JOHN CENA Wrestling IMPOSTER Role in Among Us

  • Published on: 22 June 2021
  • We add a JOHN CENA Wrestling Imposter in Among Us

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  • Runtime : 14:51


  • Spencezilla YT
    Spencezilla YT   1 hours ago

    (The rainbow imposter mod) red can shoot a red laser, Orange can pierce someone with a carrot, yellow can’t burn someone with a sun, green can Force someone to eat broccoli and then they explode, blue can make everyone screen blue and purple can shoot someone with a purple gun. Hit the like button so it turns blue like in the rainbow

  • •Bumble Bee•
    •Bumble Bee•   4 hours ago

    Do a mod where ssunde deletes his channel and everyone thinks it’s a joke but it’s really not

  • Jadon Lin
    Jadon Lin   7 hours ago

    That not people elbow its five knuckle shuffle

  • Destiny M
    Destiny M   21 hours ago

    Mine like button turn black😂

  • Lewmen
    Lewmen   1 days ago

    Bro wtf is this Title 😭🙏

  • Yen Kim
    Yen Kim   1 days ago

    Can you do pop it mod

  • undertale x
    undertale x   2 days ago

    Hello are u ready For what For john ssundee to defend hes title against underdrew in moday night in wwe among mania

  • Gaming with Sabre
    Gaming with Sabre   2 days ago

    Ssundee: uses auto clicker Me who plays osu: you dare challenge me mortal

  • Adidev k
    Adidev k   2 days ago

    so it seems 7 mill people didnt see the like button to hit it

    SMOGG   2 days ago

    Hello I am new to Ssundee’s channel also I’m on my dads phone 😎😎😎 I stole his phone ha! Also good vid ssundee oof and why were they laughing when garryblox died poor Garry :(

  • ninja slayer
    ninja slayer   3 days ago

    Mod idea: Granny she can use a spider to stuns you kill you with a baseball bat also use bear traps to stun u and summon her grandma u can also pick up a cross bow and shoot her