Was Paul Pierce Justified For Being Fired By ESPN?

  • Published on: 06 April 2021
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  • nottys92
    nottys92   2 days ago

    Charlemagne hit it on the head - ESPN = Disney

  • CJ Johnson
    CJ Johnson   1 weeks ago

    Donkey of the day for losing his job for posting a video no one cares about and being fired on his day off!

  • D.
    D.   1 weeks ago

    Call HimWhy Jesus called a man a (FOOL). You made the $$$ now keep some for yourself. Check out your mind not the other man.🤔🤗

  • Sitha Mvumvu
    Sitha Mvumvu   1 weeks ago

    My thaughts: It's a soft compromise and the regulators know it. If they felt that he was not not expandable they were not going to fire him.

  • Gordon Cooper
    Gordon Cooper   2 weeks ago

    What he did was stupid when you have a high profile job and you do something like that is stupidity.

  • JAX Jr
    JAX Jr   2 weeks ago

    Paul Pierce just had a numb moment......numb and dumb!!!!😁😁🤮🤪😝😬💯🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Kelly Prince
    Kelly Prince   2 weeks ago

    Ok since CTG keep talking about he is 43 ears old and shouldn't be acting like that, then why is he wearing hoodies and skinny jeans and talking about artist half his age!!!!!! Moral of the story is 40 plus ain''t old like that and he didn't do shit wrong.

  • Think aboutit
    Think aboutit   2 weeks ago

    You guys failed English. The question is actually: Was ESPN justified in firing Paul Pierce?

  • MR GUNNA74
    MR GUNNA74   2 weeks ago

    Why it's so hard for my black people get along and get this money together

  • HoG Carter
    HoG Carter   2 weeks ago

    He gone be bike on ESPN after it blowz over Paul good 👍

  • Og Stuart
    Og Stuart   2 weeks ago

    To me it doesn't matter if he cared or not he's sitting in never got fired for something that millions of people do they got things on TV kids can see you know me he's he's a Human Being Human people make mistakes and he's still human no matter is the billionaire or he's a ball player he's a soccer player base with people make mistakes man all out through life in one mistake caused them his job come on that's what's wrong with the world they forget these guys the human to the human beings like anybody else and everybody on Earth make mistakes it ain't like you went out and shot somebody I killed somebody a rob somebody but a good time on a Friday or Saturday night are we know if he posted that somebody else could have posted it

  • shaka deveaux
    shaka deveaux   3 weeks ago

    I still believe he only got fired cuz the strippers were visable n a dude asked for Rachel nickles

  • Mark Olson
    Mark Olson   3 weeks ago

    You keep saying they did nothing illeagle wich is hilarious, now i dont no were they were at so maybe the pot isnt illeagel,but strippers ,and gambling is and he flaunted it he should keep that stuff private like most intelligent people would

  • James Bush
    James Bush   3 weeks ago

    Of course someone brings the race card smdh

  • Dave Clark
    Dave Clark   3 weeks ago

    Paul was due to be in ESPN studios on Monday, where they have very strict covid-19 protocals in place. Two nights prior, Paul was partying on IG Live with strippers during a Pandemic. That's justified and Pierce was expendable.

  • T Martin
    T Martin   3 weeks ago

    This shit don’t matter he’s fired so what the man worth 70 million or more

  • XPN Sid
    XPN Sid   4 weeks ago

    Getting pay off by your employer is the best feeling. They fired him on they own will. If he would have broke the rule and then got fired he could lose benefits but now get everything.

  • Marco
    Marco   4 weeks ago

    How he going to tell folks how to be 43?

  • datfever5kate
    datfever5kate   1 months ago

    All dez rappers ova 40 do the same shit, i dont see the problem

  • otisls
    otisls   1 months ago

    Discretion is the better part of valor!

  • Kevin Hemans
    Kevin Hemans   1 months ago

    Paul does not care!!! He is set for life money wise!! So what!!!!

  • Lots Hario
    Lots Hario   1 months ago

    I have said it before an I'll say it again, Envy may be the dumbest individual on the airways.

  • Melanie Whaley
    Melanie Whaley   1 months ago

    Sure he signed an employment contract where there is a clause stating what a fireable offense is.

  • Carlos Ortiz
    Carlos Ortiz   1 months ago

    What example is Paul Pierce setting for his kids? His old ass shouldn't have posted that video, even though he was doing nothing wrong, but c'mon man use your common sense

  • Lexi Lexx
    Lexi Lexx   1 months ago

    I feel like he was fired too quickly. They should have given him a chance to apologize like they do with “OTHER” people with “scandals”z

  • Rob collette
    Rob collette   1 months ago

    Disney has no moral authority over Paul Pierce. The super rich corporation pays thousands in this country non livable shit wages. Making their products in China for decades has helped the PRC communist party through their labor practices. Peckerwoods Galore.

  • vegastjg
    vegastjg   1 months ago

    The Truth aint worried about losing a job at 43 after making millions in the NBA.

  • Junia Stainbank
    Junia Stainbank   1 months ago

    God, that caption is just so wrong I don't even know where to start.

  • Core Hibb
    Core Hibb   1 months ago

    Yee 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 She funnnnyyyyy.. lol

  • Nzeme Nkwelle
    Nzeme Nkwelle   1 months ago

    Bruh to do what how CTG...he can do anything period! Is ESPN all he can do what you talking about CTG???

  • Nzeme Nkwelle
    Nzeme Nkwelle   1 months ago

    ESPN is too old to be on IG lmao...I AGREE FRFR

  • jordan gaines
    jordan gaines   1 months ago

    No because Marv Albert the sports broadcaster got caught up in some freaky s***

    NKOSI STRAIN BULLIES   1 months ago

    I'm forty and the word for telling all ya biz was called flossing. Showing what you got who you doing and what you doing.

  • 9Ether MediaGroup
    9Ether MediaGroup   1 months ago

    Lol how can Paul be justified in his own firing? Lol the title of this video needs some work.

  • D.
    D.   1 months ago

    Stop working, in a country that don't give a damn about you. Money will not buy you happiness.Ass...