minecraft but we cyberbully a small child (SMP Earth)

  • Published on: 27 December 2019
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    "Evening Melodrama" by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)
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  • Runtime : 15:54
  • Minecraft Technoblade Technothepig Hypixel SMP Earth SMPEarth Technoblade SMP Earth Antarctic Empire SMP Earth Antarctic Empire SMPEarth Technoblade SMPEarth Antarctic Empire


  • Technoblade
    Technoblade   1 years ago

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  • Miyuki_Krystal
    Miyuki_Krystal   19 hours ago

    “I’m like Batman! Except I have parents”Me : “This is where I watched my parents die… Parappa… This is where you watched your parents die. OPPS OPPS!”

  • JLmor831
    JLmor831   5 days ago

    Out of all 34 of my friends…I’m the best PVPerBut Technoblade is OUT OF THIS WORLD1v1 ME TECHNOBLADE I’m kidding…..blood for the blood god

  • Mnmncookies
    Mnmncookies   1 weeks ago

    "now i've betrayed you" best line of the video, gotta love charlie

  • John Williamson
    John Williamson   1 weeks ago

    Quick question, if techno bullies orphans then how does he feel about batman

  • WaterNinja
    WaterNinja   2 weeks ago

    One of the clips where the youtooz was was my old HOUSE

  • Lazy
    Lazy   2 weeks ago

    "Im like batman but i still have parents"

  • marshen 101
    marshen 101   2 weeks ago

    I just thought about it. How much stronger would technoblade get if he was an orphan. Like batman

  • Depressed Dice
    Depressed Dice   3 weeks ago

    "attempted murder isn't a thing"Yea, just because i left a guy with no arms and a gun wound in a ditch doesn't mean i should go to jail, it was ATTEMPTED MURDER, i didn't fully murder him so i'll be going now

  • Himitsu Senpai
    Himitsu Senpai   3 weeks ago

    can we just talk about how Phil just casually used grass to get back on the bridge

  • Ariel Ojeda
    Ariel Ojeda   3 weeks ago

    please tommy’s voice is so high 😭✋🏼

  • Pixel Banana
    Pixel Banana   3 weeks ago

    6:37 Techno actually watching wilbur and tommy fight like they're his younger siblings

  • jay quickblade
    jay quickblade   1 months ago

    Tommy really be like "We can talk this out, im only here to kill one of your founding members"

  • ZAkK999 FF
    ZAkK999 FF   1 months ago

    If you see this in the newest,then you are a______?

  • Alt 1
    Alt 1   1 months ago

    "you're a mercenary you kill people for money""I don't kill anyone""yeah because you're a bad mercenary"

  • Cotton_cloud
    Cotton_cloud   1 months ago

    Am I a psychopath here's why I am questioningI am eating nerds candy right normal then I tell you that I'm imagining that their haters of youtubers I like (including technoblade) is that weird????

  • Mehdi da boss
    Mehdi da boss   1 months ago

    Tommy: the great technoblade warTechno: bullying a child

  • friendsza
    friendsza   1 months ago

    "see that black sheep?"shoots the sheepoh boy im betting twitters gonna have a fun one with that

  • Andri
    Andri   1 months ago

    Technoblade's face looks awfully like omori in the thumbnail

  • stinbray 11
    stinbray 11   1 months ago

    nobody:techno: "several grown men working together to drop kick a small child"

  • PutridMilk
    PutridMilk   1 months ago

    For those of you who didn't know these videos were a distraction during the Great Potato Wars to throw Squid Kid off track

  • TheDunno
    TheDunno   1 months ago

    What’s up guys, today I kidnapped children and forced them to grow potatoes non stop for a year