Java Account Move: A Fun Visit from Dinnerbone

  • Published on: 24 November 2021
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? It’s Dinnerbone, with more detailed information about moving your Java account! Find out how to safely move your account, where to find information, and – oh who are we kidding? It’s all about how to get your free cape! Read more here:

    AUDIO DESCRIPTION version is here:
  • Runtime : 2:16


  • Bird Boy
    Bird Boy   1 hours ago

    If your still on the fence on whether or not to switch to bedrock, bedrock edition has much better performance

  • kaeudomt
    kaeudomt   10 hours ago


  • Coolguyx14
    Coolguyx14   21 hours ago

    I wish we got the cape on our bedrock account too

    TEAM MICTER779   1 days ago

    "Sorprenderse, extrañarse, es comenzar a entender".José Ortega y Gasset

  • Ish Robin
    Ish Robin   1 days ago


  • Kynatosh
    Kynatosh   1 days ago

    I will only do it if you guarantee it won't ever be like on bedrock where there can be account-wide bans and microtransactions

  • Scemer 2
    Scemer 2   1 days ago

    it is a matter of time for dinnerbone's scream to become a meme like jeb's

  • K0NAR1K
    K0NAR1K   1 days ago

    Can console players unlock this cape?

  • Furret Shiny
    Furret Shiny   1 days ago

    "And I wanna see the last sun rise"Two thousand years later.

  • Korvexus
    Korvexus   1 days ago

    0:05 Very accurate Minecraft there’s even a diamond house

  • CaptainCat101
    CaptainCat101   2 days ago

    Automatic fail because Dinnerbone isn't upside down

  • Ansam Talib
    Ansam Talib   2 days ago

    this is the only time dinnerbone wasnt acting funny

  • _Babaran _
    _Babaran _   2 days ago

    I can't move my account because I bought another players account from him and I don't have accest to the email itself. What can I do?

  • TimLikesWaffles
    TimLikesWaffles   2 days ago

    I just reaslised that dinnerbones skin looks like walter white from bereaking bad