Larry Bird ("Put Some Respect on Larry Bird's Name") NBA Legends

  • Published on: 23 October 2019
  • It's just nutts to me how people act like Bird wasn't the best small forward ever by far!!! Bird is underrated believe it or not...he was an innovator at the position in many ways but as the years go by people tend to forget or haven't done they're homework and just talk gibberish like Bird wouldn't average 35 pts 13 reb and 11 ast per game (year in year out) with these rules today come on....STOP IT! There are only a hand full of players today that would persevere under those old stressful conditions back when it was more for the love of the game than "The Bag" My Dudes Bird is a Basketball God of the highest power and don't you forget it!
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  • Face PC Gaming
    Face PC Gaming   7 months ago

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  • marcos laureano
    marcos laureano   1 weeks ago

    I always tell people that when God made Michael Jordan, he took Larry Bird, gave him a 48 inch vert and amazing athleticism and made him black.

  • jhoseph Levy
    jhoseph Levy   2 weeks ago

    Lebron vs Larry. Lebron Athletic Blames teammates = Bird wins Clutch helps make Teammates

  • Joe Yamaoyaji
    Joe Yamaoyaji   1 months ago

    It was pretty ugly so much was made of the Isaiah Thomas comment.

  • John Shields
    John Shields   1 months ago

    The king's of sports are the guys that are great but also make their teammates play great as well. Bird, Magic, Montana, Jordan, Gretzky , and number one of all time Mr. Brady. Period.

  • John Shields
    John Shields   1 months ago

    How's this for accomplishments , before Birds time, Bill Russell and the Celtics had a stretch of 11 NBA championships in 14 years c'mon.

  • John Shields
    John Shields   1 months ago

    Bird, Mchale, and the Chief Robert Parish , best front three of all time, in their prime.

  • F1rst World NomaD
    F1rst World NomaD   1 months ago

    I would guess Im one of very few guys who actually believe Isiah.At the very least I dont think he ment it, either he was joking or he was just talking shit as you do in high stakes competitions.First of all, if he meant it that would mean Isiah himself admits to getting absolutely destroyed but "just another black guy on countless occasions.Thats severely discrediting himself which makes no sense.He also openly admits later on that Larry is a top tier talent.That seems like a bit much if he didnt actually think so, he couldve gone with half the praise and gotten away with it if he was just trying to downplay his own comment.Isiah was a combative little fakker and I highly doubt that was restricted to on court behavior.Im not some massive fan of Isiah or anything, I just look at what really happened and try to draw the most logical conclusion from it and from what this looks like, I dont think that was a comment Isiah actually meant or believed in.He was just trashing one of his biggest adversaries cuz thats what you do... or did back then atleast

  • Charles Allen
    Charles Allen   1 months ago

    29:15 There is a lot of c🦝nery going on this segment. Thomas and Rodman knew exactly what they were saying. This was in the the Rodman movie it's always frustrating when you lose. Bird is a top ten player of all time. With all dude respect to Rodman sportsmanship doesn't make you a better player.

  • Dorothy CSki
    Dorothy CSki   1 months ago

    If Isaiah Thomas was white.He would be Beat Red. They schooled for you sure.Cause he was Singing a Different Song . I'm a kiss that bootie, you heard, I'm a kiss that bootie. Mr Byrd .

  • timokk3
    timokk3   2 months ago

    Awesome collection of vintage footage...Great effort, Gamer....Thanks...

  • Ronald Clatterbuck
    Ronald Clatterbuck   2 months ago

    Great video....He was the best ever...The only guy that I have ever seen the opposing team cheering for him..Atlanta...Never ever have I seen that..falling off the bench and high fiving each other for the guy that's kicking your are cheering him on..unbelievable...The will never see that again..only LARRY LEGEND....#33

  • Andrew David
    Andrew David   3 months ago

    Odin has a chair in Valhalla reserved Larry Bird, the Viking Berserker God of Clutch Basketball.

  • Sean
    Sean   3 months ago

    Worst ending I've ever seen!!!! Mean it!. So I believe abusive Isaiah (abuser) & Freakshow Rodman?

  • John Paul Mc Donnell
    John Paul Mc Donnell   3 months ago

    Man the way Kareem speaks of Bird should tell you everything you need to know. As a overall player Bird would always be the 1st name on my fantasy draft.

