New disturbing allegations emerge in Waukesha Christmas parade attack

  • Published on: 24 November 2021
  • A judge in disbelief as we learn disturbing new allegations in the Waukesha parade attack.

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  • Runtime : 2:48
  • waukesha parade crash christmas


  • Justin Tyme
    Justin Tyme   12 hours ago

    Why is this not racist? Everybody would freak out if they knew how much this stupid racist hated white people. Come on & wake up idiots

  • Justin Tyme
    Justin Tyme   12 hours ago

    They forgot to say he hated white people & was talking about killing as many white people as he could

  • Honjonck
    Honjonck   1 days ago

    Pure human trash. A waste of taxpayer's money. Bring back the death penalty

  • heart attack on a plate

    shouldnt have been out on bail and he should be charged with a hate crime and.domestic terrorism

  • Steve Panwitch
    Steve Panwitch   1 days ago

    What if it were a white man doing this to a black crowd. Open your eye's. Stop reversed racism.

  • Jo Bu
    Jo Bu   2 days ago

    I hereby volunteer to pull the switch, kick the stool, pull the trigger, or whatever needs to be done... (side comment) Tattoos are stupid.

  • B F
    B F   3 days ago

    He's an open racist who called for violence against folks who just happen to resemble the folks he consciously and with intent, ran down. But, because he's verifiably guilty of numerous other crimes, he's simply a criminal with an extraordinary history... thus his hate crime is being dismissed? That's called preferential treatment, highlighting Privilege.

  • henmich
    henmich   3 days ago

    WHY IS THERE BAIL AGAIN????????? Hold this repeat felon without bail for Christs sake. So if someone ponys up the money, he'll walk free again until the trial???????? madness.

  • john city
    john city   3 days ago

    How does he even have a nail with all the video fukk is existence

  • Ima Elder
    Ima Elder   3 days ago

    Lock him up in white population " Please " .

  • The Gillman
    The Gillman   3 days ago

    Now the left and lying media are setting up this turds story line…uh, he has mental health issues but never a mention if that in his lengthy career in crime. Kind of like felon George from Minneapolis shit hole.

  • shurpie
    shurpie   3 days ago

    Dudes been playing too much Gta

  • M W
    M W   3 days ago

    Just looking at him makes me want to throw up.

  • Kapuda
    Kapuda   3 days ago

    Why won't the media call this what it was...An act of terror in direct retaliation for the Rittenhouse verdict...

  • rotorheadv8
    rotorheadv8   4 days ago

    Why are they not charging this guy who ran over nearly 1/2 a hundred people with terrorism or but are charging the 15 yr who shot 11 with it?

  • Jn br
    Jn br   4 days ago

    As soon as the BBC realised he's black they weren't interested

  • Drg20
    Drg20   4 days ago

    Death penalty sounds pretty good 👍🏼

  • Summer Alz
    Summer Alz   4 days ago

    There should be no Bail for him!!! He would do this again if he gets out.

  • Sylvia M. Nagel
    Sylvia M. Nagel   4 days ago

    Prayers for Tucker and his family! 💙❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

  • wayne shearer
    wayne shearer   4 days ago

    And he can bail. a 9mm will end this a$$holes life and save the taxpayers millions..

  • sarut2
    sarut2   4 days ago

    Death is not enough punishment for this piece of sh!t. Agonizing torture of hell is.

  • JAR
    JAR   4 days ago

    this y i dont trust dark berries they r toxic

  • JAR
    JAR   4 days ago

    this people going insane

  • jon jon
    jon jon   4 days ago

    How in the FUCK does this piece of shit even get considered for bail??? This is a capital murder case!!!

  • Smee & Family
    Smee & Family   4 days ago

    Give the parents 5 minutes each with this nut-ball and when they are finished put him in jail. Make sure the other prisoners are aware of his crime and DO NOT put him in solitary confinement. The other prisoners will have a talk with him and he will see the error of his ways. This is the justice that this individual deserves. Bernardo ended up in the prison with the other inmates by mistake. The guards happily paid the $2,000.00 fine for it.

  • lirmchip
    lirmchip   4 days ago

    Have they charged the SUV yet

  • bigedslobotomy
    bigedslobotomy   4 days ago

    Imagine the OUTRAGE if this man had been white, driving his SUV intentionally into a black parade!

  • Alexander Cagle
    Alexander Cagle   4 days ago

    If it was a white guy people would be protesting and screaming racist. Why don't Yall call it wat it is. A RACIST BLACK MAN RUNS DOWN SEVERAL WHITE PEOPLE IN RACIST RAGE.

  • Tjr4448
    Tjr4448   4 days ago

    This guy is clearly a BLM supporter or sympathizer total scum bag, they should bring people in that organization up for charges as well as they probably inspired this attack or encouraged it.

  • jo
    jo   5 days ago

    1:40 Did anyone catch that familliar tone in the perp's voice? I recognize it! I've heard it a thousand times since Obama started lying about police. Making criminals unafraid & putting cops & lives in danger. Turn the tape back & listen, Whoa! Whoa! I didn't do anything. Whoa! Whoa! You got the wrong guy. Whoa! You guys can't arrest me! You'll lose your job. My peps will burn the city!

  • mike d
    mike d   5 days ago

    i am suprised they didnt let him go and hand a check for killing whites, and with a visit from our president biden and harris as well to congratulate him on a job well done

  • Santiago Adan Ulloa
    Santiago Adan Ulloa   5 days ago

    Oh poor soul. Justice system is so unfair here in America.He is been treated as a monters he claims, regarding his court arrangements.You kill by the sword, you die by the sword. You reap what you sow.But if he had gotten away with this one also, he'd probably be in another city creating chaoes and may be just maybe bragging about it.

  • Curtis Harrison1
    Curtis Harrison1   5 days ago

    If it weren't for the leftist defund the police movement and no or low bail reform this man would have never been able to do this. The prosecutors who purposely allow these people back into the public should face charges of their own. For example knowingly endangering the public.

  • Brett Kramer
    Brett Kramer   5 days ago

    life in prison is not good enough for this monster. This warrants the death penalty plain and simple. No trial straight to the chair or the gallows, nothing less!

  • Holly Mauk
    Holly Mauk   5 days ago

    If they set him free again, the time and place should be broadcast on the major news outlets 48 hours beforehand…….he won’t be a problem after that.