The Main Character of Dream SMP

  • Published on: 28 February 2021
  • technoblade tries to cope with the realization that he is a side character

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    "The Happiest Days" by J.F. Gloss
  • Runtime : 12:29
  • Minecraft Technoblade Technothepig Hypixel


  • Angel ???
    Angel ???   51 minuts ago

    The foreshadowing of techno’s grave is actually Ramboo’s grave

  • JackAttack
    JackAttack   2 hours ago

    techno: drops gold blocks instead of dirtme: WHY???at: 11:01

  • The Wok Xina
    The Wok Xina   4 hours ago

    +15 social credit score if you sub to technoblade

  • Jack'o lantern
    Jack'o lantern   5 hours ago

    He is gonna revive from the dead learn all the ability he couldn't use

  • SoulyMeme
    SoulyMeme   6 hours ago

    Fast forward : Ranboo's Dead

  • Chaowos
    Chaowos   6 hours ago

    If they can't afford cake, why don't they eat cake?

  • ohsage
    ohsage   8 hours ago

    “the main character of dream smp”9 months later: dies

  • Ninjabird 21
    Ninjabird 21   10 hours ago

    If I had a nickel for every main character die I have two nickels

  • Rhenz Gian Virtudazo
    Rhenz Gian Virtudazo   15 hours ago

    Ranboo is kinda look like king multiverse sans king multiverse sans is a king and ranboo has a crown

  • Cookie 123
    Cookie 123   18 hours ago

    Main character but died in the lore lmao/j

  • Serenity Kensington
    Serenity Kensington   22 hours ago

    Think it’s funny but kakashi was never the cool sensei it was jiraya dhdhdhd and he died

  • Lolly Fit
    Lolly Fit   23 hours ago


  • Oeds Vlogt
    Oeds Vlogt   1 days ago

    Kakashi did die but he was too cool so he came back but jiraiya did die sooooooooooooooooo

  • localvoid
    localvoid   1 days ago

    It's funny how ranboo the "main character" died recently

  • Renzo Chavez
    Renzo Chavez   1 days ago

    technoblade a anyoning child is in afront of him "techno so we blew it up

  • Gaming Animation
    Gaming Animation   1 days ago

    Can ranboo teleport and he is an enderman so he can teleport to the end and get op stuff

  • Nightmare
    Nightmare   1 days ago

    Technoblade dieing is like no lure on the dream smp it is wrong

  • Just That Red Rose
    Just That Red Rose   1 days ago

    turns out it wasnt technos grave thats why the proportions are like that

  • Eric Spitler
    Eric Spitler   1 days ago

    When did tommy have more subs than techno

  • priya raman
    priya raman   2 days ago

    Little did thay know that ranboo dies in the season finally

  • artiro
    artiro   2 days ago

    the sensei always dieswell that didn’t age well

  • Alexej Reifer
    Alexej Reifer   2 days ago

    Techno thinks that zero main characters are strong at first but Goku could destroy the entire planet when he was 18

  • TheMeatBal
    TheMeatBal   2 days ago

    Fruitberries should be a part of the dream SMP.

  • Ren
    Ren   2 days ago

    "I'm gonna die real fast." Little did techno know.. it was actually the other way around!! - insert dramatic music here-