Can We Style Fashion Nova Men's Clothing?!

  • Published on: 17 February 2021
  • We are taking wearing your boyfriends sweatshirt to the next level! Today we style Fashion Nova clothing from the MEN'S Section! Next, watch us guess Amazon 1 vs 5 star leggings! ►► Subscribe here for more Clevver Style!  ►►

    What We Styled:
    Round 1 – Casual
    Call Him Daddy Embroidered Beanie -
    Sunset Washed Short Sleeve Tee, S -
    Lose Control Skinny Jean, 32 -
    Zane Two Tone Sneaker, 9 -
    Melrose Hoodie, S -
    Melrose Jogger, S -
    Essential Slides, 11 -
    All Nighter Sunglasses -
    NASA Moon Tee, L -
    Essential Denim Woven Top, S -
    Blast Off Socks -
    Zane OG Sneaker, 8 -
    Round 2 – Date Night
    Essential V Neck Tee, S -
    Free Ride Long Sleeve Flannel Top, S -
    Zane Jogger, S -
    What You Said Pom Pom Beanie -
    Zane OG Sneaker, 8 -
    Tyson Hoodie, S -
    Dustin Herringbone Car Coat, S -
    Dank Drawstring Cargo Pants, S -
    Professor Blue Light Glasses -
    Memory Lane Boots, 10 -
    Colin Jogger, S -
    Derrick Curved Hem Pocket Tee, S -
    Hit the Line Bomber Jacket, S -
    Drippin’ in Ice 2 Piece Chain Set -
    Marco Boots, 8 -
    Round 3 – Trendy
    Melrose Jogger, S -
    Melrose Hoodie, S -
    Cobain Denim Jacket, S -
    Zane Solid Sneaker, 8 -
    Instafamous Dad Hat -
    Classic 6mm Square Stud Earring Set -
    See the Poison Cargo Jogger, M -
    All Stripes on Me Short Sleeve Tee, S -
    Said Enough Chain and Watch Boxed Set -
    Zane Solid Sneaker, 10 -
    Tyson Hoodie, S -
    Tyson Jogger, S -
    Derrick Curved Hem Pocket Tee, M -
    Titan Cargo Pocket Puffer Jacket, S -
    Three of a Kind 3 Piece Earring Set -
    Zane Solid Sneaker, 8 -

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  • Runtime : 23:22
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  • Gigi love
    Gigi love   1 months ago

    the guy trends I've seen are neon basketball nikes, denim hoodies, and black skinny denim high rise jeans, with gold chain necklaces and gold ring bands

  • Jenny Martin
    Jenny Martin   2 months ago

    I am so sad that Loren didn't do the pea coat. It would work.

  • Tiphnee Westry
    Tiphnee Westry   2 months ago

    I rewound the intro four times just to watch Drew dance!❤️

  • Reagan Rickey
    Reagan Rickey   2 months ago

    Loryn, Yoggers are already a thing & they’re shorts😂

  • Kirby Kreates
    Kirby Kreates   4 months ago

    I can’t tell if they really did or really didn’t like the dolphin hem shirts, any input? Lol 🤔

  • Fred Freddy
    Fred Freddy   5 months ago

    3 women dressed like 8 year olds telling men how to dress. Worrying.

  • Taylor Grove
    Taylor Grove   7 months ago

    They didn't think about the date night outfit...i would get a oversized button up shirt and wear in with a couple of chains around my waist like the ones men wear on their jeans with the shoes Drew had on like there is an outfit for date night

  • Hani Lami
    Hani Lami   7 months ago

    Man tbh it’s incomplete without drewShe styles them the bestt

  • giu pondchester
    giu pondchester   9 months ago

    For date night i would get a men's oversized button up to use as a dress and a large blazer and just cinch the waist with a belt. Even with men's shoes it would be a total baddie look.

    BRITTANY JOHNSON   9 months ago

    Ladies when buying men shoes go 2 sizes down. So if you're a 9 in women you'll be a 7 in men...(usually)

  • Natasha Graves
    Natasha Graves   9 months ago

    I thought they all did great 😍😍😍 I loved Loryn's first skater look 💛💛💛💛

  • Chisom Anyanwu
    Chisom Anyanwu   9 months ago

    Drew manages to make me burst out laughing all the time. Love you 3

  • Kenli 2602
    Kenli 2602   9 months ago

    22:02 we just not gonna talk about how Sinead "found a hole" in her ear- 😂😂😂

  • Becca Daugherty
    Becca Daugherty   10 months ago

    Omg Lauren that dark lipstick on you is everything

  • BriLexis
    BriLexis   10 months ago

    Loryn in the trendy looks like Alex frkm Julie and the phantoms🤣

  • Loa Lane
    Loa Lane   10 months ago

    Try samthing different like samthing ladylike or chick flick it hurt hi Erick its heather

  • Loa Lane
    Loa Lane   10 months ago

    Try mens pajamas not clothes for touch chicks colin kay its heather want you think

  • Horacia Derrick
    Horacia Derrick   10 months ago

    Really need to know what lipstick is she wearing. Can't remember her name bit she has the blonde hair. Please let me know.💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄😍😍😍

  • reagan michele
    reagan michele   10 months ago

    ok Drew looks AMAZING in that color purple 🤩

  • Kathy Wall
    Kathy Wall   10 months ago

    Drew looks like Bender from The Breakfast Club in her date night outfit... and I’m here for it!!!

  • Mandy G
    Mandy G   10 months ago

    Ladies... mens shoes are not sized like ladies. If you want a mans shoe to fit you go 2 sizes smaller than what you wear in womens. Example... Im a 10 in ladies so in mens I wear an 8

  • miso_ forevermore
    miso_ forevermore   10 months ago

    I would really like to see you'll try on Korean fashion. Not sure if ya'll tried it yet, am new to the channel and I've just watched a few videos...

  • Erika
    Erika   11 months ago

    the lipstick Loryn was wearing while shopping for the clothes on her phone looked GORGEOUS on her!!!!! omggg

  • Fiona Stenton
    Fiona Stenton   11 months ago

    I would totally want to see you guys style clothes from the disney store

  • MinnesotanSyrup
    MinnesotanSyrup   11 months ago

    Am I the only one that doesn't like the dolphin hem trend?

  • seaweedsara
    seaweedsara   11 months ago

    Loved Lauryn's makeup while they were shopping. All the outfits looked so good on all three of you. I love your videos.

  • Jade Love
    Jade Love   11 months ago

    Omgggggg Sinead date night outfit!? I bought it all besides the necklace and shoes lol. Damn that girls style is fire!

  • Méi
    Méi   11 months ago


  • Monisha
    Monisha   11 months ago

    Makeup look on loryn was when they did that make up video