Cam Newton: I Can't Go Out Like That | I AM ATHLETE with Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson & More

  • Published on: 22 February 2021
  • Cam Newton sits down exclusively with Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson and Fred Taylor in a rare public conversation about everything on and off the field.

    A friendly football discussion of Cam deciding between Chad and Brandon on who the X would be in his ideal offense quickly turns up the heat to hard hitting questions on what went on this past season. Fred says Cam had the hardest job in the league following Tom Brady and relates to the tough position he was put in coming into the New England offense. Cam explains how he found the process of missing the offseason instrumental to getting in sync with his team and a lesson in why the little things are big things in the end. Brandon doesn't shy away from him talking about his up and down play during this past season while calling him out for it on air a few times. Tackling the rumors that Cam is done and seeking retirement- Cam says he's never been the favorite and that fuels him but he quickly clears up that he is not going out like that and there aren't 32 guys better than he is!!

    Taking a trip down memory lane, Cam and Fred reminisce about meeting during Cam's early college football days in Florida and Cam telling the story of how Fred set the bar of professionalism and character that he desired to have in his career. The two reference their old friend and teammate "Chico" the late Aaron Hernandez which leads them into a tough discussion of disbelief and confusion with what really went on with him.

    Chef Jonathan Lowe fills in for Chef Nancie and makes a vegan meal for Cam which immediately draws critique from Chad on healthy eating habits who then volunteers that he should take over Cam's diet this offseason to get him eating right.

    Cam exclusively opens up about his new hat line and in celebration of Black History Month a design tribute to honoring trail blazers starting with Rosa Parks. Keeping his business hat on, Cam tells the guys that his passion for cigars, art and live music led him to open Fellaship, an upscale premium dining experience in Atlanta. Applying what he has learned on the field as a leader into running a business, Cam shares why he loves being hands on with the details and the daily operation.

    Changing gears real fast- Brandon asks the guys about men's hygiene which leads into a wild conversation about manscaping and the things guys should and shouldn't do!

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  • Runtime : 1:37:1
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  • Trip Aces
    Trip Aces   21 minuts ago

    Chad destroys the Manscape promo......................... :-)

  • Chill
    Chill   24 minuts ago

    Good shit .

  • Dukes Verrill
    Dukes Verrill   31 minuts ago

    Cam took so much hate, I know he'll persevere.

  • GJ Williams
    GJ Williams   35 minuts ago

    4:48...Cam got him with logic. Silence Ocho.

  • Deandre Walton
    Deandre Walton   56 minuts ago

    Man he not as bad he seems let’s face it the pats don’t have no weapons let alone Covid and the opt out players he will be back

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones   1 hours ago

    This vid has 1.7 million views and not even 1k dislikes glad to see the cam love💯❤️

  • Mr No Weapon
    Mr No Weapon   1 hours ago

    6:08 if yo momma fat.. yo daddy fat... YOU GON BE FAT hahahahah

  • Jase Mckinnen
    Jase Mckinnen   1 hours ago

    Glad to see a lot of cam love in the comments❤️

  • Kiesha Rodriguez
    Kiesha Rodriguez   1 hours ago

    Cam came out and was always cam that's why we stuck with him

  • Mr No Weapon
    Mr No Weapon   1 hours ago

    this barbershop talk.................. as a barber in louisiana. only i understand

  • Jacob Castro
    Jacob Castro   1 hours ago

    It’s easy for us to judge these players from our couch and I was guilty. I thought Cam was washed up and judged him. I’m guilty and I’m admitting I was wrong. After watching this video, Cam has earned him a forever fan. I’m sorry I judged from the sidelines.

  • Jackie Johnson
    Jackie Johnson   1 hours ago

    60 year old female don’t know nothing about sports But I have watched every episode and learned a boat lot of information IAA is the truth!!!!!

  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor   1 hours ago

    When they was arguing over who was gonna be the X or the Z reciever😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nava Che
    Nava Che   1 hours ago

    Cam did not have covid the truth is finally out listen carefully people the man is telling you all about the lies they propagating. i only watch Football to watch Cam Newton thats it its been a rigged league. facts. I cam for the entertainment not the sports sadly to say, When im truly a sports lover.

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson   1 hours ago

    America made sure black men went crazy. Look at these brothers.

  • Jackie Johnson
    Jackie Johnson   1 hours ago

    On vacation in Miami and stop on this YTChannel Because of Cam OMG Love the channel Real talk !!!

  • FrequencyOfLife
    FrequencyOfLife   1 hours ago

    Outstanding interaction. Thanks, I learned a lot today.

  • Ole Soul
    Ole Soul   1 hours ago

    Did he really just encourage this man to eat his self into health issues? Chad don't understand health science nor genetics. Talkin bout black 🤦🏾‍♂️ embarrassing

  • Da Wi
    Da Wi   1 hours ago

    Put obj on this

  • Victor Eagleton
    Victor Eagleton   1 hours ago

    I love me some Cam. However, when you are, arguably, the most talented QB to have ever come out of college, people expect more from you than they would anyone else. To whom much is given, much is required. We expect more out of Cam because he have never seen anything like him. Tom Brady won the Super Bowl with a different team. This speaks volumes. Cam will be judged by how much he wins. That's the standard for all QBs.

  • John Moore
    John Moore   2 hours ago

    This one, made the eyes well up. What an interview. The comradery, the support, the humor, the praising one another. Yo!

  • chucknastyness
    chucknastyness   2 hours ago

    Brandon Marshall is a talented interviewer, like better than some life time journalists

  • M K
    M K   2 hours ago

    Doesn't matter how good Cam can still be. Belichick doesn't want to pay anyone. He got away with getting scrubs and using Brady as leverage to get big name players to sign with New England for discount prices.

  • Ky
    Ky   2 hours ago

    Even more reason to eat vegan Cam had very little symptoms with covid and no I’m not a vegan lol however I may change hearing that info

  • Y Tkkk
    Y Tkkk   2 hours ago

    What the heck he wearing🤣

  • Miguel2x_
    Miguel2x_   2 hours ago

    Brandon Marshall i feel like he just talks to talk , if it would have been Fred T., and coho and cam it would have been better

  • Shmyzike
    Shmyzike   2 hours ago

    He was talkin to cam an made me cry nigga dam 😂😂😂