(Vikings) Lagertha | Valhalla

  • Published on: 23 January 2020

    “You and I were born to be together."

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  • Runtime : 8:49
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  • Patt
    Patt   13 hours ago

    i'm gonna cry🥺

  • Mrs. Smith
    Mrs. Smith   1 days ago

    Lagertha walked away from Ragnar because he wanted two queens. In her eyes (and ours) there was only one. Wife 2 had status, and she kept cranking out sons. But she was vain, irresponsible, and insecure. Everything his first wife wasn't.

  • Angelo
    Angelo   2 days ago

    who put these onions here!!!

  • bronte1987
    bronte1987   2 days ago

    Poor woman. It seems every man who sees her either wanted to bed her or kill her.But none of them seemed to want to know her as a person. 🙄

  • Romanet Hidalgo
    Romanet Hidalgo   1 weeks ago

    Que serie tan buena solo que la temporada 6 Asia mucha falta Ragnar

  • BlueTorento
    BlueTorento   1 weeks ago

    Ragnars death made me sad but boy oh boy, Lagerthas broke me

  • Stephen Roethlisberger

    She is the only one allowed to portray Visenya Targaryen in any adaptations they make of that era in A Song of Ice and Fire.

  • Slow nLow
    Slow nLow   1 weeks ago

    So YouTube's algorithm recommended that I cry for 8 mins tonight. Okay.

  • Albert Max
    Albert Max   2 weeks ago

    A series that ended prematurely and failed to make more out of Rollo and Floki.

  • Kathrin Buchborn
    Kathrin Buchborn   2 weeks ago

    White clothes i how Lagtha how Ragner thank you dragonfly woman and bad King in Game of Thrones i love you jes

  • Kathrin Buchborn
    Kathrin Buchborn   2 weeks ago

    Game of Thrones jes my White clothes i have it how Lagtha and Ragner they help me not kill me for what true the dragonfly jes she can he two

  • Vanessa Vanseth
    Vanessa Vanseth   3 weeks ago

    Love Lagertha!!! She was my favorite!!! So sad this show is over!

  • Jackson Lima
    Jackson Lima   3 weeks ago

    Estou fascinado com a história desse povo ragnar representar os vikings

    ASIAN WOMEN   4 weeks ago

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  • Elis Regina Rodrigues Mota

    Melhor série não terá outra melhor.Pena que o fim de Ragnar Lagertha Bjorn .Foi uma merda

  • Lalo Jurado
    Lalo Jurado   1 months ago

    Jajaja nos vemos al rato que llego con mi valkyrie...

  • The Dank Dark One
    The Dank Dark One   1 months ago

    Although there may be no evedence of warrior women in the viking times I do like to dream they existed...

  • Jane Shepard
    Jane Shepard   1 months ago

    Mind-blowing fact :Lagertha died at the exact same spot Aslaug died.Once she fired that arrow, her fate was sealed.

  • Bredman
    Bredman   1 months ago

    lagertha is a shit character from seasons 4-6

  • Andy Smith
    Andy Smith   1 months ago

    I loved that series it’s my all time favorite

  • Faby Mieres
    Faby Mieres   1 months ago

    i had CC active and the "Mother :D" at 4:13 was a boost of serotonin I didn't know I needed

  • Andrea
    Andrea   1 months ago

    un tocco di figa esagerato

  • Nathalie Ibanez
    Nathalie Ibanez   1 months ago

    J'adore trop cette série Ragnar et Lagertha ❤

  • Grizzybear
    Grizzybear   1 months ago

    my heart was broken when lagertha's girlfriend had sex with his son