Portland Trail Blazers vs Washington Wizards - Full Game Highlights - February 2, 2021

  • Published on: 03 February 2021
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  • Runtime : 9:45
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  • Shem Yang
    Shem Yang   4 months ago

    At this rate, I surely can see Melo in the top 10 all-time scoring List.

  • blackenedblue
    blackenedblue   4 months ago

    Real talk, is Trent Jr just good as CJ? I think overall he is when you factor his defensive toughness and not needing to dominate the ball to score

  • hitman L
    hitman L   4 months ago

    Baseline jam Russell on that poster scared to jump after he got beat

  • Michał Szroda
    Michał Szroda   4 months ago

    for real tho, when CJ and Jusuf will be back we gotta be top4

  • A Young Sage
    A Young Sage   4 months ago

    Ball movement makes us a top 5 offensive team

  • A Young Sage
    A Young Sage   4 months ago

    We need this but with more organized defense

  • Wyatt Yo
    Wyatt Yo   4 months ago

    Beal should go to Portland!

  • Fatih
    Fatih   4 months ago

    5:56 dammmmn this dude how playing in nba.

  • L'Ours Amer
    L'Ours Amer   4 months ago

    Damian Lillard n'a pas été bon 4 sur 14 à 3 points et pourtant Portland gagne.. les Wizards sont dans les abysses, à cause de Bertans et du coach.. réveille toi Bertans t'es un shooteur ou pas bordel!!

  • DFG_ Nightblade
    DFG_ Nightblade   4 months ago

    team chemistry lookin good 👍 when nurk comes back top 3 west easy

  • G Mac
    G Mac   4 months ago

    thats a great team game by the blaze, keep it going

  • Izhar Junian
    Izhar Junian   4 months ago

    Washington would have won if only KD played for Portland.

  • jerm dogg
    jerm dogg   4 months ago

    lillard dunked on the whole wizards team.....lol....

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia   4 months ago

    Good game... Love Trent Jr. His 3pt shot was awesome. Dame time moment was very funny! Go Blazers!