We Try Weird Wish "Cosplay" Costumes?!

  • Published on: 18 March 2021
  • When we saw Wish had a cosplay section we HAD to do some investigating. Do these costumes live up to the hype?? Next, we live like Emma Chamberlain for a day! ►► https://youtu.be/fGH3_NHznF0 Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more Clevver Style!  ►► http://bit.ly/SubClevverStyle

    What We Wore:
    Wonder Woman Costume - https://fave.co/38JEJ7W
    Elsa Costume - https://fave.co/3llZJqx
    Elsa Wig - https://fave.co/3qU2gt8
    Harry Potter Robe - https://fave.co/30ROQ6d
    Harry Potter Wands - https://fave.co/3vwSbFU
    Harry Potter Vest - https://fave.co/3lmyJXM
    Hamilton Dress - https://fave.co/3eN3rYX
    Rey Costume - https://fave.co/3qNtPUY
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    We try on #Wish #Cosplay costumes!?
  • Runtime : 11:28
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  • -Toya Todoroki-
    -Toya Todoroki-   8 months ago

    I'm a cosplayer myself and I have to say thank you for not speaking of it as though it's insulting. It's one of my coping mechanisms to do and it's helped me a lot when I'm struggling. So thank you for not speaking about it like it's a bad thing. I love you guys so much!

  • Amina Afzal
    Amina Afzal   8 months ago

    im so upset that i cant find that harry potter vest, when I click on the link it just takes me to a page with all the other harry potter cosplay things, I WANT THE VEST!!!! and I cant find it anywhere else either, the rest of them are all grey, I want black

  • A Maiers
    A Maiers   9 months ago

    Ok but the wonder woman one looked like a good costume

  • Lauren
    Lauren   9 months ago

    I don't like how they're always so rude to the wish sellers and people who make the outfits. Like I understand they're frustrated with spending money and then being disappointed in the product. But there's no need to be so disrespectful someone made those and put time and resources into it they should be proud of their work. Not having these girls making a joke of it so insulting. And the outfits aren't even bad.

  • Elza
    Elza   9 months ago

    Try YesStyle cosplay costume section too

  • Lis .w
    Lis .w   9 months ago

    In those Elsa wigs:Madeline = You like my skull cap?Sinead = My goal was to be an ice cream cone... I have succeededErin = Elsa just fought Dolly Parton in an Arby's parking lot

  • Jeanie Lowe
    Jeanie Lowe   10 months ago

    Awesome video. You guys have great hearts for these amazing videos. You are loved abundantly!!

  • Muria Mcdonald
    Muria Mcdonald   10 months ago

    The capricious scarecrow modestly phone because canvas recurrently dress qua a internal parentheses. stormy, puzzled station

  • Kathryn
    Kathryn   10 months ago

    When those are more expensive then my whole closet🤦‍♀️

  • That's a space peanut
    That's a space peanut   10 months ago

    "we hate our waitressing jobs and we are in the back smoking a cigarette in these" 😂😂😂

  • Kayla France
    Kayla France   10 months ago

    AliExpress has way lower prices for costumes

  • Ana
    Ana   10 months ago

    A me alone realize seh Eren a give wi dis my good good clothes dem nah guh dry rot inna dis yah pandemic vibes since few episodes ago

  • Elder God
    Elder God   10 months ago

    It's the appeal I suppose, as long as these young ladies are comfortable in the costumes, that's all that matters 👍

  • Yan
    Yan   10 months ago

    The Hamilton costume.. HISTORICAL SEWISTS WOULD BE PISSED LMAOI am for sure, It's AWFULLL

  • Jayda Flint
    Jayda Flint   10 months ago


  • Princess Idowu
    Princess Idowu   10 months ago

    3:23 when Erin was singing was soooo good🥺🥰

  • daintry rody
    daintry rody   10 months ago

    Does anyone else get the vibe that Madeline is hated by the other girls? Lol she is always finishing her own jokes, It’s sad!

  • Stargzr
    Stargzr   10 months ago

    I would love to see you guys do a series where you take the worst clothing items you've tried on (like the WW "cosplay") and try to make them better. Help show people that sometimes you don't need to throw something out and be wasteful, if you have some basic sewing skills you can really make things fit soooo much better.

  • S
    S   10 months ago

    thing is the wonder woman costume was actually better than some of the others that it was one of the least disappointing...

  • Georgia Stuckey
    Georgia Stuckey   10 months ago

    Find it crazy that Madeleine has never seen Star Wars, she gives me such Rey vibes

  • Jeddy Bear
    Jeddy Bear   10 months ago

    When it comes to Elsa's hair, you're better off to just drench your hair in six layers of dry shampoo. Works best if you're a blonde and it's not summer.

  • Alida van Veen
    Alida van Veen   10 months ago

    I’m sorry, I just did some Googling, and you can buy an official Harry Potter school uniform top (made by the company that created the costumes for the films) for £43, which converts to about $59... Why would anyone want to buy that for only $11 less from Wish? 😅

  • Abbey Kelly
    Abbey Kelly   10 months ago

    I went out and bought every piece to two different cosplays I’ve done.. the only thing I made really was billy hargroves earring.. I went to two cons and each one I went as the genderbent versions.. but I went out and bought every single piece, spent hours searching for pieces that matched the best I could find... hell my aj styles cosplay I went to the wwe website and bought actual aj styles merch 😂. I’m glad I didn’t order “cosplay” stuff from wish 🤣

  • Kirsty F
    Kirsty F   10 months ago

    Can you please do a real cosplay video???

  • LisaLovegood
    LisaLovegood   10 months ago

    Once covid allows, it'd be great if you could do an episode where all of you, or one of you gets a cosplay make-over by an actual cosplayer into a character to see what it's all about :) I'd honestly love that, there's so much love and effort going into cosplay, it'd be great to highlight that positively <3

  • Elizabeth Lezuch
    Elizabeth Lezuch   10 months ago

    This is dumb if your gonna do cosplay it needs to be a good anime

  • Muria Mcdonald
    Muria Mcdonald   10 months ago

    The same windshield transmurally x-ray because playroom counterintuitively scare like a envious oval. plain, curly cart

  • Erin Fields
    Erin Fields   10 months ago

    Thank you guys for bringing up cosplay! I love cosplaying so much and you guys were super respectful about it. Find my cosplay on Instagram @thekryptoniangirl love you guys so much!

  • BlackGrapes
    BlackGrapes   10 months ago

    Wait... did they change the video thumbnail?

  • Meghan Virginia
    Meghan Virginia   10 months ago

    Anyone can cosplay whether their budget is $5 or $5000. It's all about having fun and representing a character that means something to you or that you have a connection with. I've spent $20 on a cosplay and I've spent $200 on a cosplay. My friends and I have been going to conventions for years and I would never judge someone or say they were or were not cosplaying just based on their budget. Someone wearing a $20 Elsa cosplay is just as valid as someone wearing a $2,000 cosplay. Judging is just elitist. (This is totally a friendly comment, no judgement)

  • Shankar Roy
    Shankar Roy   10 months ago

    costumes that not even the clevver ladies can make work??? what is happening???

  • Destiny Read
    Destiny Read   10 months ago

    Please review Madelaine Petsch x Fabletics

  • MissLeonable
    MissLeonable   10 months ago

    Thank you so much for distinguishing between Costumes and Cosplays <3

  • Savage Sandy
    Savage Sandy   10 months ago

    You should try the website orientaltrading.com for costumes next time see if there any good