DAYCARE Imposter Mod in Among Us

  • Published on: 22 March 2021
  • We added a DAYCARE Imposter Mod in Among Us

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  • Runtime : 15:4


  • Kat jax
    Kat jax   1 days ago

    my mother across the room: *puts in laundry*SSundee: A BABY JUST DIEDMy mother in my room hanging the clothes up: … what are you watching darlingMe: among uMy mother still standing in my room: what- I told you not to watch murdering games?Me: uh um can I finish this vi-My mother now standing in the hallway: NO!SSundee: why did u kill them dadaMy mother: EY iM GONNA TAKE THAT IPAD AWAYMe: NOOuUiOoOoO

  • BL4Z3
    BL4Z3   1 days ago

    SSundee:if you cringe at all during this video, click the like button.Me(without watching yet):*clicks like button

  • Xee Lao
    Xee Lao   1 days ago


  • Future Runner
    Future Runner   4 days ago

    Parents: were good parents Babys are all dead

  • Jace Widener
    Jace Widener   4 days ago

    The part of the video so I don't know I might get the kind

  • wild Siblings
    wild Siblings   4 days ago

    He heard about the Nerf gun in anime in a mango

  • wild Siblings
    wild Siblings   4 days ago

    Mrs actually ridiculous and why do the babies have to die

  • Rasqberry
    Rasqberry   6 days ago

    Anyone noticed the code is SUNDEE

  • Tianicorn
    Tianicorn   6 days ago

    whos your daddy game in among us?.....

  • Troy Johnston
    Troy Johnston   6 days ago

    I’ll remember this I think who did it is sud but who did the force

  • Emily Coates
    Emily Coates   1 weeks ago

    What if the parents just hold one baby until the game is over because ALL the babies have to die?

  • FrogBot
    FrogBot   1 weeks ago

    Ah yes the “light switch>outlet”

  • pink pumma
    pink pumma   1 weeks ago

    man taking care of that many babies must be hard for a single mom

  • Bea Nguyen
    Bea Nguyen   1 weeks ago

    Ssundee:”bAbY bAbY oHhhhH”Me*YES LAUGH*

  • kostas xaralampous
    kostas xaralampous   2 weeks ago

    The babies were still Funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