• Published on: 04 August 2021
  • Amazing Shots of Dc Extended Universe

    Music : #1 JoslinMusic - Man of Steel Theme - Hans
    Zimmer cover
    #2 Je suis Parte - Beautiful Lie - BATMAN v SUPERMAN :
    Dawn of Justice // EPIC COVER
    #3 Samuel Kim Music - Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer
    #4 Krutikov Music - Flash Theme | At The Speed Of Force
    | Zack Snyder's Justice League | EPIC CINEMATIC VERSION

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  • Runtime : 10:35
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  • Amazing Shots
    Amazing Shots   2 months ago

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  • SlenderScarf335
    SlenderScarf335   1 weeks ago

    DCEU:1- Zack Snyder’s Justice League2- Batman V Superman (Ultimate Edition)3- Man Of Steel4- Wonder Woman5- Shazam!6- The Suicide Squad7- Aquaman8- Wonder Woman 19879- Birds of Prey10- Suicide Squad

  • Jose Emilio Heredia Casillas

    Wonder woman Wonder woman 1984Man of steel Batman vs Superman dawn of justice Suicide squad Birds of prey Aquaman Justice league Zack synder's justice league JokerShazam The suicide squad

  • Bradley S
    Bradley S   2 weeks ago

    If only WB realised that there was absolutely NO need to rush the Cinematic universe especially the justice league to compete with Avengers and should have played it out how Zack Snyder and other directors would have liked, Fleshed out movies, and development with quality over quantity without studio restrictions. I still like the DCEU but the potential just makes me sad

  • Abram Sullivan
    Abram Sullivan   3 weeks ago

    Hopefully you'll do amazing shots of The Clone Wars.

  • imran
    imran   3 weeks ago

    The only moment I hated in this whole video 7:41

  • kragh
    kragh   3 weeks ago

    You will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun, Kal. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders

  • SnivyLink
    SnivyLink   4 weeks ago

    I recently got into the MCU and while it’s an amazing connected universe , i don’t think there’s one shot in any of their movies comparable to any of these. It’s one of the reasons I wasn’t ever drawn to their movies.

  • G-Max
    G-Max   1 months ago

    My favorite DC extended universe movies 1: Man of steel2: Batman V Superman 3: Wonder Woman4: Justice league (main version, not Zack Snyder cut)5: Aquaman6: Shazam!

  • black man
    black man   1 months ago

    a lot of these shots are great but personally i fuckin hate how zach snyder shoots a conversation in a small room. it’s just desaturated and bland as hell. the rest of his shots are great tho.

  • kallisto666
    kallisto666   1 months ago

    Playstation Showcase 2021 intro may have been inspired by your video .. good work anyway !!

  • Moe
    Moe   1 months ago

    I just realized the cool transition of the fire going on to Superman’s mother then the water going off of mera (I might have spelled her name wrong)

  • Ben Richardson
    Ben Richardson   1 months ago

    The story of the mcu will always be much better in my opinionBut the cinematography/the craft of the dceu is something quite unique.

  • jokes on you
    jokes on you   1 months ago

    When blue Monday start video goes to peak

  • Kumail Ali Masjide
    Kumail Ali Masjide   1 months ago

    Common DC Fandome 2021 , please AT & T WB tell us for fuck sake that you would #RESTORETHESNYDERVERSE make it run parallel to your stellar grand idea of DC Multiverse. How is it difficult to do it?!Should be a simple cakewalk 🦇🦸‍♂️⚡🤡👽🤖🧜‍♂️♂️👸👺

  • Jay
    Jay   1 months ago

    Zack Snyder movies are the textbook defintion of style over substance. The guy really should've been a cinematographer, not a director. We could've had so many good-looking movies that weren't dogshite at everything else.

  • Kongi 콩기
    Kongi 콩기   1 months ago

    WB needs to stop trying to follow Disney/Marvel and just lean on this diversity of themes/colors/tone. It's a multiverse set up without a multiverse movie (yet).

  • David Kosiba
    David Kosiba   1 months ago

    The music is exactly what this video deserve , imo the MoS/BvS/Snyder Cut soundtracks are the best ever made in comic book movies, this is one of the best video I have ever seen hands down

  • NMJK
    NMJK   1 months ago

    Brainless people won't understand the beauty of the dark 🖤🖤🖤

  • Sunny Samson
    Sunny Samson   1 months ago

    We live where dc is hated for not being marvel

  • Jhair Ramos Rojas
    Jhair Ramos Rojas   1 months ago

    Nice video friend, but this video is about the DCEU and the Snyder cut movie is not part of the DCEU or its soundtracks but is a universe of its own called Snydervers, so I ask you to make another video but this time adds to the 2017 Justice League movie including its soundtrack because this is canon and part of the DCEU.

  • Arcqui
    Arcqui   1 months ago

    I really love the DCEU for it's artistic diversity.And I know that people will say "bUt ThErE tRyInG tO cOpY mArVeL nOw !" and I will say you completly wrong here.A "Marvel like" is not just being just colorful and fun. (even tho most of MCU are...pretty dark at moment.)What make a "Marvel like" is that :-It doesn't take his concept seriously and have a BUNCH of cynical jokes (like : "lol i'm fighting robot army in a flying city with just bow and arrows, that doesn't make sense lolilol". - Hawkeye)-It's appealing to mass audience and generaly cut the emotional moment with a joke.-And doesn't assume that it's a comic book movie.And all of this is why the Josstice League (even tho is NOT even the Josh Wedhon's cut...yeah yeah, believe me) and Suicide Squad 2016 is bad (or pretty bad) because it as (practicly) all of this in it.But in the other hand with have :-WW84 and Aquaman who assume the comicbooky and fantasy aspect.-Shazam who make humour but for the sake of the story and caracthers.-Bird of Prey who assum the wackyness of Harley and doesn't make cynical joke about his univers.-The Suicide Squad 2021 who (mostly) assume his genres inspirations.-Snyder Cut (and the Snyder trilogy) who just assume their bold ideas and mythological aspect.And all of that with more artistic liberty and vision than the MCU.But all of this for saying that, NO ! Don't bring back the SnyderVerse !Thath could kill all the artistic vision and diversity that the DCEU has.But...that just my opinion.Insult me if you want.

    RR ENTERTAINMENT   1 months ago

    If MCU gives a chance to make a movie by Zack , I will be happy

  • Percussive Nerdisms
    Percussive Nerdisms   2 months ago

    I'm at the point where I just start crying at this initial Superman theme. It's so damn powerful and full of overbearingly uplifting energy. Thank you Hans, Zack and Debbie.