MSF - Infinity Watch vs H4H in War - Marvel Strike Force

  • Published on: 01 September 2021
  • This video will provide you the attack order on how to beat Shang-Chi Heroes For Hire in war with Infinity Watch
  • Runtime : 10:19
  • MSF Marvel Strike Force Infinity Watch H4H


  • K TC
    K TC   3 months ago

    I'd be shocked if you didn't win. IW easily beats h4h with 10% punch up. But that was a huge punch down

  • keone brathwaite
    keone brathwaite   3 months ago

    Intro, outro, clean up the video and you'd be alright. The narration with the monotone voice, was excellent. The content itself, was good, but it would be more convincing with a punch-across.