Plants vs Zombies Mod in Among Us

  • Published on: 13 February 2022
  • We add a Plants vs Zombies mod in Among Us!

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    Mod By DoubleJump

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  • Runtime : 15:26


  • You tube
    You tube   23 hours ago

    Did i hear a robot talking

  • Ariysing Star
    Ariysing Star   1 days ago

    You should do Pokémon! And also I think you should do an ice cream mod! And a pizza mod and a zombie Apocalypse mod!

  • leonard
    leonard   4 days ago

    can you play a plants vs zombies garden warfare mod in among us plz :C

  • Juju Martinez
    Juju Martinez   5 days ago

    You forgot one of the most famous mascot chomper the chomping plant

  • Felicia Woods
    Felicia Woods   5 days ago

    I hope you make some zombie puns that will be funny

  • Nathan Khang
    Nathan Khang   1 weeks ago

    you want to know what plant i eat is your mom

  • Zuleika Luviano
    Zuleika Luviano   1 weeks ago

    Do you Omar about zombies versus plants and this is zombie king you need to kill put organisms can disappear forever and get all your friends back gain any better to what

  • Clara L
    Clara L   1 weeks ago

    Do a pac man one on among us.

  • Big_juan28
    Big_juan28   1 weeks ago

    So ian said if i have ever ate a plant hit the like button and you know how fruits are kinda plants yeah well...I ate a tree

  • XToppa
    XToppa   1 weeks ago

    do the rocket league mod in among us plz :-D

  • CountryBall Gaming
    CountryBall Gaming   1 weeks ago

    Can we just appreciate that lookumz makes A LOT of maps for them to play?

  • PD Bokoshe
    PD Bokoshe   1 weeks ago


  • Tracy Sauso-Bawa
    Tracy Sauso-Bawa   1 weeks ago

    Maybe a zombie Hunter mod in among us And the crewmates are zombies The impostor is the zombie hunter

  • Ruby Kitty
    Ruby Kitty   1 weeks ago

    Can anyone tell me who made this and is there any way to play these mods cause I know for sure I want to play them.