The Cloverfield Monster Explored | Including analysis on the parasites located on the skin

  • Published on: 10 April 2020
  • The Cloverfield monster known as Clover, or Clovie, is one that is actually an infant if you can believe it. This creatures towers withe skyscrapers it destroys as it picks up people running underfoot and eats them. Theres alot of confusion about where it originated and what are the parasites that drop off and attack people. Well lets break down the lore and biology of this creature and discuss where it comes from, and how large it can actually get!

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  • Runtime : 23:52
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  • Roanoke Gaming
    Roanoke Gaming   1 years ago

    thanks for watching guys! if you liked it, and you miss the live streams, I have great news! I made a third channel because Ive lost control of my life, here ya go! Its also known as Roanoke games because my originality is off the charts!

  • Lonsco -
    Lonsco -   2 days ago

    Yeah exactly she’s literally bringing another dude to HIS HOUSE AND HIS GOING AWAY PARTY WITH HIS FRIENDS to be petty zero other reason and because she’s salty he’s leaving to be even more successful super weird behavior glad she deserved that bombing at the end and he shouldn’t have tried to save her

  • Will Bean
    Will Bean   1 weeks ago

    Awesome vid man! Didn’t know most of this about clover! I found it very interesting and also awesome! Love how the biology of the creature makes sense. Always thought that thing falling from the sky was the monster, I didn’t know their was a back story to it. I always thought it was an alien or something. This information is very cool! Thanks for sharing!

  • Adrian Åslund
    Adrian Åslund   1 weeks ago

    The best thing to do I guess is to evacuate and observe it.Eventually you might be able to infect or poison it.

  • Adrian Åslund
    Adrian Åslund   1 weeks ago

    What the heck was this creature doing at the bottom of the ocean for that long if its a native? I feel like it must have been intelligently designed and planted here atleast.Or maybe its a primordial organism that is associated with what seeded this planet for life in the first place that sometimes rises and causes extinction events.Im too enamored with Lovecraft I guess.It just doesn't make any evolutionary sense.

  • Robert Buratt
    Robert Buratt   1 weeks ago

    Body length 12,000 ft! Absurd!!!And the earth couldn't support such a creature's existence.I didn't see any "evidence" for it being an "infant" in the original movie. It's origin and nature was left to speculation only.

  • Sandy Prater
    Sandy Prater   1 weeks ago

    I wish more writers and directors would look into the science of things. Too much is left to "it's alien" or "it's just how it is in this world." There are a few exceptions when the focus of the plot is not on the Other but instead on character development, but I'd say that's definitely not the case here. These people were annoying as heck and their decisions flagged them as red-shirts long before their inevitable deaths.

  • TouchMCookie
    TouchMCookie   1 weeks ago

    I wouldn't have gone back to get Beth...she would've been on her own. We break up and you have the nerve to come to my going away party with another dude...she would've gotten cursed out. So is this monster related at the monster in Underwater??

  • Alison J Miller
    Alison J Miller   2 weeks ago

    FFS!! It's CliverFELD not CloverFIELD, how pathetic that you can't even get that right!!!

  • Petit Louis
    Petit Louis   2 weeks ago

    I would be mad too if I was walking naked and bear feet on a little city made out of legos...

    HAMAN   2 weeks ago

    those shots from abrams are traveling with 1700 m/s and its a dart with unbelievable density , so there is no way they do no damage to fleshy being of any thickness , these many impacts would be catastrophic for the creature even with that size and would be crippled with some effort , even if it has titanium skin , those shells contain unimaginable power

  • Jacob H.
    Jacob H.   2 weeks ago

    Its an escape capsule isnt it? Not a satellite.

  • Bryan Russell
    Bryan Russell   3 weeks ago

    Another inconsistency in Clover's invulnerability, military weapons can'tput a scratch on it, yet sea lice can penetrate it's skin.

  • JMS1134
    JMS1134   3 weeks ago

    You said Judd. I think his name is Hud

  • Raul Julia
    Raul Julia   4 weeks ago

    Anybody know what that documentary at 12:14 is called? Watched it one time. It was pretty cool.

  • Dave Robson
    Dave Robson   1 months ago

    The monster biting the guy near the end in half would be like one of us biting a single grain of rice in half.

