CINDERELLA (2021) - The Cursed Remake Nobody Wanted

  • Published on: 18 September 2021
  • you're gonna know my NAAAEEAAAAAAME

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  • Runtime : 18:16
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  • Elvis The Alien
    Elvis The Alien   4 months ago

    I've been uploading a lot on my second channel 'Elvis The Human', check it out if you have the time, thanks! :

  • Captain Sarcasm
    Captain Sarcasm   4 hours ago

    My main greveince is that a lot of these kinds of movies want to make the female leads strong and make them "girl bosses" in a way that I hate. Yes it's important to make strong female leads but not by rewriting characters that are already there instead of making it fit in in natural ways. I hate this

  • Tavemanic
    Tavemanic   1 days ago

    I didn't even know this movie existed but I regret finding out

  • N C
    N C   1 days ago

    It would have been more "progressive" to have cinderella be a princess that didn't want to marry someone for money and is attracted to cinderfella's passion about wanting to make dresses. Since there is no time period that would deny a woman the job of seamstress.

  • Ivan Delac
    Ivan Delac   4 days ago

    Dear lord... Sometimes I wish for a huge asteroid to hit the Earth...

  • Xun Liu
    Xun Liu   1 weeks ago

    I think the movie is putting so many inappropriate modern day pop culture and social references that you cannot just point one aspect of it being bad, which makes it’s quite stand out

  • la Bates
    la Bates   1 weeks ago

    I liked him but there’s too much shit about him being a total diva twat to regular people now not to ignore. He was eating at a restaurant my friend was at and kicking up a right storm, not because anyone was asking for photo or autograph but just for looking at him. I’d get the latter as that’s annoying but I general I think people have a hard enough time escaping his face these days without needing to stare at them over their Cher’s soufflé

  • MR. X
    MR. X   1 weeks ago

    Desperation is real with this film... but I guess it's allowed to exist... even Psychop-- sorry, Feminists - are allowed to make films that make full on radiation exposure seem like a more appealing alternative.

  • arugula-ragu
    arugula-ragu   1 weeks ago

    Billy Porter is just heaven. That is all.

  • nuest fan
    nuest fan   2 weeks ago

    i like that cinderella in this is independent and puts her career above love its refreshing and something new but you can be independent and also married you can have a career while having a family also these songs make everything so cringe and from all the videos ive seen cinderella isnt a likeable character you can be strong and confident without being annoying and quirky like that its not that hardive seen multiple kdramas with strong career oriented woman who still fell in love and were likeable (also i can only talk about kdramas because i dont watch other series and barely watch movies)

  • Travis
    Travis   2 weeks ago

    Holy crap this movie looks terrible.

  • Nilly
    Nilly   2 weeks ago

    I tried to give this movie an honest chance... I turned it off half way. I couldn't do it. Good to see I didn't miss anything lol

  • Thomas Manning
    Thomas Manning   2 weeks ago

    Wait but he found her before the ball with like zero effort so why was it so hard after???

  • Damo Carroll
    Damo Carroll   2 weeks ago

    Don't be doing down Pierce Brosnan there buddy. Watch "The Tailor of Panama".

  • mish!
    mish!   2 weeks ago

    As someone from the new generation I assure we all hate it

  • D C
    D C   2 weeks ago

    Getting Amazon trailers all the time...already looks like trash in the trailer.

  • dashtoroya
    dashtoroya   2 weeks ago

    And there are people who are defending this movie and called it masterpiece .

  • NoSoMuSk
    NoSoMuSk   3 weeks ago

    Ok This Movie seems pretty shit but the part with the name is actually true. Her original name is Aschenputtel wich translates to Ash-wallflower, wich she has because she has to clean up the ashes among other duties.

  • The M.A.
    The M.A.   3 weeks ago

    Trying to modernize Cinderella while keeping in the middle ages was... a choice! 😅

  • José Fernández
    José Fernández   3 weeks ago

    Ok, puttin Material Girl in this movie is just insulting

  • Otto Kjellsson
    Otto Kjellsson   3 weeks ago

    Recommended viewing age is 1-3. When the chances of the viewer retaining the memories of this shit is minimal.

  • Mr skullduggery
    Mr skullduggery   3 weeks ago

    Career before love and this is why we have so many single late 30s something complaining there have no man or kids

  • Ena W
    Ena W   3 weeks ago

    This remake sucked.

  • TESCO200 _
    TESCO200 _   3 weeks ago

    the most unrealistic part of this film are the black people , like why are there black people it takes place in the medieval times

  • Random Task Nigga
    Random Task Nigga   3 weeks ago

    Is it just me or was Fab G the only character that i though wasn't cringe and was funny

  • KubyX
    KubyX   3 weeks ago

    Describe this movie in two words : Political agenta

  • MCPE
    MCPE   4 weeks ago

    Mannn.. This movie looks cheap with 200 mil budget. The Disney live action Cinderella is much more fun to watch than this new Cinderella movie. The writer and the director of this movie didn't understand cinderella.. Im just so sad for this movie...

  • peggle
    peggle   4 weeks ago

    the "fabulous godmother" confuses me because it feels like they were trying to make it gender neutral or something, but they neutralized the wrong word. if that's what they were trying to do, then something like fairy/fabulous godparent would have worked better.

  • Mihir Saksena
    Mihir Saksena   1 months ago

    Someone on letterboxd said it resembles real life in the sense Camilla is dating an obviously closeted guy

  • ATDubya
    ATDubya   1 months ago

    Movies like this will continue to push that men are oppressive and stupid and women are being held back by men despite all evidence to the contrary. Feminism in all forms, is unnecessary in a merit based society. And most of the world, but especially the US is a society based on competence not gender.

  • Tomoesong
    Tomoesong   1 months ago

    12:45She openly defied King of the country because he is white male, so that woman is standing up to old white man is good thing to show/current trend. Later she was unable to normally respond and stuttering because it was black female, so she didn't try to offend her. Or maybe she never saw black and especially female high noble in medieval northern Europe and didn't know how to respond. If it was real medieval world cinderella would've burnt for defying King.

  • MrRotesy
    MrRotesy   1 months ago

    I'm just actually surprised they didn't call it CinderHella or something like that lol

  • DEADNUTS0420
    DEADNUTS0420   1 months ago

    What the hell what did they do this and y is the fairy god mother a man not a women