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  • Published on: 13 June 2021
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    Omega Mart appears to be just a regular supermarket run by a corporation known as DramCorp. But it's story goes far deeper than that. I sit down with Vince Kadlubek, Founder of an art installation team known as Meow Wolf. They have been breaking the norm of the art industry this past decade with incredibly immersive storytelling seeped into their products such as, House Of Eternal Return & Omega Mart.

    Follow me down one of the most exciting rabbit holes I've possibly ever come across on this channel.

    Omega Mart appreciates you.

    Edited By Replayed.Co and Jamie C. Foster
    Written By Jamie C. Foster
    Commercial Voice Guy - George Hoctor
  • Runtime : 21:58
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  • Inside A Mind
    Inside A Mind   1 years ago

    There is a Discord Community starting up for Omega Mart Lore if you're interested:

  • Big Floppa
    Big Floppa   1 weeks ago

    I think Omega mart is a weirdcore store...

  • switch player 101
    switch player 101   2 weeks ago

    Just got back from Vegas went to Omega Mart got a card and solved the mystery. Heard they are going to expand eventually and I plan on going back to experience the rest of the story.

  • Tubanator
    Tubanator   2 weeks ago

    I actually had the opportunity to go to the Omega Mart along with another Meow Wolf exhibit. It was AWESOME!

  • Zoroaste
    Zoroaste   3 weeks ago

    Amazing. The future of art installations. Art is typically rather boring, imo. You would almost never catch me going to view art in a traditional sense.But this is absolutely amazing and super interesting. I wanna go right now and unlock the next content. Bravo 👏

  • Raven Stone
    Raven Stone   3 weeks ago

    It won't let me callllllllllllllllllllll

  • Juve Matte🦓
    Juve Matte🦓   3 weeks ago

    Wait a sec so that’s why omega mart commercials are 90’s style 1:59

  • flurng
    flurng   3 weeks ago

    My wife & I went to the Santa Fe "House Of Eternal Return" branch, & it is absolutely BONKERS!!! We LOVED it! Now, we need to check out Omega Mart and all other Meow Wolf installations! Can't wait to see them all!

  • SM
    SM   1 months ago

    I would pay to watch a feature length film about Omega Mart. It’s lore is immaculate

  • brushfuse
    brushfuse   1 months ago

    I really want to work for this company. Life is sometimes too boring.

  • Robert LaVerge
    Robert LaVerge   1 months ago

    Seek the red and white striped lad in the nearest of pizza restaurants for enhancement strips after your first visit, or if ye be brave....before your first visit...see the dude wearing Waldos clothes at the Pizza hut for LSD.

  • Mikiness Analog
    Mikiness Analog   2 months ago

    Why does he say the word "Like" so often?A "Valley Girl" impersonation?

  • ViRiX Dreamcore
    ViRiX Dreamcore   2 months ago

    Omegamart reminds me of this one Discworld book where the concept of a mall took over their world.

  • Fortnite Trio
    Fortnite Trio   2 months ago

    Wow you did good in the fake Ωmega Mart part

  • kitten10333
    kitten10333   3 months ago

    I went to the house of eternal return and it was so much fun! my mom's friend told her about meow wolf a bit early and its realization and she took a trip with some friends to go there before but I had to stay home she told me about it like Non-Stop and really really wanted me to go but for the longest time I was afraid of it because of the way she was explaining it to me like it was explorative but strange and mabe a little scary and I just don't like scary things but I got Brave and I decided to go and now I just cannot wait to go to the other installations

  • Liz Dee
    Liz Dee   3 months ago

    I was expecting another breakdown of a creepy internet series like Gemini Home Entertainment or Local 58. I was not expecting the history of an art collective making goofy, mysterious attractions for people to actually walk around in, with the help of George R. R. Martin and 2,000 schoolchildren. They made an entire alternate reality PLAYGROUND. I love this.

  • Rose
    Rose   3 months ago

    Bro imagine going there on hallucinogenics.

  • derausmpark
    derausmpark   3 months ago

    Funny,Black Rock eine entsprechende den this one.

  • Anomie Normie
    Anomie Normie   3 months ago

    I feel like Obvious Plant works for this company

  • Sqweed
    Sqweed   3 months ago

    i wanna go through that omega mart on LSD

  • bernummm
    bernummm   3 months ago

    I'd love to visit OM! But I don't travel much. I love art experiences like this!

  • Eddie Chibilyaev
    Eddie Chibilyaev   3 months ago

    I wanna buy some of this stuff and just put it next to the normal versions in my house to confuse the hell out of guests

  • Lúthien
    Lúthien   3 months ago

    I have been to the house of eternal return and it was super fun. It is a super cool attraction that we happened to run across on a vacation. It was one of the best parts of the trip. It is so beautiful and amazing and I highly recommend.

  • cheezymuffin
    cheezymuffin   3 months ago

    wait....WAITWAAAAAIIIIT A MINUTE!THIS SHIT IS AN ACTUAL THING!?I thought it was just funny parody videos on supermarket commercials...I... I never knew there was an actual Omega Mart....

  • King HOTCOCO
    King HOTCOCO   4 months ago

    "this supermarket is hiding something" ...uhhh yeah they're showing some weird shit, what could be worse.

  • AsgerJon
    AsgerJon   4 months ago

    I bet those hunt a killer boxes are scams were lazy police place actual cases, so they get solved by actually intelligent people.

  • Xemirov
    Xemirov   4 months ago

    They didnt have html back then, so that doesnt work 1:06

  • Sogeking
    Sogeking   4 months ago

    I would love to see Omegamart come to more cities. I don't love anywhere near Nevada, and can't make the trip, but would love to experience it myself.

  • onelove1968
    onelove1968   4 months ago

    This concept seems completely inspired by the artistic style of David Lynch.