the deadliest sword in skyblock

  • Published on: 06 October 2019
  • not gonna lie i mostly made this video because someone sent me this ridiculously good thumbnail and i thought it would be criminal not to use it at some point
    incredible thumbnail by
    credits to my little sister for helping get that footage of floof walking out the door. that took way longer to record than you would think, that dog is either completely stationary or going ZOOM at all times lmao
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    Music from
    "Rainbows" by Kevin MacLeod (
    License: CC BY (
  • Runtime : 12:6
  • Minecraft Technoblade Technothepig Hypixel skyblock hypixel skyblock minecraft skyblock pigman sword skyblock pigman sword


  • Technoblade
    Technoblade   2 years ago

    You thought it was a chance at financial security, BUT IT WAS ME, DEO

  • majd gamer
    majd gamer   1 days ago

    I need to hit a cow 3 times to kill it🥲

  • puppy 123
    puppy 123   2 days ago

    The start of a new friend ship ;) ....... NÒOOOOOOOOOO

  • Riley SCOTT
    Riley SCOTT   2 days ago

    I've seen so many technoblade vids I wasn't even surprised at the intro

  • BankBurgur2517
    BankBurgur2517   3 days ago

    “Im not gonna become a communist”sad USSR noises

  • Rocks D Kyo
    Rocks D Kyo   3 days ago

    I just saw in one of the first clips techno made it in 1:00 am

  • Zane Tennison
    Zane Tennison   3 days ago

    When techno’s digs are a higher level than you at sky block

  • Raoul Boscolo
    Raoul Boscolo   3 days ago

    He Is right, he said deadliest.... Not strongest🤣

  • electric
    electric   4 days ago

    techno with 50 dogs random person omiw mue shin due

  • aaaaaaaaaa
    aaaaaaaaaa   4 days ago

    Techno: Aotd? 1 thing killed. um sorry techno but aotd is pretty rare

  • TBAGaming 17
    TBAGaming 17   4 days ago

    KONO DIO DA!!! (JOJO’s Bizzare Adventures)

  • Mr.Potato
    Mr.Potato   5 days ago

    That was the life of one of my dogs, I picked him off the street, he attacked some robbers to protect me, but failed, then he died in a gas tanker explosion.

  • ashton hancock
    ashton hancock   5 days ago

    Techno blade in the intro: :D0:38Dogs: get blown up.Technoblade: NOOOOOOOO- Depression active...

  • Emmett Dahl
    Emmett Dahl   6 days ago

    Lol i have better health then him in the bugging

  • Aditya.chitroda
    Aditya.chitroda   1 weeks ago

    Wait that Foogle is the same guy from potato war 10:36

  • Omega157
    Omega157   1 weeks ago

    You inspired me to get one of these pre-Bazaar and it’s pretty good

  • Fizberz
    Fizberz   1 weeks ago

    the guy who killed the dogs: oh no any ways