24 Minecraft Features That Are "Under Review"

  • Published on: 11 August 2021
  • Under review huh

    draining an ocean tomorrow btw!!!

    Minecraft Bedrock is the same as Minecraft Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Minecraft PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Minecraft Switch, Minecraft PE and of course Minecraft Windows 10

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  • Jazzy Waffles
    Jazzy Waffles   3 weeks ago

    "There's 24 of them"--toycat 2 months ago"There's over 100 of them"--the Feedback site nowWoah...

  • Augusto 788
    Augusto 788   1 months ago

    Wouldn't a skeleton wolf just attack itself?????? Like a dog trying to bite its tail

  • CyanNotAqua
    CyanNotAqua   1 months ago

    “the skeleton dog ahaha”bro why u laughing at my boy grim

  • UniversoVitoref
    UniversoVitoref   1 months ago

    Tbh, if i have children i would change the political slogans before they play it to liberal ones hahaha "respect your neighbor's life project" or something xddd

  • Pixellated-Turtle
    Pixellated-Turtle   2 months ago

    I had to turn down my volume by 50% just to watch this video (but still good video! Just maybe turn down your voice over volume....)

    AMOGUS   2 months ago

    I think 1.19 is gonna be some kind of scary update bc they showed zombies and some undead mobs in minecon this year and it's in October(Halloween) soo..

  • Cytofusion
    Cytofusion   2 months ago

    I love how the person introduces themself as a “bird watcher” yet they only know of 5 birds total.“Yeah I’m a historian, but I only know vague details about my local region from the past 5 years.”

  • Khantastic-
    Khantastic-   2 months ago

    toycat...i have 1 question...for you and the person who suggested it.....why 1000? why not 2000? or 3000? or 5000? asking for a friend..

  • JackleAnimations
    JackleAnimations   2 months ago

    I do beleive that the statement "blacklivesmatter" is political because its roots is about political unfairness. HOWEVER, we need to open our eyes as people and realize that people are blatantly not being treated the same way in plain sight. It might be political but it is morally not controversial. Treat people with respect and kindness keep that "Political slogans that brainwash the youth blah blah" in the game.

  • Brice Barker
    Brice Barker   2 months ago

    No matter your beliefs, political slogans should be out of games. I just wanna break blocks without things being shoved down my throat.

  • ZigZag
    ZigZag   2 months ago

    Wonder how much mojang keeps up with YouTube channels like this they could ...get some really good ideas

  • crispy bi
    crispy bi   2 months ago

    eh the whole politics thing is tricky. if it were never in the game then yeah it’d be fine to never incorporate, but what are we drawing the line for politics? I think I got splash text for “voting” and that is political in nature for sure, but when it comes to movements of support it’s a lot more harder because taking that off could be read as discontinuing support. idk super tricky at this stage.

  • Athena Bloom
    Athena Bloom   2 months ago

    The bird idea sounds great! I'd love an owl that hoots when the hostile mobs start spawning at night

  • Indi Page
    Indi Page   2 months ago

    Anything historical is also political.

  • zOOpygOOpert
    zOOpygOOpert   2 months ago

    Id like more explanation for featuresI still dont know how to tame a horse

  • Armybeast18
    Armybeast18   2 months ago

    Fun about the Dream situation, it was most likely a case of a mod thought to be server side (Dream plays on servers a lot) was actually client side. And why might Dream have cheats on when on the servers? Makes filming videos faster. Better luck = faster runs = more videos. And especially on things like man hunt where the run definitely wouldn't count, yeah it makes sense. So the run was for sure modified, but how much was intentional cheating is up to debate. Karl Jobst has a full hour video that explains it a lot better than I can

  • Armybeast18
    Armybeast18   2 months ago

    BLM was and still is a social movement, it boil it down to just politics because it doesn't directly affect them. The first people to call it political were those against it

  • 7ommie
    7ommie   2 months ago

    ibxtoycat im lucky ive been subscribed to you for years and just got my housefire recently

  • Akato Furisukai
    Akato Furisukai   2 months ago

    the skeleton dog picture triggers all my childhood memories. back when Dan had his lab with grimm and Dr.Trayaurus. ah the good times .. the good times indeed

  • Blue Utah Gaming
    Blue Utah Gaming   2 months ago

    The bird one should be like the tropical fish. There will be a bird egg and you spawn the birds it will be a random bird

  • Mario Robotnik
    Mario Robotnik   2 months ago

    The birds could be like tropical fish where there’s hundreds of colors under one mob

  • KitTea
    KitTea   2 months ago

    black lives matter isnt political its literally just treating people equally and with basic human decency i hate these dumbass parents

  • Mike M
    Mike M   2 months ago

    Watching Toycat trying so damn hard to defend the political sloganing in Minecraft's splash messages. XD Even if he does ultimately say that he agrees with having a way to turn it off, it's only after like five minutes of him stumbling over himself trying desperately to argue that Minecraft NEEDS politics in it, and that anyone who disagrees is just a butthurt racist. :p Gotta earn that paycheck, I guess.