  • rlmz00
    rlmz00   3 months ago

    Bird needs respect put on his name?! When players like Jordan say he was the best ever at his position.....not to mention the countless other greats who sing his praises....many saying they'd take him over much more respect can you put on a guys name?! Anyone who doesn't know about Bird isn't a real fan of the game. Also Bird and Magic had perhaps the biggest impact on the making the NBA the massively popular sport it became.

  • Eric Lock
    Eric Lock   3 months ago

    His nickname that Michael Jordan refers to him with says it all...Larry LEGEND

  • Jd Haynes
    Jd Haynes   3 months ago

    the blatant racism of some the black people...

  • Alliena Wymore Gartzke
    Alliena Wymore Gartzke   3 months ago

    Players today get a hang nail and have to be pulled out of the game. Players today would never match up to the players in the 80's and 90's

  • Angie Berry
    Angie Berry   3 months ago

    That’s why nobody likes Isiah Thomas and he doesn’t get the credit he should.

  • michael doughty
    michael doughty   4 months ago

    Lose the hideous music at the start man. Keep everything else.

  • Roma Robbins
    Roma Robbins   4 months ago

    I’m so glad I am old enough to have watched Larry Bird and the best of the NBA play. Today’s game is boring by comparison. Sorry.

  • Rick Lewis
    Rick Lewis   4 months ago

    La new nickname is called "takeoff"

  • Teed Epefanio
    Teed Epefanio   4 months ago

    Larry is such a ball-breaker... lol.. i think, after actually hearing his response to Isaiah Thomas' jabs, other people were simply making drama... remember, Larry is a world class smack-talker. Believe he can take it... one of the toughest to play the game, in the toughest era of the game.. real talk.

  • Dr. Hawk Raps
    Dr. Hawk Raps   5 months ago

    I like to think of "the Mt Rushmore of..." for stuff like this. Hard to argue that Larry wouldn't get to the mountain top.

  • Shota Toriumi
    Shota Toriumi   6 months ago

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  • Max Brazil
    Max Brazil   6 months ago

    There's a chair in Valhalla reserved for Larry Bird, the Viking Berserker God of Basketball.

  • Think Civil
    Think Civil   6 months ago

    Sadly, the game has changed and is no longer as physical as it was back during this era. If you look at someone wrong in todays game they call a foul. That's not taking anything away from the great players of today, but I think basketball would be greater if they played old school rules. The players would adjust and it would make for a much more entertaining game.

  • William Smith
    William Smith   6 months ago

    Lots of good work. Better to cut the cussing for younger kids

  • Allan Hugo
    Allan Hugo   6 months ago

    I don't think we will ever see anyone like him again. With what God give him he made the most of it. He wasn't the fastest, quickest or tallest, just the smartest basketball IQ ever who played the game! Thank you Larry I will always treasure you! Though I never personally met you.

    OPERATION POPEYE   6 months ago

    When someone says "put some respect on XYZ's name", I never quite understood what that meant? How should I accomplish that, do I spread it on like peanut butter to a piece of bread? Oh well, illiterates trying to wax ceremoniously is always fascinating to observe.

  • Michael Vukovic
    Michael Vukovic   6 months ago

    19:50 What kind statement is that...? I've heard a million things about Bird, but underrated has never been one of them.

  • Daniel Lang
    Daniel Lang   7 months ago

    I moved to Boston late in 1982. While not being a huge B B fan , I started watching a game at the pub. I noticed people there were crazy about sports so I asked the guy next to me whatever happened to that curly haired blonde guy from Indiana named Bird? I said I watched him in college ball and he could shoot from anywhere on the court. The man replied, “look up, we got him”. I enjoyed 10 years of Celtic greatness and still have yet to see a BB player play with all of his heart like Larry Bird. Still my favorite of all time.

  • Cody Thompson
    Cody Thompson   7 months ago

    It sucks but I feel like praising Bird’s greatness is similar to praising Eminem where it must be because I’m white. Not even a Eminem fan but to say the guy isn’t talented is ridiculous. Bird is a beast, crazy to think he had a major injury to derail his career. Maybe not the most athletic guy on the court but was so damn crafty that it didn’t matter, which to me is the only legitimate comparison to Luka.