Trying Shein's "PREMIUM" Collection *is it worth it?!*

  • Published on: 12 May 2021
  • We are back at it again with a Shein haul! This time we try their premium line, MOTF. Then, we try Youswim 7 sizes in 1 swimsuit! ►► Subscribe here for more Clevver Style!  ►►
    What We Wore!
    MOTF Premium Wool Oversize Drop Shoulder Sweater -
    MOTF Premium Wool-Blend Houndstooth Scallop Sweater -
    MOTF Premium 100% Cotton Cable-Knit Crop Sweater -
    MOTF Premium Linen Bardot Top & Carrot Pants Set -
    MOTF Premium Flap Pocket Crop Top & Skirt -
    MOTF Premium Eyelet Embroidery Bishop Sleeve Top & Skirt -
    MOTF Premium Cotton Voluminous Sleeve Belted Romper -
    MOTF Premium Textured Tie Front Jumpsuit & Camisole -
    MOTF Premium Linen Utility Romper -
    MOTF Premium Viscose Two Tone Slit Sweater Dress -
    MOTF Premium Ribbed Fitted Open Back Slit Dress -
    MOTF Premium Sequin Belted Wrap Dress -
    MOTF Premium PU Leather Straight High Waist Pants -
    MOTF Premium PU Leather Boxy Ball Sleeve Top -
    MOTF Premium Snakeskin Embossed Bagua Crossbody Bag -
    MOTF Premium Satin Scarf Neck Dress Without Belt -
    MOTF Premium Faux Pearl Beaded Clutch Bag -
    MOTF Premium Tiered Off Shoulder Crop Top -
    MOTF Premium Lace Tassel Detail Maxi Skirt -
    MOTF Premium Gather PU Leather Bag -
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  • Runtime : 19:42
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  • Clevver Style
    Clevver Style   6 months ago

    Which outfit will you be shopping from this episode??

  • virginia garcia
    virginia garcia   2 months ago

    Babe do u want me to put ur music that u 👍 yes 👌 hold on babe

  • crystal Castillo
    crystal Castillo   2 months ago

    I mean as long as She in isn’t using slaves to make these and paying them a livable wage (more than cents and hour) than MAYBE I can support. But, if they are still doing that then ... NOPE

  • Kesha Morning
    Kesha Morning   2 months ago

    That blue dress made me get Princess Ariel vibes

  • Makayla Eldridge
    Makayla Eldridge   3 months ago

    Drew😂omggg with that pink outfit in your wildcard round you look like you should be a golden girl

  • CMF
    CMF   3 months ago

    Please tell me what MOTF stands for. Thanks!

  • Carrie Swank
    Carrie Swank   3 months ago

    That wild card round, wholly crap! Erin looked very Gone With the Wind minus a hoop skirt. Drew’s dress looked like The Golden Girls. And Sinead, poor, poor Sinead; maybe it would’ve been better in a cream or champagne?

  • Jessica Jacobs
    Jessica Jacobs   3 months ago

    Erin looks like little bow peep in the last one!

  • Amanda Sloan
    Amanda Sloan   3 months ago

    Love this vid, but wait….hope I never have to wear another sweater ever again

  • Allie Kitaguchi
    Allie Kitaguchi   4 months ago


  • K
    K   4 months ago

    i can’t get over the fact that y’all literally look good in ANYTHING!!

  • Itswildzy
    Itswildzy   4 months ago

    That white bag at the end look like a baby diaper 😂😭

  • Willow Packer the Storyteller

    I've got to say for that last pink polyester cottage core dress👗. Nothing cottage core should be polyester!!! Ever. I have spoken.

  • Life with Annie
    Life with Annie   5 months ago

    Out of all of them, I love Drew's romper look. Whether styled with a pair of heels like she did, or with running shoes/sandals, it would work either way.I also love Erin's jumper, and her dress is very cottegecore but also Rapunzel which is so cute 🥰

  • Tawnya Erickson
    Tawnya Erickson   5 months ago

    Drew at the end looks like she walked straight out of the golden girls and it's giving me life!

  • Céline S
    Céline S   5 months ago

    You guys need to work on your french pronunciation 😂😝 but as always almost everything looks good 😊🐣

  • scott lockhart
    scott lockhart   5 months ago

    I love when the curse words slip in hear and there on vids

  • ally1786
    ally1786   5 months ago

    I've been having trouble with the audio lately. At the beginning, Erin's audio is not as loud as Sinead and Drew's. But throughout the video it was hard to hear Sinead.

  • Maria Martinez18
    Maria Martinez18   5 months ago

    I just replayed the moment she threw the purse down like 10 times lmao

  • Tami Lee
    Tami Lee   5 months ago


  • Makeup With Smidge
    Makeup With Smidge   5 months ago

    The way you can see that they’re truly friends and that they really know each other!

  • Makeup With Smidge
    Makeup With Smidge   5 months ago

    Lmfao the button holes being too small thing happened to me.My mum ended up cutting my button hole too far and we’ve forgot to sew it back together 😂However she hurt herself whilst doing it but I was so pissed off she went too far and ruined my jacket that at the time I was like “serves you” but now I feel so bad I acted that way >_<

  • Lily Lowe
    Lily Lowe   5 months ago

    Sinead's two-piece set was amazing. It's just perfect for her frame and proportions, and really matches her aesthetic. She always looks gorgeous, but that two-piece really accentuates that. Erin's romper may not be the color for her, but it still looks fantastic on her. The proportions are super flattering, and between the heels and the length it makes her legs look fire. Regarding Drew's outfits, how can you even judge them? I think if I had three wishes, my first wish would to be built like Drew. The fit and quality of the clothes don't seem to matter; she makes the clothes look good. When they do these videos I know everything will look great on her if it's the right size, so I'm more waiting for the day when someone makes something so awful that it actually looks bad on her.

  • Catherine Deller
    Catherine Deller   5 months ago

    "I don't wear a lot of the dresses that other people wear" ...."Yeah you are really unique!!" Savage! xD

  • Kim Barbeau
    Kim Barbeau   5 months ago

    I love cotton clothing, but I wasn't loving those Dr. Huxtable sweaters. Drew's looked cute from the shoulder up.

  • Alex Miller
    Alex Miller   6 months ago

    Eryn and drew look like grandmas in the last outfit. It’s hilarious 😂

  • Luie M
    Luie M   6 months ago

    Let me just come to the defense of Sinead and all other tie dye haters (including myself)That was NOT tie dye!!! That was definitely acid wash, tie dye has a very different look and feeling

  • Justine Trim
    Justine Trim   6 months ago

    The white wildcard bag looks like a shower cap or bonnet ... I am officially done! XD