  • Mike M
    Mike M   2 months ago

    Did you seriously just say "if you speak Esperanto"? You do realize that's an invented language, right? There are no native Esperanto speakers, and certainly no one who ONLY speaks that language, unless they just, like... have extremely horrible parents who decided to sabotage their kids as a joke.

  • drealeadragon
    drealeadragon   2 months ago

    Regarding the slogan. I have two issues. The first is the argument that political things should be sanitized from games. Why. Politics make a huge part of games, Kings, Queens, warring factions, and oppression. Or perhaps what is meant is that hot button issues should be kept out of games? Should minecraft restrict the players ability to clear rainforest and mine coal as well? Just because people are arguing politics over them doesn't mean they're not part of the world and good game play. My second issue is that while the black lives matter movement is championed primarily by the American non-republican people that does not mean that the phrase black lives matter is some kind of propoganda, it's selling no narrative nor encouraging people to think positively or negatively of certain groups, beyond the basic decency of 'black people lives should matter'. Having said all that, your video made me wonder if it's a good idea to have it on the splash text. It's an slogan I agree with which makes me pretty biased, but it's not really a game feature or exploration and minecraft commenting on current events does feels sttange. Then again the splash text is always commentary, I suppose it's a question of how offensive it is to bring current issues into a one off splash text?I guess I'll just wait and see what the conclusion of their review is haha.

  • fat cat
    fat cat   2 months ago

    fridges are pretty cool

  • sonik da hedgehog
    sonik da hedgehog   2 months ago

    Backpacks exist you just need to beat the game and kill some shulkers

  • Mer Rowley
    Mer Rowley   2 months ago

    I think in general it's pretty irresponsible to try and force them to take "political" things out of the game. Generally the reason people get mad about people saying black lives matter is that they on some level think they dont. Racist behavior is rampant especially in america which is one of the largest markets for minecraft. Letting people know that this is a community where bigotry isnt welcome is important so they can have that escape too. Its worth racists being upset and the rest of us occasionally having a few seconds of discomfort to lt people know they're safe and welcome. It's the least we can do.

  • ScreamingRain
    ScreamingRain   2 months ago

    To those about “useless” mobs and bring up bats, pandas, and polar bears.They are meant to bring light to that fact they’re going extinct.If a creature is endangered Mojang will add it in most of the time, in order to bring light to it, and Minecraft being up there as most sold gamers that people will acknowledge it Also parrots are cute and dance

  • Jay Dagr8
    Jay Dagr8   2 months ago

    I would love to honestly just see birds and I know this isn't in the list, or maybe it is but I would love to see fire flies. Birds will surely bring life to Minecraft and honestly it's a little too quite just walking around and just be surrounded by nothing but silence. Not only will it give the world more life but it adds to the ambiance of the world. Now fireflies would be a wonderful addition because again at night there is barely any sort of charm, it's pitch black and though the lovable (sarcasm) glow squid are trying their best to liven up the night it darkness, fire flies will give night time some sort of charm, especially since well... Night time is 100% horrifying, I mean everything is out to get you! Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons , Spiders, heck even Phantoms! So at the very least fire flies would add charm and a sense of beauty at night, despite the sounds of death(the mob sounds) being heard from every corner.

  • DaGoldenLlama
    DaGoldenLlama   2 months ago

    If you hit your dog with a trident to skelefy it it will die no matter what unless u give it strength and regeneration

  • Austin P
    Austin P   2 months ago

    BLM is a self-proclaimed Marxist group, which makes it political and partisan by nature. The name itself is a deceptive euphemism.

  • SkyLight119
    SkyLight119   2 months ago

    Imagine being in 2021, getting closer to 2022 and caring about politics. As people say, keep real world politics out of games. It's dumb lol.

  • Delaney Elekes
    Delaney Elekes   2 months ago

    The suggestion about removing politics from the game is about BLM, isn't it?Really shouldn't be a big deal. If Fortnite can have a whole MLK event, then I think it's fair for Minecraft to show support to black people.It's not really a huge political thing. If it's too serious for Minecraft though I can understand not having it, but I can't help but feel the suggestion isn't 100% the result of "shielding kids" or anything.

  • Jadimatic
    Jadimatic   2 months ago

    The birds idea is nice but should be done in moderation, as too many birds can result in dramatically increased entity count, which means lag for low end system users.

  • ZachattaxYT
    ZachattaxYT   2 months ago

    1:22 what about the people who just want to hurt the creator? If there is comments, there also should be some sort of reporting system