Glee did NOT age well

  • Published on: 23 November 2021
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  • Eddy Burback
    Eddy Burback   1 weeks ago

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  • Amanda M.
    Amanda M.   37 minuts ago

    Hi yes I'm going to need you to do the entire series like this, it's fuckin perfect thank you

  • Bruce Beaune
    Bruce Beaune   1 hours ago

    There is literally a plot line in Glee where Jane Lynch's date rapes the Principal for blackmail LOL all in the first season

  • Shiloh Blossom
    Shiloh Blossom   1 hours ago

    I feel like every person who has watches glee has a love-hate relationship with the show (I have a love-hate relationship with it myself). Finally glad to see someone dislike it though.

  • Joe Axline
    Joe Axline   2 hours ago


  • NoHomo
    NoHomo   2 hours ago

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought you were the creepy teacher lol

  • spectre
    spectre   6 hours ago

    I never realized that the whole plot of Glee is just Will Schuster going through a mid-life crisis

  • Maggie Ledezma
    Maggie Ledezma   7 hours ago

    ive subscribed soul-ly for the purpose of seeing more installations in this series 🙏🏼

  • Blehbon Pog
    Blehbon Pog   9 hours ago

    You look like mr beast but with a beard

  • FunDipTimes
    FunDipTimes   10 hours ago

    I'm in the minority of people who watched this show in its entirety (yes, all of it, even after everyone graduates) & I think every episode has at least one insane thing happen. I live for these commentaries on it though

  • Allexa
    Allexa   10 hours ago

    Looks like this video did pretty freakin well. I would like more videos like this about Glee in the near future, please and thank yew

  • Jedi Dragon
    Jedi Dragon   13 hours ago

    Yeah man. Watching Never Been Kissed is like an even worse flashback retrospective.

  • Jay Israel
    Jay Israel   13 hours ago

    Body shaming Matthew Morrison seemed a bit weird - especially when he is in better shape than most dudes his age.

  • kayleigh
    kayleigh   14 hours ago

    have i watched glee: nowill i watch glee: probably not…did i still watch this video: hell yeah (honestly the only reason i’d ever watch glee is for darren criss but even then i’d just end up rewatching avpm)

  • Chase Allen
    Chase Allen   14 hours ago

    My god I remember back in the day people who I called friends actually were excited to watch Glee, it was scray then, but more terrifying now that these people are adults raising kids and voting. It has to be why so much has gone to shit

  • Eden Y
    Eden Y   14 hours ago

    Please talk more about glee

  • Gracey Shaw
    Gracey Shaw   16 hours ago

    Ok yes yes yes yes everything you're saying is so right and all these guys suck... but I think its completely reasonable for glee club nationals to be the best day of your life. Performing at a high level is one of the most meaningful/spiritual things you can experience in a group and some people never get that chance past high school

  • Max Smith
    Max Smith   18 hours ago

    I find it so interesting how our perceptions changed when this first came out it was monumental and was seen as an adult "High School Musical" I really wish we could appreciate things for how they were and not how we should be thinking now. Grease is incredibly problematic compared to todays standards but is still a well renown movie. Something can still be a classic without it being relevant to current social standards.

  • Katrina
    Katrina   19 hours ago

    PLEASE make more Glee videos 😂

  • 1from31
    1from31   23 hours ago

    Hated it since day 1

  • Bluntz
    Bluntz   1 days ago

    That "What!?", pop-up got a sub out of me. Genius humour 👌

  • FacebookQueen
    FacebookQueen   1 days ago

    I finally ended up watching all of Glee throughout quarantine. It’s definitely a train wreck, problematic and they get away with so much!! Will Schuester is trash needs to be a thing lol. But for some reason I just can’t stop watching it. This is a great video so hilarious 🙂

  • Moss
    Moss   1 days ago

    I hate this because i watched this show right around when i realized i was trans, and i thought Finn was so cool and i wanted to be a stupid jock guys just like him so bad and NAMED myself after him, and its too late to go back now so i just have to live with that for the rest of my life 👍

    ARC CNA   1 days ago

    To be fair, it was just as creepy and cringy when it came out. I'm not sure why so many people praised it, bc really, it was all cringe

  • Joseph Bloch
    Joseph Bloch   1 days ago

    Finn's father was supposed to have died in combat in the mid-90s. In the Eugenics Wars, I guess? At least they retconned it eventually to say he had OD'd...

  • Ronald Reagan
    Ronald Reagan   1 days ago

    Touching students at any time period is weird 🤣🤣🤣

  • broken tracks
    broken tracks   1 days ago

    this is quite scary for me because television is a bit insane but thank you cause i like the eddy seriesthank u from a fellow eddy

  • luvssmarties
    luvssmarties   1 days ago

    Eddy..that is not asparagus...those are green onions..