Fastest Way to Get STACKED in Minecraft

  • Published on: 21 November 2020
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    In this Minecraft video I show you how to go from Poor to Stacked in Minecraft, and get Protection 4 Netherite armour, starting in a brand new world.


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  • Runtime : 15:37
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  • X_TeaHoe
    X_TeaHoe   1 days ago

    Has anyone got like a little guide for this? I can see what hes doing but hes going a little fast without explaining much so im just a tad confused, anyone got like a step by step guide on what to do in which order and maybe explaining why?

  • alla syskon
    alla syskon   1 days ago

    What is the music when you min iron for an anvil

  • Taher&Aq
    Taher&Aq   2 days ago

    when your video quailty come to mineacrft quality

  • silrso
    silrso   5 days ago

    i think the fastest ways to get stacked is just to use creative mode

  • Shivam Gaming
    Shivam Gaming   5 days ago

    DreamTechnobladeSb737These are the best minecraft players in my opinion

  • Hexi Eric Feng
    Hexi Eric Feng   6 days ago

    Me:9172728 years to find one diamondSB737: everywhere he looks there are diamonds

  • TheScottishNoob
    TheScottishNoob   1 weeks ago

    ive grinded about 6 hours in my hc world and a majority of it was just finding a village, glad to have prot 4 netherite tho

  • Jayashree Gornal
    Jayashree Gornal   1 weeks ago

    Well with a lots of cuts in the video doesn't seem to get stacked faster

  • ꧁Felix dub꧂
    ꧁Felix dub꧂   1 weeks ago

    What I do is slow but very effectiveI find a nearby village and set my home there.My first goal is getting a fortune 3 diamond pickaxe as it is extremely usefulTrade for levels, and then enchant for protection 4 on diamond armorAnd then I try to get mending so i don't need to constantly fix my important armour and toolsYou don't need a good sword early in the game, a iron axe practically 2 shots any mob without enchantments so don't waste your levels on that yet Also, for netherite mining you can just get a sheep farm and get a lotta beds or build a mobfarm for gunpowder and TNT but that's much slower than using beds

  • Mysterious Gaming
    Mysterious Gaming   1 weeks ago

    i have find 13 villages in my survival world but 0 house of armourer

  • Mysterious Gaming
    Mysterious Gaming   1 weeks ago

    you are lucky that you find caves an diaond easiely i have mine 2 hours by you suggetion but 0 diamonds

  • Josh_anywlc
    Josh_anywlc   1 weeks ago

    I've got full netherite armour with protective and stuff and I need more netherite before I get mending books to fix armour

  • claiz x clayz
    claiz x clayz   1 weeks ago


  • Vinay Soni
    Vinay Soni   1 weeks ago

    Another Suggestion instead of trading for sticks to fletcher we can find the stronghold by killing blazes and enderman and go to library take all books from there and trade books for emerald

  • Purushotham Reddy
    Purushotham Reddy   1 weeks ago

    Yo this works , I started a new world a week ago and I have prot 4 mending armour now

  • Misifús33
    Misifús33   1 weeks ago

    It's all fun and games until you realize you can't enchant it with mending or thorns or any other enchantment unless you desenchant all

  • Boaz Ss
    Boaz Ss   2 weeks ago

    at 2:45 you see the librarian just turning into a regular villager without sb noticing it

  • EmeraldThunder programming

    Thank you SB, this should be good to get me started on the survival world I am creaing tommorrow.

  • harry mcdougall
    harry mcdougall   2 weeks ago

    step 1: wood step 2: tools step 3: diamonds step 4: lapis redstone & slime step 5: sugar cane & xp farm step 6: mending villager step7: blaze rods/pearls step 8: elytra that’s always how i do it, usually you can get all that done in a day or less

  • Meson
    Meson   2 weeks ago

    The fastest way to get stacked is xray

  • p1 Wndy
    p1 Wndy   2 weeks ago

    Image if the aceicant debris burned

  • p1 Wndy
    p1 Wndy   2 weeks ago

    Does this work on bedrock

  • กรพิสิษฐ อติวณิชกุล

    Netheright armor protection is not the strongest you could get a protection six Netheright helmet on 1.17 and 1.16 on 1.16 update they added skeleton horse man which drops glitch itemsYou need to get him to spawn which is done by struck by lightning and then The skeleton horse my needs to be wearing a netheright which has protection three twice with a glitch it’s about one and 1 million chance

  • Donyash
    Donyash   3 weeks ago

    I got a villager who trades prot 4 for 14 ems

    M.U.F CHANNEL   3 weeks ago

    2:45 that librarian turns into normal villager

  • SummyNotSummer
    SummyNotSummer   3 weeks ago

    Me: I can't even find a netherite after using a learge chest full of bedMy cousin's friend which hates me now I don't know why: Get's a stack of netherite in her lifeMe: NOTHING REALLY NOTHING (lol)

  • Kedar
    Kedar   3 weeks ago

    thank you never knew this existed

  • yash kumar
    yash kumar   3 weeks ago

    Hi sb737 dont remender me i am unknown_gamer1

  • Y3LL0ST4R
    Y3LL0ST4R   3 weeks ago

    for some reason sb seems really skinny in minecraft when he has no armour

  • joshua choi
    joshua choi   3 weeks ago

    minecraft golden rule: don't dig straight down.SB737: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that