Doctor Reacts To Painful TikToks

  • Published on: 09 June 2021
  • My TikTok for you page is completely full of great medical stuff! Today we talk about food like Taco Bell and how it digests through your intestines, the proper volume of your headphones, surgical equipment, getting back in shape, proper skincare, those weird jaw muscle trainers, how to get rid of hickeys with whisks, face masks and skin peeling during periods, sunscreen for babies, concussions, collarbones, melatonin, and yes I even speak some Russian.

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    -Doctor Mike Varshavski

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  • Runtime : 12:10
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  • Natsuha24
    Natsuha24   10 minuts ago

    dr mike can you shout “I AM THE HUNTER!” in russian accent

  • Steven CLS
    Steven CLS   19 minuts ago

    Aku ga bisa bahasa Inggris tolong

  • veniceandrie columbres
    veniceandrie columbres   21 minuts ago

    Jesus loves you. Even though all have sinned and deserves punishment, Christ offered His life to pay the debt of our sins. Believe, Trust and Repent. God bless you...

  • Lily Summers
    Lily Summers   50 minuts ago

    I did not hear the sound……I’m 14

  • TheAaronFerreira
    TheAaronFerreira   1 hours ago

    I'm fairly certain the guy at 9:35 could possibly have Ehlers Danlose Syndrome, I'm not sure though. I was diagnosed with Vascular type when I was 2, but not I'm current in a stressful process as the medical stuff is advancing in my area because I have symptoms from several types. So I guess wish me luck on finding out if I am one of the rarest people on the planet 😅

    EGG BALLO   1 hours ago

    Turtlenecks are cool, The Wiggles are living proof of that. But in British Cowboy Land (Aka, Australia) they're called "scizzies".

  • moon bucket
    moon bucket   2 hours ago

    1:00 ive been listening to heavy metal for years😳 and i bought new sony noise canceling headphones and listen on almost max rip me

  • Tyler Kilby
    Tyler Kilby   2 hours ago

    Really oh dang thats why i cant here from playing music at 90-100

  • Nathan Drinkwater
    Nathan Drinkwater   3 hours ago

    Guy with no collar bones, I assume has Cleidocranial dysplasia. It’s a birth defect.Symptoms include:No collar bones.Not fully closed cranium (not a giant hole, just not fully aligned plates at top).Supernumerary teeth.Slight stunting in height (2-4 inches)Source: I also have CCD.Fun fact: The actor who plays Dustin Henderson in Stranger Things also has it!

  • Political genius
    Political genius   3 hours ago

    The reason the faces are distorted is because when your focusing on the plus sign your pupils can’t make an image of the faces and only get a slight look so the it just makes certain weird images.

  • ShameyT
    ShameyT   4 hours ago

    4:30 incorrect, hello I am a professional biologist what's happening here is all the faces become strange when you focus on the plus sign because the human body only tells faces by eye Area nose area etc.

  • Ala’a Atari
    Ala’a Atari   5 hours ago

    8:30 lmao I'm 21 and still force my mom to go with me for doctors appointments when I can 😂

  • Claris Sagun
    Claris Sagun   5 hours ago

    The mountainous airmail electrophoretically bleach because message july strip regarding a talented push. pumped, fresh game

    GEO TUBE   5 hours ago

    How do you fix scapular winging? because mine are sticking out

  • gkostuck98
    gkostuck98   6 hours ago

    The people with the huge tongues were my neighbors/friend when I was a kid.

  • Chung
    Chung   7 hours ago

    I’m not a chicken in a pot, but I’m your macaroni in a pot.

  • Cherie Robidoux
    Cherie Robidoux   7 hours ago

    That dog just did it for me. He is now the hottest man alive.

  • Me man
    Me man   7 hours ago

    Bear is a BIG dog!

  • Payton maneri
    Payton maneri   7 hours ago

    The brain tells the heart to work and the heart keeps us alive

  • Velvet Red
    Velvet Red   7 hours ago

    I need a man with a sense humour like Dr Mike's😂😂😂❤️

  • Hollister 74
    Hollister 74   8 hours ago

    When my son was a baby he at a bunch of melatonin gummed. I called poison control because I was terrified and they told me that it was impossible for him to overdose on the melatonin. That any extra his body couldn't absorb would pass through in his urine. So please explain to me how this information was incorrect? I am not hating I am genuinely intrested!

  • Rezotic
    Rezotic   8 hours ago

    Everybody’s gangsta until mike starts speaking Russian

  • _ It is
    _ It is   8 hours ago

    wow! ur surname! VARSHAVSKI :O polish roots ;x

  • Robynne Heite
    Robynne Heite   8 hours ago

    Why. Is it so hard for me to move when im sick and I laid in bed to rest

  • Jaëlle Ouapou
    Jaëlle Ouapou   9 hours ago

    As a person with a chronic illness, I was forced to become a tiny doctor by age 8 so that fact that some TEENAGERS need their parents to talk for them is so confusing LOL

  • krstan malbasic
    krstan malbasic   9 hours ago

    The kid has cleidocranial dysplasia basically no collar bones and also they have really big problems with their teeth gaten maderazzo has it from stranger things

  • Brum Ag
    Brum Ag   9 hours ago

    This is so funny 😂

  • FarFG
    FarFG   9 hours ago

    1:01 me with my AirPods in at 100%😮

  • Nessyboi
    Nessyboi   9 hours ago

    9:38 mah dude took STS way to seriously, (THIS IS A JOKE PLEASE DONT GET OFFENDED)

  • Sugarpop M
    Sugarpop M   10 hours ago

    Ay hes Rushin just like me!!!!!!