD CHIMP TO WRITE THAT GARBAGE!

  • Nick Andres
    Nick Andres   4 months ago

    The huge hard drives kind of make sense, since brains actually contain a ton of data and metadata. It's thought that organic computers are likely one of the only ways we'll get past the transistor bottleneck.

  • Silly Willy and Abby Girl:)

    No one seems to understand that this movie is a parody, a comedy that makes fun of not only Sci-fi movies but of Keane Reeves himself. Reeves knows this. When looked on in that light, it's really is a good movie🙂🙂

  • SteamPunkKitten
    SteamPunkKitten   4 months ago

    yes you are not a scientist ,,, you have no idea how this work... neither me... so let us go out and steal car batteries

  • 纪纲
    纪纲   4 months ago

    Those John Wick films gave Keanu Reeves a reboot on his career after 2014 and they are nicely made with many great action scenes.But other films of Keanu, not including cartoons, well... sometimes you have to admit watching them is a waste of time and few of them are rated over 6.5 on imdb.

  • dark.demon .queen
    dark.demon .queen   4 months ago

    Just watched this. It’s bad but “fun bad” and I’ve seen much much worse! Still worth watching if u luv Keanu! 😘

  • Kenny Cubensis
    Kenny Cubensis   4 months ago

    I like to think that the whole Zoe not being able to come back was really cause the little girl realized how bad this movie was gonna be and quit only after a few days of shooting so the writers had to work it in somehow, like the little girl is the only one that knew this shouldn't be a movie