20 Fortnite SECRETS & LEAKS!

  • Published on: 31 October 2021
  • 20 Fortnite SECRETS & LEAKS!
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    Bird https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kJkm6wpgMM

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    15 SECRET Fortnite MYTHS Busted!


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  • Runtime : 8:56
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  • Titanium_452
    Titanium_452   8 hours ago

    The cube queen is like the human vers of Ultron 😂😂

  • Dallas Sanders
    Dallas Sanders   3 days ago

    I think peely froze and will be a skin in this upcoming winter fest just a theory a theory hint fortnite

  • TheInfamousIdot
    TheInfamousIdot   1 months ago

    What's the point of the grotto sinking if it didn't even make a return? Like not even a single reference on the new map either

  • hagoo
    hagoo   1 months ago

    But i killed a shark yesterday

  • Xeno The Loner
    Xeno The Loner   1 months ago

    3:25 :Finally I can't shoot at people without also being forced to rent a hotel room in the process

  • Xeno The Loner
    Xeno The Loner   1 months ago

    Him: blackhole will returnMe, a Xenomorph floating in the middle of the ocean: your sure bout that bud?

  • Dragonwatcher 99
    Dragonwatcher 99   1 months ago

    7:29 ur I used sharks last week sooo either they weren't removed or they were quickly added back

  • Aidan_the_gamer
    Aidan_the_gamer   1 months ago

    I’m watching this ahead of hand and I’m thinking epic games have already announced we are entering chapter 3 and we’re only two days away

  • SimiNT
    SimiNT   1 months ago

    So next chapter the pool thing will be empty?

  • flqwsome
    flqwsome   1 months ago

    1:20 Well that was a lie.

  • fabtube
    fabtube   1 months ago

    Sharks are always at the ends of the map i used 1 today

  • The plushvengers
    The plushvengers   1 months ago

    Anyone watching this a month late thinking about when we didn’t have this stuff and how we thought we had to kill a naruto boss to get kunai

  • Wolfkid
    Wolfkid   1 months ago

    I saw a shark at misty meadows

  • Vanno
    Vanno   1 months ago

    I’ve had it before

  • stacey jo'e
    stacey jo'e   1 months ago

    When I went to Arianna Grande as scorpion She said Stay safe will you

  • The Boring Fella
    The Boring Fella   1 months ago

    HAVE A GREAT DAY! Dont forget to like this video 👍🏻 Now is the time to go and subscribe to this channel 😇🏆💯

  • Khalif Stigler
    Khalif Stigler   1 months ago

    1:15 oh no not that again that took so many days to you know

  • Elias Thulstrup Nielsen

    Once i build a brick wall because someone was shooting me and there randomly were a gnome in it 😂😂😂

  • GNX_Se3ker
    GNX_Se3ker   1 months ago

    Are the alive mushrooms rare? Bc one game I found 2 alive mushrooms

  • pawel
    pawel   1 months ago

    never got grotto sadly :(

  • Silver Cobra
    Silver Cobra   1 months ago

    They said that rideable mechs would come to the map and boom, the mechs are back

  • BSTW TV14
    BSTW TV14   1 months ago

    If chapter 3 has paradise palms then it’s a w season

  • LegoJoe
    LegoJoe   1 months ago

    Nobody:Me: already knowing about the secret chest because of the visualize sound effects setting