2021 NBA All-Star Draft - Team LeBron vs Team Durant - Inside The NBA

  • Published on: 05 March 2021
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  • Runtime : 15:15
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  • Zam Zam
    Zam Zam   3 hours ago

    Well they don't want Ben Simmons nomo...

  • James ✔
    James ✔   7 hours ago

    Kenny " BACK IN THE DMV 🏛 " Smith

  • De Koded
    De Koded   13 hours ago

    We all know who drafted lebrons mom

  • 4matiC
    4matiC   14 hours ago

    Guess what?. Now nobody wants Ben Simmons now

  • Jameson.95
    Jameson.95   1 days ago

    Lebron still got Gobert tho, he kinda finessed KD if he wanted Gobert

  • cojack indy
    cojack indy   2 days ago

    Lebron: I choose lugentz dort from the ocean thunder Giannis: that's a good pick

  • cojack indy
    cojack indy   2 days ago

    Bron literally took my top 5 players in the nba on his starters

  • Abdullahi Nur
    Abdullahi Nur   3 days ago

    Everyone coming back to this vid cuz the jazz disrespect was right 😂

  • qahoe curie
    qahoe curie   3 days ago

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  • Prezdoni
    Prezdoni   4 days ago


  • R Louis
    R Louis   4 days ago

    Utah is a sorry ass team

  • Brayan Miguel Perez Liquidano

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  • Daniel Hiltz
    Daniel Hiltz   1 weeks ago

    Lebron: * drafts Giannis *Giannis somewhere across the country: That’s a great pick

  • Lorrita xavier
    Lorrita xavier   1 weeks ago

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  • Ameya Pathak
    Ameya Pathak   1 weeks ago

    Giannis had a more competitive team than KD

  • fousseymon play
    fousseymon play   1 weeks ago

    Lebron: with my third pi-Giannis : thats a great pick

  • Saurya Patel
    Saurya Patel   1 weeks ago

    If I were to choose, I’d just see who has a better overall in that years 2k and then choose him

  • Darren Cicala
    Darren Cicala   2 weeks ago

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  • Parker Essential
    Parker Essential   2 weeks ago

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  • Cheyenne Göron
    Cheyenne Göron   2 weeks ago

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  • M K
    M K   2 weeks ago

    They did this on purpose to put Giannis with Lebron

  • fefeu jocae
    fefeu jocae   2 weeks ago

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  • The Remedy®
    The Remedy®   2 weeks ago

    KD being the first time captain when lebron says something like "that's a great pick" durant be like hmmm i know i choose the best😂 lol

  • Bark
    Bark   2 weeks ago

    Looking back at this does nobody realize LeBrons starting 5 is all top 5 for MVP voting the only person missing is Joel Embiid

  • Aveed Maroofi
    Aveed Maroofi   3 weeks ago

    We all know that the first pick for team lebron was gonna be giannis.

  • Christopher Gaines
    Christopher Gaines   3 weeks ago

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  • Yen Pham
    Yen Pham   3 weeks ago

    Yay finally the all star drafts

  • Skip Ads
    Skip Ads   1 months ago

    He is a genius GM. 😅 Forces Durant to think about and messes up completely.

  • Aveed Maroofi
    Aveed Maroofi   1 months ago

    The first pick for team lebron was one of the best picks.

  • lakers fan
    lakers fan   1 months ago

    do you guys happen to know why nba all-star wear their own team jersey's without all-star jersey during 1997-2002 season?if knowing, please reply.

  • Jor-El Payne
    Jor-El Payne   1 months ago

    back here after chris paul is getting talks for mvp, chuck might have been the first to call it lol (its clearly joker tho, all respect to the point god)