  • mr coder
    mr coder   1 months ago

    I guess the GOC kinda messed this one up

  • Adam Godlewski
    Adam Godlewski   1 months ago

    him:clover could not live on earth but on water yesme:clover is on land and it is alive its american r u surprised?

  • hyuga lubbok
    hyuga lubbok   1 months ago

    you know... if swampert and mewto had a fusion/son... kind of like this.

  • Enrique mino
    Enrique mino   1 months ago

    One question is many people assumed they used a atom bomb to kill this thing?

  • Tani Mamea
    Tani Mamea   1 months ago

    Did you know that star trek could be connected to the Cloverfield universe..... because the oil drilling company Tagurato in Cloverfield one of the main reasons Cloverfield awakened. If you look in one of the buildings In the background of one of the movies you could see a Tagurato logo on one of the big buildings....and the slusho drink which we saw one of the people wearing a shirt with the slusho logo on it at the party in the Cloverfield movie......the drink slusho was actually mentioned by one of the characters in star trek

  • Folker46 !
    Folker46 !   1 months ago

    Two things pissed me off about this film. The terrible camera work, which made me sick, and that Beth acted like she was uninjured AFTER being pulled off the rebar that had pierced her CHEAST! Sorry but she should have bleed out the moment they did that and no way was she going to be RUNNING with a hole in her lung!! Beth doing all that completely destroyed the movie and my ability to suspend disbelief.

  • Breeki Gopnik
    Breeki Gopnik   1 months ago

    Great video but a MK82 isn't a bunker buster. It's just a general purpose bomb.

  • Lord Crayzar
    Lord Crayzar   1 months ago

    I’m not buying that he’s dead either. Or he better not fucking be. Cloverfield 4 will be lame as hell then.

  • Lord Crayzar
    Lord Crayzar   1 months ago

    The guy on the TV in Paradox explains the whole thing. Big Clove is from another dimension or whatever.

  • stav kous
    stav kous   1 months ago

    how it tanked a bunch of shots but not bunkers?shin godzilla, baby. shin godzilla.

  • omni thiccerson
    omni thiccerson   1 months ago

    I wonder what would happen if godzilla earth met the adult Cloverfield

  • Don’t !
    Don’t !   1 months ago

    The fishes have to deal with a lot

  • Pat Oriola IT
    Pat Oriola IT   1 months ago

    I really think the was a alternate reality because that earth doesnt seem having an energy crisis.

  • Adam Hooper
    Adam Hooper   1 months ago

    I reckon the monster and its parasites came from an alternative world (earth or other) when the events of the cloverfield paradox occurred. The paradox event likely phased the monster from it's deep ocean into our (movie) world's ocean, and then remained hidden for a long time before being discovered and disturbed, leading to the first movie. The monster might even be from a time that is ancient or far into the future, but brought to the present time of the movie when phased between dimensions. The adult seen in the paradox movie could have a similar story, but local to that version of earth. Hopefully the 4th cloverfield movie will shed some more light. It's very exciting stuff.

  • midgetydeath
    midgetydeath   1 months ago

    About oxygen needs, the air had far higher oxygen content in the distant past, which is why things like T-Rex and Mastodons could exist.

  • midgetydeath
    midgetydeath   1 months ago

    Why didn't they use that ordnance in the beginning? Everyone fled its path, so that was clear, and everything behind it was destroyed or dead, so that was clear. There was no reason to hold back that bombing run. And it would work on the full-sized beast (bunker busters, I mean, though probably also a bunch of cruise missiles or non-nuclear ICBMs). By penetrating and detonating inside. For injuries like that, it doesn't actually take much to kill something massive and there'd be shit tons of such weapons attacking it.

  • midgetydeath
    midgetydeath   1 months ago

    Bunker busters, everyone always forgets they exist. And you call it "bunker-busting ordnance" but what I'm referring to are the really big bombs and missiles where you send one to end a buried target. Come to think of it, why didn't they try a cruise missile or one of the many non-nuclear ICBMs we have? There are also ones for medium or short range as well that could be used. In any case its durability can probably be explained by looking at bears: thick bones, thick muscles, dense everything. None of which is actually feasible for a water animal. In fact, there is no reason for it to have developed the ability to move on land at all. And I'm not referring to limbs but to how strong they are and its lungs. Extra-dimensional would explain that and its presence probably better than an alien world.